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[转贴] 讲股之~The Edge 对 Dr.Neoh Soon Kean 的访问,里面有提供投资建议!- SungaiPinang Capital

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讲股之~The Edge 对 Dr.Neoh Soon Kean 的访问,里面有提供投资建议!

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pussycats good write up
30/05/2017 15:25
calvintaneng Great talk about Grand Master Champion Sifu Dr Neoh Soon Kean!!

He said if you can get 11% consistently from Share Market you've done great.

Going forward the next 10 years market would be tough. So a yield of 8% is considered good.

Forget about monthly yield of 20% which is impossible.

And Dr. Neoh is self effacing. He is very humble and kept himself out of the limelight.

He would rather wear shorts & go coffee shop eat char koay teow. Haha!

Totally simple and unassuming lifestyle




30/05/2017 18:03
lostwayinvestor good video.
30/05/2017 20:33
Apollo Ang make so much wear shorts,eat char koay teow,might as well drive a scooter? make so much what for,this is call idiot lah and also if everyone like this economy how to grow?
30/05/2017 20:49
fygj786 nice article for investors
31/05/2017 01:16
TheContrarian Grand Master Sifu Champion Dr Neoh Soon Kean says be a contrarian.
31/05/2017 22:26
Hengyuan: SEXY BABE RM21! My sifu! 一语点醒梦中人!Do not be frightened! Price will recover if I have done my study well! Hi hip hooray! I belieVe in my sifu, I believe in myself!
Prestar, petronm, johotin, aeoncr, ekovest
31/05/2017 22:43
Icon8888 talk big..... if you so good, how come top 10 from bottom ?
31/05/2017 22:45
31/05/2017 22:46
Hengyuan: SEXY BABE RM21! I am number 57 according to latest ranking out of total 71 people. Top 10 from bottom should be no.61 right? Simple math you. Dunno keh?
31/05/2017 22:47
Hengyuan: SEXY BABE RM21! I am bottom14, better than bottom 10 ok?
31/05/2017 22:48
Hengyuan: SEXY BABE RM21! Which the edge is this? I wanna buy and frame in my office! Read it everyday! His writing make so much. Sense to me! Compare to some idiot only know cantek
31/05/2017 22:50
Abismail The edge last week edition
31/05/2017 23:09
Insider_Says May 29-Jun 4 edition
01/06/2017 01:46
Hengyuan: SEXY BABE RM21! Ok. No wonder. I haven't read the latest edge
01/06/2017 01:50
Insider_Says Still not yet sleep? Good night liao, cannot tahan
01/06/2017 01:58
Hengyuan: SEXY BABE RM21! I feel great after reading Dr.Neoh article again and again. I am going to frame it in my office and read it everyday like BIBLE
01/06/2017 13:59
Alex Foo thank you for sharing
03/06/2017 23:37
wltan22 感恩 for sharing, two thumbs up for Dr Neoh
04/06/2017 00:32


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