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PM me to join GLOVE Private Discussion Room

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PM me if you wish to join the private discussion room.

I will only invite those who have expressed willing interest to join the discussion group.

As an invited guess, you may agree or disagree and express freely. However, you are required to observe your language and manner.

Information shared here are not meant to be private and confidential. You may share the information freely for good cause. 

By joining the discussion room, you agreed to exercise due deligence on information presented to you. You will be responsible for your own decision.

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Morpheus61 The following is a list of CFD's ('Structured Warrants' as they are called ONLY in Malaysia)

In the Money:


Out of Money:


It does'nt take a rocket scientist to figure that the Share price
of THE ASSET (The Underlying Share) will be close to if not less than
the Exercise Price of the Warrant at expiry.

Historical data clearly shows that 95-98% of the investors lose money
in CFD's. In fact. most issuer's around the world have this statement
as a Disclaimer. 2 Pages of a Macquaire Issue Document can be viewwed
in the following link. 2nd page contains all the DISCLAIMERS.


The point here is simple.

1. CFD's have ONE CERTAIN result. The issuer wins.In 95-98% of the cases
the holder of these warrants at expiry lose ALL their investment.

2. Warrants, by themselvews, have ZERO VALUE. They require an
Underlying Asset.

3. The issuers are permitted by law to hedge n the asset without disclosure.

4. The issuers are permitted to short-sell he asset when short-selling
was banned on KLSE. The authorities call them "Permitted Short-sellers"

In all of the above, the investor has NO SAY. While doing all of the above, the ISSUER ensures that the price of the Actual Asset (The Share) is unjustifiably within the Exercise value of the Warrant (That really has no value).

To top it all, the SC says "An informed investor is a protected investor"

FYI, CFD's on Equity are banned in several countries including the USA.
They are permitted on Indexes and Currency. Why are they banned elsewhere? The warrants they say are "Cash Settled". European Style more so :). Just like the casino.You call this investment ?

From time to time, you have the very same issuers of the warrants issuing Target Prices (THEIR target price) to conveniently suit them.

My only intention is to make people think about the wisdom in such
speculative instruments. As if speculation on a REAL ASSET itself was not enough.


It's up to you !
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