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Cold Eye Commented on GLOVE in his new book

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ooi8888 For TopGlove & Harta are purely by luck because of COVID-19.
03/07/2020 10:16 AM
ooi8888 When he was the Chief Editor in Nanyang Siang Pao,instead of "冷眼", his colleagues called him "瞎眼"。
03/07/2020 10:21 AM
newbie2y wow bro so fast u bought the book d? how much ah?
03/07/2020 10:43 AM
supersaiyan3 ooi8888, lol!


03/07/2020 11:08 AM
supersaiyan3 善意的提醒:每一天名列前矛諸國的確診數字都很高,但死亡率就比較低。被全世界忽略的一點是:recovered的人數比率已經很高了。

03/07/2020 11:43 AM
Lewis Lee This "glove hari cut" crazy already lah !
Everyday promote top glove desperately like a person obsessed ! LOL
03/07/2020 6:41 PM
yvsim77 I think haricut has nothing to say, perhaps he had made the biggest investment into Topglove. He always say ”TAN SRI DR LIM WEE CHAI spend 25 million to buyback TOPGLOV share again. He bought at RM16 and RM17” “seeing is believing” Come on. Tan Sri owns 900M+ Topglove share. He spent only spent 25 millions to buyback. If Tan Sri push up RM1/share, his wealth will be 900M richer. This is the value. Haricut, u think Tan Sri spent 25 millions to earn some peanut??
I just pity to his followers.
03/07/2020 9:29 PM
winston1 Very likely it looks like there will be bonus issue soon.
03/07/2020 11:02 PM
PureBULL ... THIS IS TOPGLOVE TRUE FUNDAMENTAL:- price is what U pay today, VALUE is what U buy.
TODAY is again the v NEW Beginning, 1st day into uni ...

At this Quantum Leap phase, TOPGLOV shall power up to give U 50 sen to $2 up a day to
1st, to exceed HARTA's mkt cap asap
2nd, to reach the total combined mkt cap of HARTA, KOSSAN, SUPERMX n COMFORT
3rd, add 30% MORE mkt cap ...


this is the PROOF why all analysts r calling OP tp of $23 to $30.50 basing on the earnings report of all the glove plc stated below:-

stock, last QR. PAT ... MKT CAP

HARTA .......... 116 ...... 52B
KOSSAN ......... 64 ...... 12B
SUPERMX ........ 71 ...... 12B
COMFORT ........ 16 ....... 2B
Total ............. 267 ...... 78B

TOPGLOV ....... 348 is way > $267 mill

The above showed the high potential VALUE ahead for

TOPGLOV has the right to the price per share = > $28.95 now + $8 overshoot

sure to fly once it crosses $18 soon ...
02/07/2020 10:52 AM

TOPGLOV is LARGER than all 4 combined, is the real McCoy in glove biz.
A true under valued gem yet to be discovered!
i.e. the reason why tan.sri lim is buying his stock from the open mkt.
Tis the margin of safety: Every-time these 4 stocks go up, it's creating higher VALUE for TOPGLOV.
04/07/2020 3:16 AM
DickyMe TULIP scenario in GLOVE mania.
04/07/2020 9:54 AM
kyappc DickyMe You also admire TULIP like KYY.
13/07/2020 4:15 PM

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