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Google's Continued Conversation rolls out to smart displays

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On March 7 Google confirmed to Android Central that the Continued Conversation feature that rolled out to smart speakers last year is soon coming to smart displays, too.
Last year at 2018 Google I/O, the company announced a handful of new features coming to the Assistant, one of them being Continued Conversation. This addition allows users to have a "natural back-and-forth conversation without repeating ‘Hey Google' for each follow-up request."
Unfortunately, the feature only rolled out to smart speakers and not their smart-display counterparts, not even Google's own Home Hub. However, according to Android Central, Continued Conversation will arrive on your Lenovo Smart Display, Harman JBL Link View, and other smart displays soon, as long as you're located in the United States and have the Assistant set to English.
As with the smart speakers, the Assistant will continue to listen for a bit after you make a request – a small icon in the upper left corner denotes that its ears are still open. If you ask another thing within the time span before the icon disappears, you don't have to repeat "Hey Google".
You'll know that the feature is active on your smart display if you go into the Assistant settings and "Continued Conversation" is noted as live. The feature should arrive to Google Home Hubs and third-party smart displays like the Lenovo Smart Display, Harman JBL Link View, and LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 soon.
 - AFP Relaxnews 
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