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How to benefit from my stock pick service kcchongnz

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Dear stock pick participant,

There have been some confusions on the service provided in this stock pick service. The confusion arises as participants have been receiving, besides my specific stock picks, “My 2018 Bursa Stocks Portfolio”, many stock picks and reports by analysts and others. So which stock should look at?

The answer is, all of them, by using your own judgment and according to your own preference and personal investment risk profile, get some good investment ideas from all of them. The beauty is that all of you are either my past or present online investment course participants, you are able to utilize on what you have learned in the course to make informed judgment. You have been taught how to fish, as well as given some fish to eat. How nice!

I hope with this message below, you would be able to clear the confusion and decide for your own good; what to look for, and also what and why it may be wise for you pay attention to this service you are in so that you can fully benefit from the service.

When I started my original stock pick service, I only provided stocks selected by me with detail analysis, valuations, and comprehensive reports sent to participants over a period of one year. All the participants got are just 10-15 stocks to consider to invest over a period of time. I must say here that these services performed very well.

The first stock pick service started in April 2016 and ended 15th July 2017 with a total of 12 stocks given over the duration of the service. The portfolio of stocks had an average return of 36%, 5 times higher than the return of just 7.6% of KLCI, or 4 times the broader FBM Emas Index of 9.5% over the same one-year period. There were nine winners, some with big gains but only three losers, with minor losses. This was detailed in my article, Three years” and investing 李香兰三 in i3investor in the link below,


The second stock pick service started on 12th November 2016 and ended exactly one year later on 11th November 2017.

The portfolio of 13 stocks made a commendable average as well as median return of 24% and 40% respectively, 3 times the gain of 8.9% of the broad KLCI index. The portfolio also more than doubled the return of the broader Mid-cap FBM Emas Index of 11.4%. There were only three losers, with minimal losses. This was detailed in my review here,


That is the very essence of FVI, low risk and potentially high return, even in the shorter term.

My two stock picks services above came with detail analysis on the business and its performance and various valuation techniques. Participants were able to follow the whole process of stock selection, and selected those stocks which fit their own personal risk profile to invest in. This was particularly good for my past online course participants, who could also carry on revision or continuous learning about fundamental value investing. New participants could also learn more about FVI.

There were also periodic reviews of the stocks picked, for example, when their quarterly reports were published. This is to check there is any structural change in the business of the company and actions taken accordingly.

Watch lists of stocks following some fundamental value investing (FVI) strategies such as the Magic Formula, dividend yield, growth investing, value-on-the-move, asset-based investing, and various other investment strategies. These are proven successful strategies which would provide consistent results, at lower risk, over a longer-term horizon.

Participants were also continuously reinforced the FVI mindset with many valuable articles from me, from other FVI websites, as well as shared by other proven successful super FVI investors, with behavioural investing. This is equally important for the success in investing.

Your participation in my third stock pick service which started 8 months ago includes all the benefits above. For the specific stock picks, so far, a total of six have been done. The average return of the 6 stocks in the portfolio is 11.5% as shown in Table 1 in the Appendix, 4 times the return of the broad market of about 3% during the same period. There is not a single loser at the present. Note some of those picks were very recent and have not enough time to perform yet.

In this third stock pick service, I have also provided my portfolio in 2018 at the beginning of the year, in advance to the detail analysis and comprehensive reports for some of them which may become my specific stock picks. This is because scouting for good stocks and analysing and writing comprehensive reports is a long process, and by the time I finish analysing and writing on them, their share prices may have already gone up. So now you have a number of stocks to consider investing in in advance, using what you have learned on FVI from my online course. If you have paid attention to this, you would have benefitted too.

One additional service I am doing in this service, as you wold have noticed, is I also provide screening on recommendations and stock evaluation by professional analysts and good FVI bloggers. There are many good investment ideas from them. I only published analysts’ write-up on stocks which I think are good investing candidates for participants to consider to invest in.

Are they useful so far? Yes, definitely.

Table 2 in the Appendix shows the stocks recommended by professional analysts over this 8 months which have been screened and published by me in this service. A total of 17 stocks have been published. The average return of the portfolio was 6.0%, twice the return of the broad market over the same period. More than 70% made positive return, with 53% of them outperformed the broad market. Note also some of those picks were recent and have not enough time to perform yet.

Here is a recap of what you may have benefited from this third stock pick service of mine.

  1. My minimum specific 10 stock picks with detail analysis, valuations, and comprehensive reports
  2. The process of FVI using those stocks above; financial statement analysis, various valuations techniques, as what you have learned through my online investment course.
  3. Watch lists of specially selected stocks following proven-successful investment strategies.
  4. Learn and continuous learning on the proven successful FVI with the above.
  5. Periodic and quarterly review of the above which you can make ongoing decisions.
  6. Screening and selection of good stocks recommended by professional analysts.
  7. Join our exclusive telegram group of same right-minded people for sharing of ideas on investment

So, try to spend some time in this service as it may benefit you financially, and also knowledge wise.

And also, be reminded that there is no free lunch in this world, including investing and making money in the stock market. Never! You are too naïve to believe there is.

The only person you can rely on is none other than yourself. Make sure this person is competent with all the necessary knowledge, experience, and also guidance from trusted people and sources.

I will be “Out of Office” for the next one week. Meanwhile, you may still contact me through my email address below,


Happy investing.


KC Chong





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Flintstones A rising tide lifts all boats
13/01/2018 22:37
PlsGiveBonus This quote “You have been taught how to fish, as well as given some fish to eat.” Is the biggest lie.
Everything is free why should we pay for it?
We can just take it for grant.
Airdrop is free, no body want to take.
Stock market need money, everyone tell you to buy it with hard earned money.
And land is free too, why should we pay for it??
We don’t need to fish any food, because it is free too.
13/01/2018 23:15
Superman86 What is Stock D ??
14/01/2018 10:13
Koon Bee D = Dayang lo
14/01/2018 10:25
PlsGiveBonus Dividend yield only 8% per year?
I use computer to mine Ethereum
Three month can mine one ETH
And one ETH is worth $1500!! With ZERO money down!!
Anyone with smart enough financial literacy will agree dividend yield is lousy return.
14/01/2018 12:24
donfollowblindly All 6 stocks down after 1 week calling for subscription service. No wonder need subscribers. Sure money ma unlike stock trading.
21/01/2018 12:28
wiki123 re: PlsGiveBonus, what computer spec do you mine Ethereum? All these normal pentium enough?
25/01/2018 09:28


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