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Cycle & Carriage - 1Q19 Hit by Double Whammy

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Cycle & Carriage Bintang (CCB) reported a 1Q19 core net loss of RM6.4m (vs RM2.9m core net loss in 1Q18). The loss was due to lower revenue (-25% yoy) and weaker EBITDA margins. Overall, the results was below our expectations. We reaffirm our SELL rating with a lower target price of RM1.18 (from RM1.48), based on 0.4x (from 0.5x; -2SD its 3-year mean) 2020E book value, given the mounting concerns over decreasing profit margins and the escalating competitive landscape moving forward.

Core Net Loss of RM6.4m in 1Q19

CCB’s 1Q19 revenue decreased by 25% yoy to RM293.2m due to lower vehicle sales (-27% yoy), cushioned by higher service revenue (+19% yoy). The Group also recorded a larger negative EBITDA of RM4.6m in 1Q19 (vs. negative EBITDA of RM2.3m in 1Q18), dragged by the (i) shift to lower margin mix from E-Class to the C, GLC and A-Class models, (ii) higher interest expenses and higher operating costs (+24% yoy). Sequentially, 1Q19 results was also weaker, affected by the above-mentioned factors.

Challenging Retail Environment; Plans to Diversify to Other Marques

We think the launch of the all-new Benz A-Class sedan will likely reinvigorate sales volume in the coming months, but the lower priced product mix could further erode margins for CCB. If conditions worsen, CCB has expressed the intention to distribute other car brands as part of its medium-to-long term strategy.

Reaffirm SELL With Lower TP of RM1.18

We cut our 2019-21E EPS by 41-87% after incorporating lower sales forecasts. In tandem, we reaffirm our SELL rating on CCB, with a lower target price of RM1.18 (from RM1.48) based on a 0.4x (from 0.5x; -2SD below 3-year average) 2020E book value. At 41x 2020E PER, valuation looks pricey. Upside risks: stronger-than-expected sales/profit margin.

Source: Affin Hwang Research - 24 Apr 2019

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qqq3 cannot trust IB ........

recently only they strongly promote Bintang.
24/04/2019 6:39 PM
VSOLAR Sailang Margin All In unker like this you ask me to join IB means I will become untrustworthy... cannot lah Integrity too important for me, one reason I don't join IB...
24/04/2019 6:40 PM
qqq3 it encourages to join and do a revolution.....kick out all the old idiots.
24/04/2019 6:43 PM
VSOLAR Sailang Margin All In Unker it's not easy, the culture, their mindset, that day I just did something not in line with IBs usual practise and they didn't like it. That's why I rather go drive piling machine, much more interesting. You see lah if you refer back their research TP, for just one company, how accurate are they... So many bungkus cases... Downgrade, then the price go up, Upgrade price go holland, all sorts of crazy things... But one thing to note thou, their paycheck not bad ah hahahah
24/04/2019 6:47 PM
qqq3 ANALYSTS NO NEED to help customers make money one....their main job is CYA, and help themselves make money, not help customers make money.......

u must understand the big picture.
24/04/2019 7:04 PM
qqq3 ANALYSTS NO NEED to help customers make money one....help retail customers make money is never part of their job description and never part of their performance indicators.
24/04/2019 7:06 PM
qqq3 ANALYSTS NO NEED to help customers make money one....help retail customers make money is never part of their job description and never part of their performance indicators.......my son tell me one.
24/04/2019 7:07 PM
qqq3 most important is CYA...easy isn't it?
24/04/2019 7:08 PM
VSOLAR Sailang Margin All In correct lah... but sometimes cover wrongly or give some weird TP sure kena fire already.... Like the AmInvest one... Suddenly cease coverage ... previously every week downgrade downgrade downgrade one...
24/04/2019 7:09 PM
SUPERSUN mostly IB start cover the share if the QR become better,But very weird that,this IB suddenly cover this CCB on 2018
24/04/2019 9:54 PM


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