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My apology to OTB for accusing him wrongly - Koon Yew Yin

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I am very sorry for my misinterpreting OTB’s posting on i3investor which I reproduced as follow. At first, I thought it was OTB’s writing. OTB was quoting rr88 comment.

I am very sorry for my mistake. I apologise to OTB for my accusing him wrongly. 

Posted by OTB > Nov 27, 2019 10:54 PM | Report Abuse 

Posted by rr88 > Nov 27, 2019 10:13 PM | Report Abuse

The bigger picture: Its time to cash out of this false market. Prices have moved up too high in a trap zone. Sentiment already hit the peak with q3 results. Shortlived earning recovery for oil industry is peaking at q3. Earnings will come down from here and so will share prices. Everything toppish n on the way down. Some have started their way down. Some making that final uturn. Carimin uzma knm naim armada dayang jaks fgv myeg etc all these will settle way off their current prices. Carimin will become half price from here and Dayang will come off about 70 cents a piece. Sell and stay out for a long long time.

Tell readers here to sell since the share price of Dayang was 0.96.
The present share price is 2.00.
How many wrong calls he had called ?
I cannot remember to count.
He wants readers here to believe him, show his proven records.
His present record is 0, not even one time is right.
How to believe him ?

In fact, OTB is recommending buy for Dayang, Carimin etc


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