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My E.G. - Unexplainable Drop? - Salvador Dali

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Investors, traders and fund managers have been scratching their heads over the past week over MyEG's share price. Just have a look:



Generally i wouldn't bat an eyelid over stock volatility, especially in the present trying market conditions. What was galling was that the official statement from the company itself that they did not know why the stock price got hammered over the past few days.

Let's look at the developments over the past few days:


a) There was an immense volume jump on 30 November to 338.8m shares with the majority of the shares "crossed in the market" at RM1.11 during the "price fixing slot (4.45-4.50pm)". Crossing in the market hints of legitimacy and also can shroud the real seller and buyer if they did it via numerous accounts. As no substantial shareholder informed Bursa that they had bought/sold substantially a few days after that transaction, suffice to say, they came from various sources of buyers and sellers - but it would be clear to any market observer that tens of accounts cannot be acting in concert without "someone in control of the situation".

338.8m shares a day is almost 10% of its number of shares outstanding. That amount of shares being traded, with the bulk at 4.50pm all in one go. Hard t fathom that it was all minority shareholders deciding to sell and buy all at once.

b) The stock traded up 11 sen on 81.8m shares the next day but subsequently has been falling like a rock continuously till the big drop today: down 17 sen to close at the day's low of 84 sen on 231.8m shares traded.


c) The government announced on 7 December that it is reviewing temporary foreign worker permit renewals, which affected MyEG's business outlook for sure if they were to lose the business. 

Hence one of the first question will be: "did the sellers knew of this news on 30 November?"

It would be too simplistic to think the sellers knew something that they buyer doesn't. In many collusion cases, both sellers and buyers KNOW about the impending market moving news. Sometimes the "sellers" are more important, and need to sell first without people knowing. The buyers then sell again in the market later. I am just guessing here. Or it may be NOBODY knows anything and it was a straight forward market transaction. Anyhow, Bursa and SC should investigate so as to provide all investors with a clear picture that nothing untoward actually happened. It is important for market integrity.


d) Even more interesting was that on 27 November, the company announced potential e-govt projects in Indonesia. This can be surmised as positive news as it might be able to transplant similar business model and business knowledge in a less "politically motivated" environment.

e) If the 7 December news was "so bad", the selldown would have happened immediately, but no, it did not.

f) So was it a margin shortfall situation like Seacera. Possible but we don't know. Judging by the flow of events, a margin sell down by a substantial shareholder could be probable, and if that's the case the company should not say they don't know what happened.


g) The company and TS Wong have been busy buying shares for the past few weeks. I am going to leave the facts there. EPF announced on 12 December that it is now a new substantial shareholder with in that they have acquired 29.5m shares. Doesn't look too good for EPF to have bought and see the stock crater the next day.

Conclusion: I am not saying there were any shenanigans over the last 2 weeks but for the company to say they were unaware is a bit hard to stomach.




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dusti Why bother?
13/12/2018 3:54 PM
Lukesharewalker PH is out to demolish any trace of UMNO, not busying with the running of the country. Our countrys fundamentals sank dramatically and they are idealistically patting themselves on the back. What does the UN knows? Are they financially sound themselves...IT is becoming a cruel joke on our country
14/12/2018 10:08 PM
kelvin61 @ s.dali. what is so difficult to stomach? A stock that has been over rated in the past due to connection with the BN gomen previously and current landscape which is the opposite. Notwithstanding this, the valuation in the market has been rerated downwards, so it's a natural process of investors cashing out. No big deal over a stock that's going to be assess going forward without the tongkat syndrome. Let's see if what WTS says on it's earnings will come through without gomen support cause as it stands currently, the stock is earning peanuts relative to it's price, cheers.
16/12/2018 11:04 AM
CharlesT The day bn lost this co is dead
16/12/2018 11:22 AM
129055444514385 21-Dec-2018 Insider Notice of ceasing to be substantial holder - EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND BOARD on 18-Dec-2018.
21/12/2018 8:42 PM


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