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Corrupted Politicians are safer in Malaysia - Koon Yew Yin

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. China sentences top banker to death for corruption. Malaysia sentences former Prime Minister with a gift of Rm 100 million for corruption. Corrupted politicians are safer in Malaysia.

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abcb Yes your are absoluely right
we can't do anyhting,just watch the show
25/11/2021 12:09 PM

I had a long conversation on the phone with a friend in Indonesia yesterday, who in this article I mention his name as WV only. He is closely following politics in Malaysia and almost lost his words seeing the results of the Melaka PRN. WV does not know and there is no detailed analysis of the PRN Melaka article. He just wondered why corruptors in Malaysia are still praised and elected by the people. According to him, in Indonesia it is very different - small or large corruptors are considered enemies of the people. And citizens will feel ashamed if they are close to corruptors. According to him again, there corruption is a very important issue. And the issue of corruption is a determining factor in the election (election). If any politician is found corrupt, he will be raided by the media to the brim. I added, in Malaysia corruption is flesh and blood and flows abundantly in the bodies of citizens. It happens at every level, from the bottom to the top.

The main reason, I said, is that there are major weaknesses in the education system, especially for Malays/Muslims. Here, from elementary school to university, we were never taught about the dangers of corruption. Islamic studies, on the other hand, only focuses on fiqh and halal haram. In fact, there is not a single ustaz in Malaysia who teaches the great sin of corruption. WV replied, this is very different, he said in Indonesia now the danger of corruption has been taught at the school level. Pupils are taught the question of how great the offense of corruption is, how great the sin of taking the rights of others. School children are encouraged to ask parents about corruption. For example, if they buy a new car, children are encouraged to politely ask, "Father/mother, was this car bought with bribe money?" Public announcements such as on radio stations and in cinemas are very active in emphasizing the dangers of corruption, said WV again. I explained that in Malaysia, corruption is not considered a sin, in fact some people like it because if there are corrupt leaders, they can feel the same reward. Worse, many have the view: "A corrupt leader is acceptable, as long as he is a Muslim." Up to this point, WV lost for words for a moment. Then, I explained because of that, it is very difficult for us here in the mission to make the people aware. Figures who oppose corruption are not appreciated by the people. No matter how difficult it is, this effort will continue. Some are in the political field, I am in the cartoon field. "My village is in Medan," said WV. We both laughed.

