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PHARMA - A Car Ride with My Uncle (Retired Fund Manager)

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Ever since my first sharing of yumcha meeting with my uncle, I have received many friend support to keep sharing more if got any meeting with my uncle. The reason are partly because the timing is just so right for all the stock he mention.

First post sharing on 28/6 about glove stock, SUPERMX from RM 7 go until last Friday RM 17.70.

Can refer to below link:


The second post which I share my visiting to my uncle house on 5/7, JCY from RM 0.32 go until last Friday RM 0.49, and PHARMA RM 2.30 to last week limit up RM 2.92 and close Friday at RM 2.78.



While third post which he call me and mention about KPOWER & SCIB on 13/7 , not yet see much movement, ​since just 4 trading day past only, I think just have faith and wait.


Today, I went to sit his Lamborghini Huracan as he know that I never sit on a Lamborghini before. So he invited me for a car ride and have some chit chat. Therefore I take this chance to ask some question again. Below are some of our conversation:

Me : Uncle thank you on JCY ! I have made 58% just within 2 week time ! And Pharma went limit up but unfortunately it turn down a bit.
Him: Congrats young boy, do you know why PHARMA limit up?

Me: Is it because some news re​garding covid vaccine just announce by the government ? But why after limit up then price turn down slightly?
Him: ​It's very normal young boy, some one short sighted will eventually take profit when see price make a jump.

Me​: So should I just hold on?
Him: ​Lets put its this way, stock price movement are reflecting what going on for the next 3 to 6 month at least, so do you think PHARMA prospect will be bad for that time?

Me: Erm.. If not wrong, many country have claims their vaccine to be ready in September or end of the year. So I guess once VACCINE is ready, PHARMA will be benefited since government already identified PHARMA to fill and finish the COVID-19 vaccine.
Him: That's it, why on a hurry to sell? You should consider to take this opportunity to add before too late.

Me: Wow really? Price seems to be move up a lot already?
Him: Then you are wrong already, ​still way more to go. Normally if stock we invest, cant go more than 50-100% it's better dont look at it. So you should get what I mean.
Me: Ok.. What happen​ if Government suddenly change again? Will this vaccine fill and finish job being taken away? As of what I know, previous government seems not so friendly to this company. 
Him: Seems like you h​ave did some homework, however do not too worry about this as not much company is capable and have such facilities.

Me: Oh.. sound more safe like this. As what I know that PHARMA is the only company handling whole Malaysia hospital logistics and distribution. They also have produce more than 200 products, with more than 60 of them halal-certified. I think this company is not so easy to be replace too looking at their size.
Him: You are so right, not only that, producing medical product required a lot license and approval from local goverment and also internationally, so dont have to worry much especially when this COVID-19 have increase medical demand across the board.

Me: Great that you give me more confident now !
Him: Many did not notice one thing which will be a boom business when covid vaccine is ready.

Me: What? Beside gloves and the most important covid-19 vaccines, still got anything more important than it??
Him: Yes, what you need when vaccines is ready?

Me: Erm..? Get injected and have antibodies ! So? What??
Him: You already mention it ! What will be use to get injected? It's Syringe.

Me: Oh that's true, without syringe, it cant injected to our body, hah ! Uncle you are so sharp ! But what to do with PHARMA?
Him: They are the original equiptment manufacturer for syringe, so this could be a big business for them very soon. Government will need it a lot. And they can sell to other neighbour countries too. The profit margin for this product is not losing to gloves.

Me: Now I understand why Uncle has been mentioning PHARMA with me already. I have seen the potential already. Thank you so much uncle.

At this point of time, I have already reduce my position in SUPERMX and switch to JCY, PHARMA, KPOWER and SCIB. As my uncle teach me that for SUPERMX to go further 50-100% is harder already. I switch bigger portion to JCY and PHARMA, I happily it already give me 58% return and 12.5% from PHARMA. Meanwhile still hoping to see KPOWER and SCIB to go up.

Since I have friends suggesting me to open a telegram channel, as some of them missed out my post about JCY and PHARMA, because they seldom check on the website. So I have decided to setup a telegram channel below to inform everyone so that they wont missed it again:



Above sharing is not buy or sell call, please be responsible on your own decision.




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learnfromuncle thanks uncle, PHARMA almost hit limit up
21/07/2020 3:56 PM
longkanginvestor Congrats uncle
21/07/2020 4:01 PM
thebline terbaik uncle. still waiting kpower to perform
21/07/2020 5:02 PM
financesharinghomie congrats uncle! please share more tips. today pharma limit up again?
22/07/2020 9:42 AM
ucanttouchme I love your uncle. Any more tips?
23/07/2020 12:03 PM
Lucas Low great sharing, keep it up, can create a fb page as well
09/08/2020 10:15 AM
DrLimKH QR out 18 or 19... Sell or hold ... upside?
16/08/2020 10:18 PM

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