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My Appeal to Tun Dr Mahathir - Koon Yew Yin

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Dear Tun,

If you look at this photo, you will remember that when you had a fundraising dinner in the Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh about 4 months ago, I donated Rm 200,000 and I made a speech to help you win the last general election.


I also have been physically and financially supporting DAP and Parti Amanah for many years. I also have been campaigning for the opposition in the last 2 general elections. As a result of these publicities, the previous Attorney General had branded me as a persona non grata. Three Income Tax officers from Kuala Lumpur raided my house and took away some files. The AG also instructed the Maybank Investment Senior Manager to withdraw the Rm 40 million margin facilities each for my wife and myself. 

The Ipoh Income Tax Director, frozen my current account with Maybank. Now I do not even have a credit card and I find a lot of difficulties.

I had to appear before the Ipoh Income Tax director for questioning for almost 1 hour. He wanted me to submit my profit and loss monthly account for my last 7 years of share investment.

All I know is that profit from share investment is not taxable and in the history of Malaysia, no one has been tax before. This policy is to encourage Malaysians to invest in the local listed companies to help them make profit and pay more tax.  

I am already 85 years old and my last drawn salary was 20 years ago when I was a director of IJM Corporation Bhd. That is why I did not submit my tax return in the last 20 years.

You will recall that about 6 months ago when you were campaigning in Pandang Rengas, Perak, I gave you a copy of my book, namely   “Malaysia: Road Map for Achieving Vision 2020” which I published in 2011, about 7 years ago.


I also reminded you that you were our business partner when you founded Bumicar Sdn Bhd which eventually started the manufacture of Perodua cars in 1992. You sold your company to us when you became the Prime Minister. 

I appeal to you to instruct the new Attorney General to stop the harassment so that I can see how you can achieve your vision 2020.

Yours Faithfully,

Koon Yew Yin, 22 May 2018




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