(Note: This article does not say that corruption in Indonesia is over, but educational steps have been taken, compared to Malaysia).
25/11/2021 12:39 PM
kayel33 Indonesia corruption is worse than Malaysia. Why is Indonesian laughing at Malaysia now?
25/11/2021 2:08 PM
Russel World most corrupted political parties have full support from Melaka people...see recent election results.
25/11/2021 4:20 PM
Everybodyhuat Majority of Melaka people, not all. And if country were to have GE15 now, result may replica Melaka. Because the majority of the race do not think corruption is a sin, as described by SSLee. They have been badly brainwashed.
25/11/2021 5:00 PM
throx Many people don't aware that corruption affect everyone. Corruption increases the cost of doing business. These cost will eventually pass down to consumer and cause hardship to people especially those in B40 and M40. Those aids channel to them are never enough but many do not see it and feel grateful to those corruptors.
25/11/2021 6:39 PM
Tobby Indonesia is far worst than Malaysia! India too is far worst! Malaysia unfortunately affect both side! You think Harapan leaders are saints!
I think we should just focus on who can deliver results for rakyat! It's up to rakyat to pressure government of the day to deliver!
And i hope Harapan leaders wake up and grow up! Yeah, we know how corrupted Umno leaders are but what's the point if Harapan can't fix them but only make things worst!
25/11/2021 9:56 PM
AzerothJr That is why Indonesia currency is like toilet paper price and Malaysia also going down the drain year on year. Yes, Indonesia is worst with Suharto era corruptions hence the rupiah devaluation. But neither is Malaysia anything much better right now among Asean countries is the worst performing currency and only set to become worse.
You complaint of Harapan, but we do not have any choice but to choose of the lesser evil eventually. Many people regreted that they choose harapan due to the strict rules and half baked job they did.
But with UMNO it will become worst, the rich will likely to move away from Malaysia at least on the investment part. Its still a haven to stay if you are having earning in foreign currency.
Later part going to SG to work in job that singaporean doesn't want will be way more better paid then working executive / managerial level in Malaysia. But born local also called a pendatang, goes to become one also pendatang but with more pay and if can save properly can give one a way better lifestyle then staying in a country that is corrupted soon to be Indonesia / Greece.
25/11/2021 11:09 PM
Tobby Azeroth! You are absolutely right! That's why i am pessimistic about future of Malaysia! I mean, we cannot blame rakyat too! Harapan got their mandate during GE14!
I mean, after 22 months of self inflicted actions, Harapan crumbled not because of Umno but all of Harapan own doings!
25/11/2021 11:25 PM
AzerothJr Actually there is no rules that old is gold in managing a country.
With experience comes more way to corrupt from the way it looks in Malaysia.
Once Muda is available, it could be a force to be reckoned maybe not in GE15 but GE16 it could definitely overtake PKR and hopefully lead the coalition.
Just hope more average adults will join and contribute to it so that we have a chance to turn Malaysia into a new leaf.
What muda lacks in experience could be replaced by energy.
Harapan looks like a doom party with AI only trying to hold onto power.
25/11/2021 11:38 PM
Tobby Azeroth! Here's Malaysia politics 101! Do you know why Harapan won! Becausee Harapan gave us so many fantastic promises which they cannot fulfill and they knew it from the start!
Judging from Melaka result, it seems that formula doesn't work anymore! Tell me, what can Muda, Pejuwang, Warisan, Harapan or Pas can over that BN cannot!
Because end of the day, rakyat will vote for those who can deliver promises made to them! Once you cheat them, Harapan can change to new narrative as often as they like but the word 'hancing' is very strong!
26/11/2021 2:05 AM
Tobby Why Umno perform so well during Melaka by election is because Melaka voters believe in what Tok Mat is telling them! And Tok Mat is very good at delivering moderate and achievable promises! Unlike that dumbass Zahid Hamidi who only know how to talk about RUU355 and all those nonsense! Throughout Melaka campaign period, Zahid was never seen except few days before voting!
26/11/2021 2:07 AM
henry888 Corruptions is the residue of M whom during his 20 over years regime was remarked by then Bloomberg as Mr 10% . This 20 years regime already planted roots of corruptions (and also racial divisions - segregation of races - Bumiputra/non-Bumiputra) and set as a bad example for the successors and future generations.
26/11/2021 8:31 AM
Sansing Change gov.put Anwar the PM , then the corruption problems can be solve sooner or later
26/11/2021 9:11 AM
DCYMING l talked about value of ringgit and country economy getting worse cause of our corrupted government with my colleagues, l would said 95% dont care. they only interested in how much money (BPR)they can receive soon, they will choose the "satisfied government" based on the bantuan they received. they close their eyes if the minister received billions of ringgit, satisfied if got RM500 "masuk pocket sendiri"
26/11/2021 9:13 AM
DCYMING totally agree with Henry888
26/11/2021 9:41 AM
周 海 When you are hungry, anti-corruption efforts cannot fill the stomach. When you are in a dessert about to die from dehydration, what you need is water and not beautiful women.

Although it is forbidden by all religions, dying from hunger is also forbidden.
26/11/2021 9:42 AM
TheGardener Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! The main reason of Melaka win is Malaysian are LAZY! "LAZY = ID!OT"!
26/11/2021 10:13 AM
xiaoeh Totally agree with Hengry888 too but i quite optimistic for the future as power of social media has changed the youngsters' horizon as they are able to see things from different dimension and unlike last time most of the information can only be heard from one channel which is from the top.
26/11/2021 10:13 AM
alenac They won because the poor rural malay has decided that whoever is the government life will still be the same. Vote for the devil you know rather than you don't.
26/11/2021 10:29 AM
Tashan This song comes immediately to mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXw8CRapg7k&ab_channel=QueenVEVO
26/11/2021 10:57 AM
khaysoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA4A8qqx55w
26/11/2021 11:37 AM
AzerothJr You should share this with those that says government offering more BR1M is a good government.
The BR1M supply is not going to be endless, it needs to come from somewhere else and I guess the majority that pays for it will not be happy to keep contributing only.

