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Dayang at PE4.2 and Still Tops the O&G Stock Selection

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Dayang having passed the KYY's Golden Rule and still the cheapest O&G Stock.

The top five present money to be made wheares the bottom 8 stocks can land you into trouble. 

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speakup suddenly Turbo is an O&G company? just because they make turbines which maybe used in O&G industry? Like that Teo Seng is also O&G company because it supplies eggs which workers in O&G industry consume. LOL!
14/03/2019 10:11 AM
abang_misai https://klse.i3investor.com/insider/substantialShareholder/5243/14-Mar-2019/452642_992725584.jsp
14/03/2019 1:22 PM
titus if currymee can go 0.925 today ah, turbo must turbo itself to RM 1 a'dy. Valuation wise, look left, look right also better than curry mee leh. Tiok bo?
14/03/2019 1:24 PM
abang_misai My left is a tikus and my right is a Titus. I think you are very right Mr. Titus.
14/03/2019 1:27 PM
titus abang_misai, i right o not no use 1.....u must invite superinvestor to come here. But u must advise his properly. Because if he accidentally pumps too hard, he suddenly become the owner of the company already.....the market cap is only 85M......lol....
14/03/2019 1:40 PM
abang_misai I have little bit Turbo which I bought at 0.73 a year ago or so. If Mr. KYY endorses it, this Turbo can fly past the rooftop.
14/03/2019 1:53 PM
RJ87 That's if Dayang can continue to reverse its previous impairment next Quarter.

Need to differentiate between core operating profit and Non-cash impairment reversal profit.

Don't bomb me. Just saying.
14/03/2019 1:58 PM
titus Misai, go invite Mr.KYY here la. Then this turbo will live up to its name....hehe
15/03/2019 9:21 AM
abang_misai Titus, let KYY enjoy his harvest at Dayang first. Once Dayang hits Rm3.00, Turbo will then emerge as the cheapest O&G stocks and he will be lured to buy it.
15/03/2019 10:47 AM


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