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(Icon) Supermax (3) - Turning Around

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1. Recent Quarter Result


Two days ago, Supermax released its September 2017 quarterly report. EPS rebounced to 4.2 sen. I am quite pleased with the result so I added more at RM2.04.



2. Information From AGM


I attended the company's AGM on 20 November. The following is some of the relevant information provided by management :-


(a) Water issue for Plant 10 and 11 has been fully resolved. These two plants are gradually scaling up production and expects to reach full capacity by January 2018.


(b) In previous quarters, plant 10 and 11's depreciation charges were booked in even though unable to generate revenue due to water issues. In this regard, full production will have positive impact on profit margin. 


(c) China is cleaning up its environment. Many people is aware of the PRC government's effort to curb green house gas emission (both to fight global warming and to clean up its air). Less known is its effort to clean up its water under a system called 河长制. 



Basically, every stream, river and lake in China will have a caretaker (河长). It is usually the top leader in the area. This person is responsible for keeping the health and cleanliness of the river under his supervision. If the river is polluted, he / she will be directly held responsible. To ensure compliance, many polluting factories had been closed down. According to Supermax, this has caused users of Vinyl Gloves to switch to Rubber Gloves, benefiting Malaysian manufacturers. This is expected to be a permanent feature.



(Stanley Thai, CEO of Supermax during 2017 AGM)


(d) The company targets to invest RM100 mil in contact lenses. So far, it has invested RM70 mil. It has started selling online in US and is now trying to enter Japan. The Japanese market is huge but has very stringent requirement. One way to go around it is to acquire a Japanese manufacturer (in negotiation). China is also a big market, but apparently very protectionist. Stanley Thai said unlikely to be able to sell there unless the Malaysian government provides assistance.  

(Will the Malaysian government step in to give Stanley Thai a helping hand ? Laughdieme....)


Anyway, it won't bear fruits so soon. Supermax expects contact lense positive contribution only by second half of 2019.

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cheoky Dark Knight return.
24/11/2017 11:25
abang_misai Welcome back icon8888 bro. Miss you so much.
24/11/2017 11:38
VenFx Icon8888 still wear Lion KIng suite ... Great
24/11/2017 12:30
ChloeTai Icon8888, nice to hear from you again. Your last previous post was dated 31 Aug 2017. For two months 3 weeks didn't hear from you. Happy trading.
24/11/2017 12:38
supersaiyan3 Welcome back!

Fair write up.
24/11/2017 13:03
ksng0307 Good analysis, bro
24/11/2017 13:29
24/11/2017 14:15
Ricky Kiat welcome back, bro icon888, long time no see, back from vacation?
24/11/2017 14:21
CharlesT Welcome back Bro, too busy eating sea cucumber lately ah?
24/11/2017 14:24
tkp2 Icon 师父闭关3个月,练成了绝世武功,第一剑直指SUPERMX,想必会有惊天动地的表现。
24/11/2017 14:26
king36 Good to see u again in i3.
Do write more pls.
24/11/2017 14:37
johnny cash good also to see you again, further then supermax, which other stocks you think are on recovery stages???? next year many are predicting good earnings by most companies, recovery in cooperation earnings... supermax is one of it...how bout theme plays, which one will spillover into 2018?? example gloves, rifineries, steel, aluminium, and others.. which will be the bullish ones? just your opinion only.. thanks
24/11/2017 16:44
connie the search has finally ended !! target ICON888 found :)
24/11/2017 16:52
mmk79 Wow, it has been a while since your last posting. i3 gonna go live again with your comeback. Welcome back.
24/11/2017 18:25
abang_misai Thanks icon8888. Your luck must be very good recently. Your article is so powerful as the share price shot up today. Congrats!
24/11/2017 20:12
aa88 2.09 high closing
24/11/2017 20:36
cpng Boss kena Lokap. This time really GG for long time.
24/11/2017 20:56
cpng 不好意思,Icon第一炮就打鸟了!
24/11/2017 20:57
Koon Bee 速柏玛董事经理郑金森内线交易罪名成立 判坐牢五年罚款500万令吉