This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1t_bKjaVcw
He clearly describe the consequences of voting for a political thieves.
Anyway one way or another Malaysian will learn thru the easy or hard way.
Remember Suharto still goes down after 31 years of rule.
If this current crisis doesn't cause the political thieves to goes down, it will eventually still break them just a matter how long we need to wait and until what stage.
When its RM5 vs 1 SGD (I sincerely hope this day will not come).
But its pre-ordain that political thieves will go down just when (like stock market) we cannot predict.
But I can say for sure if one day RM5 = SGD1 does comes, even dumb pendatang will also go else where to be another pendatang.
One must not be a loyalist to a downtrending stock / country.
Should the all time strong support break, everyone must learn to cutloss.
Its only unless you are too old and no where else to go that one do not have a choice but lived till end of life.
26/11/2021 2:50 PM
26/11/2021 5:33 PM
Superb99 ya, malaysia boleh, turned a big round and back to the master mind of corruption...chased away foreign investors and let the market die off...too bad
26/11/2021 5:35 PM
Musang King 'Saya tak tahu, saya tak tahu' - Reaksi Dr Mahathir tentang tuduhan 1MDB terhadap keluarga Zeti.
Tommy knew when he was AG under Mahathir. PDRM knew since 2019 when Mahathir was PM.
But Mahathir said he dunno anything even though Zeti was made Council of Elders and PNB Chairperson handling RM400 billion of public money?
26/11/2021 5:37 PM
Musang King July 2007: Jho Low and Zeti's husband were already partners in a d Abu Dhabi Kuwait Malaysia Investment Corp (ADKMIC) that will later on receive US$153mil from 1MDB between June 2011 to September 2013
Jun 2008: Zeti's husband received US$7.42 million from Jho Low.
2) May 21, 2009: US$0.732 million was received from Jho Low’s US law firm Shearman & Sterling’s account in Citibank in the US. The US Department of Justice has named Shearman as a firm that Jho Low used to launder money stolen from 1MDB;
3) June 1, 2009: US$0.567 million from Acme Time Ltd’s account at RBS Coutts Singapore. Jho Low is the beneficial owner of AcmeTime;
4) Dec 17, 2009: US$6.25 million was received from Jho Low’s US law firm Shearman & Sterling’s account in Citibank in the US; and
5) Dec 18, 2009: US$1.25 million was received from Asset Central Holdings Ltd’s account at RBS Coutts, Singapore. Jho Low is the beneficial owner of Asset Central.
Singapore CAD has confirmed that the source of the money in transactions 2, 3, 4, 5 originated from profits made by Jho Low and cohorts from the flipping of the RM5 billion 1MDB/TIA (Terengganu Investment Authority) bonds arranged by AmBank in May 2009.
Jho Low and others, via Aktis Capital Pte Ltd, Acme Time and Country Group Private Securities Ltd, made more than RM600 million in profits from the flipping of the 1MDB bonds.
July 2007 and June 2008 are significant dates as this is before 1MDB were formed or had any money. It was also before Najib became Finance Minister or Prime Minister in April 2009.
As we all know, every single Ringgit that were later found to be misappropriated was after 1MDB had transferred overseas to GoodStar owned by Jho Low and the fake Aabar.
But for 1MDB to transfer hundreds of millions of US Dollars overseas, they would require BNM approval.
Now, is it any wonder why BNM would approve FOREX transfers by 1MDB to fake companies when even simple online company checks by BNM would know those companies are fake or owned by the wrong persons?
And is it any wonder why Zeti advised Najib to open a bank account in his own name and failed to monitor Najib's account for suspicious transactions even told she was told by Najib to monitor and clear those transfers?
Has anyone ever asked why BNM and Zeti could have "failed" in carrying out their duties for such easy and basic checks which they were made responsible for?
You are not the least bit curious or suspicious?
Is it because her husband and children have long ago continuously received hundreds of millions of Ringgit from Jho Low?
Or that her husband and children were co-owners of the companies with one Samuel Goh that was responsible for helping set-up the fake offshore accounts that received the 1MDB money that was approved by BNM to transfer to?
It is important to remember that Singapore police actually told Malaysia about the close to RM700mil received by Zeti's faimly from Jho Low in year 2015 and 2016.
Unfortunately, the govt body that Singapore police reported the information to was BNM.
So, when you pass info to BNM about the then BNM boss' family, the information just gets stuck in BNM.
The question then is, who in BNM knew about this at that time and buried the info?
Until today, Zeti has never come out to deny The Edge's story based on Singapore Police Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) or even threatened to sue The Edge.
26/11/2021 5:42 PM
AzerothJr No need to explain.
In Malaysia Najib is the emperor at that time (yes no doubt Mahathir make it possible that PM have ultimate power).
Whoever goes against him only have deathwish and 1 way out he goes except for Tun alone, still he got sacked from UMNO.
Same like the AG, Zeti though she knows alot of things (ofcourse) but they signed NDA like all standard government staff.
That was the main reason there is several people advising Tun Mahathir at that time to come out and advise and even openly goes against Najib at that time.
Many others that is not having power / background political support that goes against Najib and Rosmah doesn't have a good ending.
Even Robert Kuok (CSR) also got kicked out.
You so easily said she knows why she didn't voice out.
Even Trump knows but he didn't do anything and instead still meet up with Najib.
Politics is a very dirty business that is all about money and power.
Whoever in position always is the superior one.
You think only the few people knows Najib dirty business?
Whom do you think highlighted to Tun Mahathir in the first place about Najib misconduct before 1MDB issue even blown out of proportion?
There is many things we as peanuts are not aware off.
Forgive, forget and let go.
Even if you know, what can you do?
Like right now, you know, i know well alot people in Malaysia also know and yet we still let Najib on the loose and happily travelling around?
Who's fault is it?
Aren't we also partner in crime that make it possible for a political thieves to still walk around freely even after he had been sentenced?
26/11/2021 9:07 PM
DickyMe Not only corrupted politicians are safer in Malaysia, but religious extremist and fanatics too are safe here. We can witness the gradual digression.
27/11/2021 12:10 PM
WhatSayYou Generally, many people are still in the myth of PH's promises of clean Government; but what we see after the 14 GE is instability due to internal tussles; while the country is facing the Pandemic of Covid 19 with disasters of deaths.

