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Anchor Walter Schloss: Making money out of junk

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Monday, 25 March 2019 

Walter Schloss made 21% per year for 47 years, investing in a simple, methodical, low stress manner working 9-4:30 with no other employees or assistants other than his son Edwin.
Here are some key takeaways from the interesting Forbes piece:
  • Focus on cheap stocks. This means not worrying about earnings at the moment, only asset protection.
  • You have three things in your favor here:
    • Earnings turn around and the stock appreciates significantly
    • Someone buys control of the company (buyout)
    • The company begins buying its own stock (share-buyback)
Read the whole article here:


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Philip ( 屁股翘翘!! ) I would have to say investors in 1974 and 2018 are very much different. The acreage pe for s&p 500 companies was around 11.68. today people are willing to pay 24.97 for the s&p 500 companies in 2018.

In 1974, you had to be a shareholder to receive the annual report by mail or had access to a moodys manual or Priceline. Today, stock screeners are free and easy to use for the general public.

I would say the pickings are much easier back then and a lot of simple investment metrics are easier to take advantage of.

Today, just relying on one metric to analyze stocks is more than likely to get you killed in the market.
25/03/2019 5:11 PM
qqq3 1974?

that was when dinosaurs lived.
25/03/2019 5:14 PM


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