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How airport tax increases might affect you

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Effective 1 July 2018, Malaysia Airports increased the Passenger service charge (“PSC” or commonly known as Airport tax) for passengers travelling beyond Asean from RM50 to RM73. It’s important that we let you know how changes to airport tax at klia2 might affect you.

What is Airport Tax?
Airport Tax is a tax imposed by the airport operator for using their facilities and services. It’s paid by all departing passengers from klia2. AirAsia collects the airport tax as part of your flight booking and passes it to Malaysia Airports on your behalf after you have completed your journey.

How much is the Malaysia Airports Passenger Service Charge?
Malaysia Airports imposed the following passenger service charges for guests departing KLIA and klia2.
In July 2018, the airport tax for passengers travelling beyond Asean via klia2 has increased from RM50 to RM73 - which has more than doubled since 2017.


How does this change affect me?
Right now, your flight from klia2 is not affected by the imposed changes. Since the new airport tax of RM73 came into effect on 1 July 2018, AirAsia has only collected RM50 from you. We have not collected the RM23 difference because we find the increased tax unfair for you.

Why has AirAsia not collected the difference in airport tax implemented on 1 July 2018?
We have not collected the RM23 difference in airport tax because:

  • Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to fly, through low fares and great service. In order to keep fares low, we need support from our stakeholders, especially airports who have the power to create guest-friendly spaces. Right now, we don’t believe Malaysia Airports shares that same vision.

  • klia2 was designed and operated as a low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT). This is why we think you should not have to pay the same airport tax as the far more equipped and luxurious terminal at KLIA. Airport tax has always been lower at klia2 for years until 2018, when it was suddenly increased and equalised for reasons unknown.

  • We believe that increased airport taxes stifle tourism, hamper economic growth and put other destinations at a considerable advantage over Malaysia.

  • We want to make sure you get to your destination on time, but poor airport design such as extended walking distances often causes delays to flights and guests missing their connecting flights.

  • As the biggest user of klia2 (97 percent of overall passenger traffic) we want to ensure the terminal is fit for purpose, but due to frequent unplanned runway closures, uneven aircraft aprons and poor taxiways we often encounter operational issues.

If I book a flight with AirAsia in the future, will I have to pay the new airport tax?
We are taking a collective stand against the collection of the additional RM23 in airport tax imposed by Malaysia Airports, but without your support, the new airport tax may need to be implemented. If this occurs, AirAsia will provide appropriate notice of the increase.

What can I do about the changes to the airport tax?
We are already fighting on your behalf, but we cannot win this battle alone. Here’s how you can help:

  • Join the conversation on social media and share whether you think it’s fair for Malaysia Airports to charge the same airport tax as KLIA using the hashtag #FairAirportTax

  • In the event of an unpleasant experience at klia2, make sure you share it with @MY_Airports on social media using the hashtag #FairAirportTax

  • Make a complaint about your experience at klia2 to the Malaysian Aviation Commission here



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