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[转贴] 让你惊讶的数据,马来西亚有多少位百万富翁? - SNOWMAN

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- March 09, 2019

最近有幸接触了一本名叫 "The Millionaire Next Door" 的书,
这本书是 Thomas J. Stanley 在美国研究了富有族群,
interview 上千位百万富翁(millionaire)后写成的一本心血。
纯粹是被这本书 inspire 到,所以好奇到底马来西亚有多少个百万富翁,
查了查后有点被这个fact 吓到,虽然不是100% 准,但还是 reliable。。。
百万富翁是指某人有或超过一百万的资产(超过1,000,000 的总资产)

马来西亚有多少位百万富翁的数据是从 statista 的网站拿来的,
从2018年的数据来看,马来西亚大约有 30000 位百万富翁,
而马来西亚当前的总人口为 32,325,780
30000/32325780 = 0.0009
0.0009 x 100 = 0.09 
马来西亚的百万富翁只占总人口的 0.09% ?
马来西亚的millionaire 数量还不到总人口的1%,
这也证明了要在马来西亚成为 millionaire 并不是简单的事,
也许,只要我们能做 0.09% 人做的事,
也许0.09% 做的事不难,
要成为millionaire 就需要做 0.09% 人做的事,
而这些事,却有 99.91 % 的人都达不到,
希望读着这篇文章的你,选择做 0.09%,而非 99.91%。。。。


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bsngpg Assume 1 family has 5 members. 0.09%x5=0.45% family is millionaire.
10/03/2019 10:18 AM
bsngpg I have a question. Is the asset in the above statistic free/disposable asset excluding house and car for self stay/use?
If the asset includes house and car for self use, you throw a stone in kl, you will hit a millionaire.
10/03/2019 10:23 AM
ongkkh bsngpg....if you threw in your home town Penang also the same!
10/03/2019 10:41 AM
bsngpg In fact, a lot of working family especially those in exempt category in their 45-55 year old have big saving in mil or close to mil in EPF. In addition to other saving in unit trust, share, real estate, number of millionaire family is far more than your can imagine.
The pertinent question to ask is what can you do with RM million ? In reality, it is not much. You can just live in a simple normal life style with RM million.
10/03/2019 11:38 AM
bsngpg On the other day, I have a chance talking to Muslim friends working as managers, I was "awaken" that most of them have big saving thru ASB which gives high compounded return continuously and making millionaire Muslim family quietly. I extrapolate this info that those government servants in higher than middle ranking earn not less than their peers as mgr in private sector. Thus they are millionaire family too. A significant amount of Muslim family.
10/03/2019 11:47 AM
Lyo82 Millionaire as in USD or RM? If we are talking about RM, I dont think it is 0.09% only..
10/03/2019 3:58 PM


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