Bursa become the worst hit stock market in the world while DJ is in its historical high followed by almost all other countries. We were once the 2nd highest infected nation after India due to delay in vaccination.

If DAP is Saint, why their contested Lawyer who failed to be elected this time did the following in "Dalam Negeri Melaka, Writ No: (2) A53KP - 02 - 04/Tahun 2016".

!. He get rid of Plaintiff's Witness Doctor by telling Dr TCL’s Lawyer before 1st hearing that he was not going to call Doctor; and caused his client unable to testify in Court.

2. He failed to strike out Dr TCL’s untrue Witness Statements about asking for consent of operation; but it was proven in Case Note that the operation was postponed to wait for Peritonitis to set in.

3. His assistant who did not follow the case was sent to attend re-examination of Dr TCL, and the document that has solid proof of operation postponed beyond Patient's death, was invalidated, because there was no clarification that the mistake on the Title was a typo error.

4. Dr TCL was also allowed to overrule his own earlier testimony of Bowel obstruction at med Ileum to no obstruction; and into Ischemia, without any objection from his Assistant.

5. Dr TCL was allowed to get away with delay in operation with 'Patient’s Relative refused operation' scribbled into his own typewritten Case Notes as their refusal, without Documented Proof from them.

6. Dr TCL was allowed to get away from failed to go to the Hospital when the Patient was Peritonitis with Septic Shock at 4th night, which both Doctors had testified that she need immediate operation; and denied her of her last chance of survival.

7. He failed to tell the Judge that regardless of whether the Patient had taken the medicines or not; cancellation of Medications after it were noted were tampering of Medical Documents.

8. He justified Dr TCL’s operation on Patient whose blood system was bleeding due to DIVC and was inoperable.

9. He added a fault statement of family member refused operation in the Submission to kill of the Case beyond appeal.
27/11/2021 3:15 PM


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