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Supermax record profit must prevail - Koon Yew Yin

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Covid 19 pandemic is affecting almost all the listed companies. Out of the 1,100 listed companies, less than 50 stocks are not affected by the pandemic.

In fact, medical gloves, medical products and a few other stocks are benefitting from the Covid 19 pandemic.

Fund managers normally invest in many listed companies to spread their investment risk. They are losing a lot of money. They are so desperate to do whatever they possibly can to recover their losses. That is why they have been depressing all the glove stocks so that they can buy at cheaper prices. 

The manipulators, Fund managers and short sellers have been pressing down glove stocks share prices in the last 2 months so that they can buy at cheaper prices. As a result, the price of Supermax has dropped about 40% from its recent peak.  

If you have been watching the market closely, you can verify what I said below.

On every trading day, between 4.45-4.50 pm the share price is being fixed. Just 1 or 2 minutes before 4.45 pm when very few shares are being traded, I often notice one manipulator would place a big block of shares to sell to depress the share price. When sellers saw that there were so many sellers, they would also rush to sell at lower prices.

During 4.45-4.50 pm, the manipulator would a place another big block of share to sell at lower prices. As a result, the share price would be lower than it was before 4.45 pm. After 4.50 pm when the price is fixed, the big manipulators would continuously que to buy at lower price.

Supermax reported its 1st quarter ending Sept EPS 30.58 sen. Its previous quarter EPS was only 15.19 sen. It has made 100% more profit than its previous quarter. Based on the surge in demand for gloves, all the glove makers can easily increase their selling prices to make more and more profit.

Supermax’s 2nd quarter ending December should be another new record profit which will be announced in early next month. Investors should not sell their holdings. They should wait patiently to gain more money. 

Even if you assume Supermax cannot increase its selling price for the whole year, its annual EPS should be 4 X 30.58 sen = Rm 1.22 per share. Based on PE 10 its share price should be Rm 12.20. The last traded price was Rm 6.53.

I believe Supermax record profit must eventually prevail. 





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gemfinder I thought u sold? Shut up la. Desperado
23/01/2021 6:09 PM
gemfinder The way i c is that not the manipulators r desperate to buy. In contrast, u r desperate to sell
23/01/2021 6:12 PM
Targeted Mr Koon, just ignore this dog 'gemfinder', 'it' has been recycling the same shit for nearly 1 year......
23/01/2021 6:53 PM
Goldberg Gemfinder- Always respect your elders especially someone old enuf to be your grandfather. it only reflects your upbringing.

Supermax will be announce record profits in a week or two- a whopping PAT of RM 1 .1 billion or RM0.40 sen earnings per share for the quarter.

This will leaves Supermax with a Trailing PE of 8 times.

(2.31+5.42+30.58+40=78.31 sen)

6.53/78.31= 8 times PE

SUPER is so undervalued- Thats why DS Stanley Thai SBB Supermax yesterday -

Just wait for the good news from Delaware-USA.

23/01/2021 7:32 PM
gemfinder U like to c cases increasing everyday, right? Dun wory one fine day u wil contribute one more case.
23/01/2021 7:43 PM
gemfinder Tat pe 8 is only for curent situation which is not sustainable when vacine show its power
23/01/2021 7:44 PM
gemfinder Pls la kyy, u dun feel boriny i oso feel fedup with ur writeup. Same old story.
23/01/2021 7:45 PM
Goldberg The Biden administration spells good times for the Malaysian gloves (and especially for TG and Supermax):

23/01/2021 7:53 PM
Jack Khan You mean buy Supermax will increase cases everyday ? Using Trump logic ?
gemfinder U like to c cases increasing everyday, right? Dun wory one fine day u wil contribute one more case.
23/01/2021 8:04 PM
Jack Khan If TG still ban from export glove to US then Supermax will make alot of USD!
Goldberg The Biden administration spells good times for the Malaysian gloves (and especially for TG and Supermax):

23/01/2021 8:05 PM
Goldberg .
Bro Gemfinder,

Even if you assume Supermax cannot increase its selling price for the whole year, its annual EPS should be 4 X 30.58 sen = Rm 1.22 per share. Based on PE 10 its share price should be Rm 12.20. The last traded price was Rm 6.53.

Hope you Agee with me Bro Germfinder.

Supermax is the real GEM right?
23/01/2021 8:40 PM
Gaussian Biden will pay premium price to replenish the glove stocks. Watch out
23/01/2021 9:45 PM
Marketsifu Uncle, calculate PE is a old generation / Ah Pek or outdated of investment. Since 2020 investment method have change alot. No body care about PE. Who tell you when a good results PE must stay above 10.. It possible drop to 1 PE.

Those uncle follower or glove lover I very pity on you. You still based on old method of investment. Count PE, NTA, Looking at cash flow.

I just join this market last year. I don't even look at PE, good Fundamental company, net cash company. I mostly invest in penny stock & earn alot (1000-5000%) until many of my friends call me Sifu & King of investment even I only less than 1 years of investment maybe I smart in stock market.

I earn alot in XOX, AT, Vivocom, HPP & many. I wish I can give some education to those old generation. Don't touch so called good fundamental company + downtrend stock. I better invest to penny stock, 1 day u can easily earn 100-300% like me.
23/01/2021 9:49 PM
Pington10 上得山多终遇虎
23/01/2021 9:54 PM
Sslee The truth will set me free. I believe eventually the fundamental analysis for share selection will prevail.

Price Chart prevails.

Supermax record profit must prevail.

