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Compare President Xi with President Trump During the Pandemic - Koon Yew Yin

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Managing a country is similar to managing thousands of business conglomerates all over the country. All the actions taken by the chief executive officer after consultation with the board of directors is very important.


Ever since I saw US President Donald Trump’s labelling the Coronavirus as a Chinese virus, I have waited for the most appropriate time to write this piece. Currently the US has the most Covid 19 cases in the world and the number is increasing at an alarming rate.   



One of the qualities of a leader is being able to handle a crisis calmly and wisely.


A good leader should be prepared to manage a crisis.

If a crisis happens to his country, he should have a special task force to deal with it with the right strategy and the right collective efforts.


A leader should keep a close watch of what is happening on the ground and see that things are going according to plan.


Let us compare the behaviour of President Xi of China with President Donald Trump during the pandemic.


In the case of President Xi, he was well prepared to manage the outbreak of the coronavirus. He had set up a special task force with all the right people to advise him on decision making. Hence, when Wuhan became the epicentre of coronavirus, President Xi was quick in imposing a lockdown on Wuhan.


During the lockdown, collective efforts were made to combat and contain the virus. During the lockdown,

President Xi was monitoring the collective efforts to ensure that there was enough of everything needed. 

Enough enforcement officers. 

Enough doctors and nurses. 

Enough testing facilities.

Enough medical supplies. 

Enough hospital beds for patients. 


President Xi was delighted that everything went according to plan. The spread of the virus from Wuhan to other parts of China was prevented. When life in Wuhan was slowly back to normalcy, President Xi visited Wuhan as a gesture of assurance and joy with the people of Wuhan.


President Xi is a leader who is totally committed to his people. He is well prepared to handle a crisis that threaten the lives of his people. He is very focussed on solving the crisis. And when other countries were seeking help from China, President Xi sent medical teams and medical supplies to help them. This clearly shows the importance that President Xi places on international co-operation to overcome the pandemic and to restore world peace.


The same cannot be said of President Donald Trump. 

He is sadly unprepared to manage a national crisis like the coronavirus epidemic. When the epidemic broke out in the US, he did not have the right task force to advise him.


The epidemiologists were left out of the task force! 

When the Governor of New York, epicentre of the epidemic in US, was crying out for help, President Donald Trump did not meet his needs. 

President Donald Trump was unprepared and was embroiled in politics and not focussed on the health issues in New York.


On the global stage, instead of doing something for the pandemic in the world, he was pointing his finger at China for the spread of the virus. He was using China as his scapegoat for his political campaign. He does not want to give credit to President Xi for his efforts when the United Nations had already done so. He is a disgrace on the global stage. He is clearly not fit to be a global leader. 

If you Google “idiot” you will see Trump. 




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