速柏玛(SUPERMX 7106)董事经理郑金森今日遭吉隆坡地方法庭宣判内线交易罪名成立,遭判坐牢五年,另加罚款500万令吉。

吉隆坡地方法庭今日向郑金森和一名前抽佣经纪张强春(Tiong Kiong Choon )施以重刑,张氏被判坐牢五年兼罚款1000万令吉。

郑金森是APL 工业有限公司的前任CEO,他也是速柏玛创办人兼董事经理。






24/11/2017 21:09
newbie92 Any advice from icon8888?
24/11/2017 21:52
JN88 Icon8888 will be the next Director.
24/11/2017 22:01
newbie92 Yes....let supermx beats Harta market cap.
24/11/2017 22:03
MoneyFace88 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/内幕交易罪成-郑金昇被判5年监禁罚500万

Go to jail
25/11/2017 09:57
VenFx Bro icon8888 look like lack of luck for Superman.
Waiting for Batman to bring him alive.
25/11/2017 10:14
singunsin legendary icon lost his touch... sorry bro. GG.com
25/11/2017 12:25
25/11/2017 12:37
superwoman https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/11/25/stanley-thai-gets-fiveyears-for-insider-trading/

bye bye supermx taukeh join jailbirds liaw
25/11/2017 12:38
viptraderclub if u believe in supermax fundamental, now it's time to enter & collect
25/11/2017 15:43
apolloang being the backbone of supermax without him sure suffer a knee jerk reaction.....Monday open either down a lot or less,please don't be in denial mode
25/11/2017 15:46
Wing23 he deserves it
25/11/2017 15:47
apolloang support for opposition one, insider trading kena jail.....many now insider trading no jail at all.....what a bias bursa
25/11/2017 15:48
singunsin Have to settle with more benefits lo
25/11/2017 15:52
curious2 opposition say BN cause of weak RM ma.

apolloang support for opposition one, insider trading kena jail.....many now insider trading no jail at all.....what a bias bursa
25/11/2017 15:48
25/11/2017 16:18
pretty_life Icon8888 is laugh now to bank...cause he know a lot insider news..you believe he panic now meh? Answer is no, he very happy and collect more at 2.0 or 1.98 and he get ready to sell at 2.3 or 2.5 ...Monday let watch good show...
25/11/2017 17:40
cheated Why no post from Icon8888 after Stanley Thai news? He sold at 2.09?
25/11/2017 17:46
cpng Icon 非战之罪。
25/11/2017 20:48
apolloang if can 2.30-2.50 on mon u come kick me.....don't bullxxxx people here
25/11/2017 20:49
apolloang if no below 2.00 on mon u all be lucky like kena 4d.....hahahaha
25/11/2017 20:50
winnerz Come on, u ask for view or lemon here? Fundamentally it's not affected & it's not like fire incident burned the whole factory.
25/11/2017 22:51
smalltimer Support to boost price
25/11/2017 23:05
r°Moi .

Want to check but lazy...

Stanley... most likely...

Will be banned from being a company director

Even if the sentence is somehow reduced later

Supermx will be without its soul its commander..............

26/11/2017 08:09
Lim Elson not yet go jail... news always wrote big title to attract ppl to read..

supermac said granted to appeal.
so will jail or not... wait another 6 month ba...
26/11/2017 12:32
speakup Brahmal (of Creador) & TS Wong (of Myeg) do insider trading in Palette Multimedia but not arrested. Palette has been losing money for many many quarters in a row. But after Brahmal & TS Wong become major shareholders of Palette, suddenly Palette shows a profitable quarter! So coincidence? I dont think so! Brahmal & TS Wong had insider information!
The only difference between Stanley Thai & Brahmal/TS Wong is Stanley Thai openly declared his support for Pakatan Rakyat (now Pakatan Harapan). For that he targeted by the evil BN. But no action against Brahmal & TS Wong for insider trading in Palette because they are BN supporters (myeg kiss BN-ass for govt contracts). This is SELECTIVE PERSECUTION by BN, where BN supporters can escape persecution for committing crimes, but opposition supporters are persecuted for the slightest wrong doing however small.

Why such a big fine and jail term for Stanley Thai? GE14 is just around the corner, this is to ensure that NO OTHER CEOs dare openly express their support for Pakatan Harapan ahead of the coming GE14.
26/11/2017 16:20
speakup Icon8888, u need to write another fantastic article on Supermax.

27/11/2017 09:14
soojinhou Welcome back icon
27/11/2017 09:16
kenie Supermax CEO charged with insider trading
27/11/2017 11:35
smalltimer wa this forum become political ah...
22/12/2017 11:38
mf Long term 2.6-2.80
09/01/2018 23:40
Dartmaster Hey Fahmi finally gave something positive bravo LOL!!! All i read from him was sell sell sell
14/02/2018 23:23
mf Supermax up
18/02/2018 19:00


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