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(Icon) Air Asia - It Is Time To Revisit The Stock

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The followings are analysts' earning projections for Air Asia :

(Public Investment Bank, 25 May 2018)


(MIDF Research, 25 May 2018)


(Kenanga, 25 May 2018)


(Hong Leong Investment Bank, 25 May 2018)


(Affin Hwang Capital, 25 May 2018)


The following are analysts' target prices for Air Asia :



On 14 May 2018, Air Asia obtained shareholders' approval for the Proposed Disposal of Aircraft Leasing Unit. The deal is targeted to be completed by 3rd Quarter of calendar year 2018. 


After the disposal, the company will be distributing cash dividend ranging from 75 sen to RM1.00 (it is not firmed up yet, please refer to the various analysts reports).


For latest update, please refer to the following article :



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AIRASIA 3.02 +0.07 (2.37%) 1,182,500 

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shortinvestor77 Current market sentiment is not good.
21/06/2018 21:25
supersaiyan3 The real deal is Airasia's expenses is rising faster than revenue growth, besides rising fuel price.

TF is a liability now, better steps down.

Its a bad time now, more problems will surface. There is no bad, only worse! Surpass your imagination!!!!
21/06/2018 23:35
Sebastian Sted Power how to revisit? The brent oil already fly from 40++ to 70++
22/06/2018 06:45
VenFx A.A. has much stronger foothold than before.
Even market fall to 1500 , just buy at 2.50 dont think twice :)
22/06/2018 12:59
wilsonchan87 if international oil keep goingup, this airline stock going to be dropping soon.
22/06/2018 15:29
pussycats Passengers on an AirAsia flight who refused to deplane after a four-hour delay were allegedly driven off the aircraft when crew members turned the AC on full blast.

The flight was scheduled to fly from Kolkata to Bagdogra in India Tuesday, but was delayed due to technical issues, the India Times reports.

“The flight was scheduled to depart at 9 a.m. and was initially delayed by 30 minutes. After boarding, we kept sitting inside the aircraft for one-and-a-half hours with no food or water at all," Dipankar Ray, a passenger onboard the flight said, per the Times.

Ray said the captain then announced, without further explanation, that everyone would need to deplane.

"When passengers refused to deboard due to heavy rains outside, the captain put the air-conditioning blower on full blast to hound the passengers out. It created a scary scene as heavy fog was created inside the plane and it was very suffocating," Ray said.

He also shared a video of the bizarre scene on Facebook, writing, “This is the way Aviation industry work in India. This AirAsia service was [particularly] scary…”
22/06/2018 16:32
pussycats Bad omen for AA bcos blasting Aircon to chase out passengers . SAD SAD SAD
22/06/2018 16:35
elbrutus these r daily AA INDIA dramas ...what d big hoo ha eh ??
22/06/2018 17:13
PotentialGhost Walao icon you again a , you really want us sleep street is it... Market now no same as last time. Only left goreng no more value investment
22/06/2018 21:17


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