So at the end/eventually truth, fundamental, Price Chart or Supermax will/shall/must prevail?
23/01/2021 11:26 PM
gemfinder Asp drop how? Pe shot up to 50?
23/01/2021 11:31 PM
Supermax2020 Uptrend detected ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
24/01/2021 5:58 AM
Maxpowar @gemfinder big 4 will decide ASP as we have he pricing power being the glove supply for 2/3 if the world. If they want asp to stay, asp will stay. Wahahaha!
24/01/2021 9:34 AM
stockraider The first movement control order (MCO) last year saw increased reports of mental health issues like depression, loneliness and anxiety as a result of prolonged isolation.

The second time around is not going to be any easier even if most of us are familiar with how things are by now.

Mental health experts have warned there might be a greater mental toll on those sheltering in place as the lockdown is expected to last at least as public health authorities try to rein in the high Covid-19 caseloads.

The current MCO is to last until February 4.

Shireen Olikh, a clinical psychologist who has been offering online therapy since the first MCO took effect last March, said the uncertainty could have an adverse mental effect on the public, particularly the vulnerable groups.

“There is a general theme of anxiety linked to this uncertain virus, and unpredictable outcome,” she told Malay Mail in an email interview.

“The people most at risk for mental health deterioration are domestic violence victims, and those confined with their aggressors, meaning mainly women and children,” she added.

“Another demographic at risk would be those suffering from mental illnesses, as people may feel abandoned in regards to their follow-up care... it’s crucial that people still have access to mental health services during the second round of lockdown.”

Mental health experts began offering remote therapy and counselling immediately after the first MCO and there has been a rise in people seeking help online, with a majority of them for stress-related conditions linked to the lockdown.

For example, Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) set up a Free Emotional Support (FES) programme and Befrienders introduced a Skype line to provide for the surge in the number of help seekers.

Befrienders, a support hotline, was reported to have received up to 4,142 calls between March 18 and May 16 last year, when the MCO was in force. Over a third of them were suicidal in nature, according to news reports.

Shireen encouraged victims of domestic violence to protect themselves by reaching out to organisations such as the Women’s Aid Organisation through its domestic violence hotline.

“Now more than ever, there is a great need to focus on mental health as people have felt that they have been pushed to the absolute limit when it comes to their well-being and mental health,” she said.

What about the general public? Tamar Chang, clinical psychologist with the MMHA, said the first MCO had a huge impact even for those without pre-existing conditions.

Much of it stemmed from disruption of routine, job and financial struggles, loss of social connection, and mounting fear and uncertainty, which was reflected by the increase in distress calls through various helplines all over Malaysia, she noted.

“Many people had to adapt to a new way of life for an indefinite period, which gave rise to feelings of confusion, anxiety, frustration and helplessness, to name a few,” the expert added.

The MMHA is now anticipating a second wave of fear and uncertainty in areas of health, finance and relationships, as Covid-19 cases increase and tighter restrictions are enforced.

But private therapies may be too expensive for many of those who can’t access mental health services from a public healthcare system swamped by a spike in demand for online counselling during the pandemic.

Still, experts said there are ways for people to cope with the lockdown without having to seek therapy.

“A really useful tip would be for people to practise what they learnt during the first lockdown; think about what was harmful to your mental health, and what was helpful, then take the necessary steps to ensure that your mental health is given the care and attention that it deserves,” said Shireen.

Other tips that may help include sticking with a routine.

“While everything seems chaotic, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to provide our minds and bodies, a sense of normality. It could be especially helpful to carve out specific time for work and time to ‘switch off’,” the psychologist explained.

Going outside can also help, she added. This would definitely help those who have relied on outdoor sporting activities like running and cycling, now allowed under the current lockdown, to stay mentally and physically healthy.

“Studies have shown that natural daylight contributes to significant mental health benefits, especially in areas related to depression, agitation, and sleep. Aim to fit in at least 10-30 minutes of sunlight daily,” Shireen said.
24/01/2021 11:47 AM
Sslee Haha youngman,
If you strike 4 ekor your RM 1.00 ROI is few thousand times.
The question is giving RM 1 million how to turn it into 100 miliion portfolio.

So far only Philip able to do so after investing in companies those business he know for long term.

As of me, I am late comer in investing and humbly learn how to invest in value, growth and theme play with fundamental. My aim is to grow my portfolio of million into ten of millions.
24/01/2021 12:49 PM
WinIWin sell on news again ?
24/01/2021 8:34 PM
kelvin61 Good, for once a stock has caught this old geezer by his bollocks so he needs to build patience and wait for buyers to come to take his place. Margin players like him are shaking daily due to borrowed position. Because of PURE GREED, he has borrowed heavily, so is panicky day and night. He buys more than he can afford. At this old age, wonder what can he do with the extra money that he is so crazy about????
25/01/2021 12:41 AM
Policy He used the extra money donate to school.
25/01/2021 11:13 AM
blackleopard As of 21/Jan/2021
Top Glove still no.1 holding with 9.4% & Hartalega is no.3 holding with 8.10% in JP M Malaysia Fund. No change from end of November until 21/Jan.

Can google search the fund & check it out.
25/01/2021 2:16 PM
Steve Ooi Adui old man ni, sometime cakap holding ratio for SPM 90%:TG 10%. Pas tu kata pulak SPM 80%:TG 20%. Nanti kata pulak I sold my position. Dia pulak cakap goreng AT, not even 1 week uturn?
What is his golden rule, conman and baby shark.
25/01/2021 2:19 PM
Sansing No Rm 10 + no sell loh!
25/01/2021 4:11 PM

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