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A Day To Review My Portfolio And Reply Previous Post Comment

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Well, Today I did not meet up with my Uncle, since number of Covid-19 been spiking up a lot. I take my time in this beautiful Sunday to review My portfolio and and reply some of the comment in my recent post.

I started with just roughly RM 10000 - RM 15000, during March, if you did follow my first post you will know. Thanks to SUPERMX alone, I make more than 20x and my capital go up from there.

Later on I sell some and buy PHARMA, JCY, KPOWER, SCIB, EDGENTA, ISTONE and if you follow my post you will know. From there my Capital go up another 2-3X to reach current level roughly RM 570k.

I did withdraw RM 100k for my Alphard downpayment.


The most exciting one is my pharma, limit up twice, and I share it before it limit up.


Below is my up to date portfolio:

I already sell all PHARMA, JCY, KPOWER, SCIB as already up a lot and hit my target.

I decided to buy back glove stock, since after some big sell down during ex bonus issue. 

And I am very confident it will move up higher soon.


My core position is TOPGLOV and SUPERMX, hopefully both this week can do well. Since the last sell down early September, I been averaging up until last Friday.


I add on position for SUPERMX-C1A for short term trading, same to CAREPLS, since TOPGLOV move, the rest shall follow.

Many been asking about EDGENTA, I still holding it obviously. After glove go high enough, I will reduce and add position for EDGENTA and ISTONE.

I do believe my own study and my UNCLE views, so I just have faith and wait patiently.

Below are some reply to reader comment :

Hi JBond007, I don't know who is Felicia, and I only meet one Uncle which is willing to share investment idea with me. if James Bond is a makcik, that will be really something new.

Hi tallman, that's some roadside sifu that say glove counters overvalued, which I strongly not agree. Maybe they really use Mc Curry analysis.

Hi CCCL, I think I will make my first million within this year. Even I have have millions, I also not going to get new one. But I am getting another sport car when I make few more millions.

Hi soojinhou, thank you for the correction. The mistake occurred when you start to missed our earlier conversation and if you missed all the stock that gone up. It will repeated again and again in your imaginary world as you will always pluck some one article and looking for their mistake instead of learning something useful.

Hi Goldgent, seriously I not sure who is this Felicia, I am not Felicia

Hi Titan, salesman is my friend, any problem?

Hi SultanMelaka, why everyone mention about Felicia? Who the hell?

Hi aarontan1987, I dont receive any money for writting the article. If you don't like can you decide not to read it.

Hi amateurJR, is time for you to take medicine.

Hi Edwardong53, I still holding EDGENTA and I am adding more position soon.

Tokay111, I will continue to write, and how high TG go is consider go up? Is break new high good enough?

Anyway, I will continue to write my sharing whenever I meet up with my Uncle. I wish everyone doing well for their investment, I confident that very soon I can make one million from investing in Bursa stock market. I have other investment friend already make more than that.

Those who has yet to join my telegram channel for latest articles, also can follow my channel below :

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Barir69 Hi,
I enjoyed reading your pleasant and informative article. I bought Edgenta but a bit high before it went down again. Looking forward to your next meeting with uncle.
04/10/2020 6:54 PM
BJQ2333 Hi, guy nice to hear from you, I'm waiting the news from you,
04/10/2020 7:00 PM
Sunshine123 I think people think you are Felicia because there was someone named Felicia who was recommending most of the same stocks as you. I too thought you were Felicia.
04/10/2020 7:05 PM
CCCL To earn millions. Just don’t be over confidence. Good horse never eat backwards grass...
04/10/2020 7:32 PM
gemfinder A very stupif move to sell all kpower n scib to buy edgenta n istone
04/10/2020 9:10 PM
Tokay111 You put 80% of your portfolio on gloves that is highly susceptible to vaccine news with PE > 40? Your hedge is a GLC in property management and a small niche company? I hope your all in on gloves play out if these are actual holdings.
04/10/2020 11:20 PM
tonypang01 Nice sharing, keep up the good work and thanks for yr kindness to write it.
04/10/2020 11:55 PM
greedy44444 Sounds so easy to make millions but I always hear small fish borrowed money from ah long to pay up their debts. Does it mean that if small fish follow your portfolio then they also can make millions ?
05/10/2020 12:20 AM
BenPg Dont think is a good idea to put money in Edgenta. It is a non performing stock and chancees of losing money is high. There are other better stocks to pick
05/10/2020 8:46 AM
Ohseng nice sharing. keep up your good work
05/10/2020 1:09 PM
Sslee Youngman,
Quote, “I started with just roughly RM 10000 - RM 15000, during March, if you did follow my first post you will know. Thanks to SUPERMX alone, I make more than 20x and my capital go up from there” unquote
Mind telling us when you bought and sell Supermax to make more than 20X?
52 Weeks Range: 1.29-24.44

Learn from http://www.intellecpoint.com/p/position.html serious investing and keep a recorded portfolio like felicity.
05/10/2020 2:33 PM
PotentialGhost Hu Hu Hu
05/10/2020 7:30 PM
JBond007 Oops! A girl named FeliciaWong has imitated & cloned learnfromuncle.
05/10/2020 7:53 PM
questra Sell alphard buy Edgenta
06/10/2020 12:15 AM
speakup so many ppl write article about their fund manager uncles nowadays
soon we will have someone writing article about their fund manager aunty. LOL!
06/10/2020 9:41 AM
veron4best if u so bullish on glove, why not all call warrant (C1A) all the way? to win big.
06/10/2020 12:27 PM
Michael Kwok Dear,please do it alone and dun ask uncle or even use AI.Then people respect.Many use software, AI or other assist tht consider beginner.
06/10/2020 8:24 PM

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