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How to stop Amazon employees from listening to your Alexa commands

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It recently emerged that Amazon has teams of employees who listen to some of the things we say to devices powered by the Alexa digital assistant.
Following research by business wire Bloomberg, Amazon admitted that some workers do listen to people's conversations in order to improve the voice recognition software.
The employees, based in different locations such as Boston, Costa Rica, India and Romania, sometimes even shared amusing recordings with each other in an internal chat room, according to the report.
If you don't want recordings of your voice to be evaluated, transcribed and pored over by Amazon colleagues, you need to object to all this on Alexa's privacy page.
There you'll have to select "Manage how your data improves Alexa" in the settings and then disable the following two options.
The first will stop Amazon from using your voice recordings to develop new features. The second will stop employees from listening to your voice commands to Alexa to improve the accuracy of transcripts.
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