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INARI - The True and The Ugly Face Surface

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We are the only call buy and have faith with INARI when it big fall down. 

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INARI recent story many have forgotten as usual, finally it's time for me to share why from INARI recent story we can see the true and ugly face of the market.

Let's us recall back what have happen to INARI recently.  





This rumour Broadcom sell of RF unit has cause INARI big fall.



When this "journal" come out, which has no prove and real fact, market react so panic and big sell down next day. 


From there, we can see many sifu, blogger, keyboard warrior come out to pour more water. 


And talk like they know Broadcom going to sell RF unit, INARI got no more future, INARI prospect very uncertain, INARI on big risk to lost order from Broadcom, Broadcom have traits to keep selling of their business, INARI is in downtrend, and many more stupid assumption, idiotic forecast that have no real prove. 

Here we show you a few example, 


Example 1 : 




Self make assumption Apple will take over Broadcom's RF unit, saying the bottom still very far, uncertainty too high. We can see that this blogger has totally an ignorance without knowing facts and INARI business. 



Really admire this blogger that able to write a long story about Broadcom Ceo Hock Tan, to tell everyone that he high chance sell of RF unit business. Steady bomb bi bi this blogger, maybe he got yumsheng with the Ceo. 



Example 2,



Some more discussing other's company future with friends, and seems that they know Broadcom direction better than Broadcom Ceo Hock Tan, again talking about INARI future is uncertain at the time when INARI is falling. 


Example 3,





This one worst, Drawing imaginary chart saying much more falling will come, and simple saying, his imagination is really broken like how the page name itself. 


Example 4, 




This is the worst I feel, taking opportunity to promote system, saying they have give sell call earlier. Whether they did or not doesn't matter, it give impression that this stock is downtrend. We may see they give buy call again when price go above RM 1.90+. Why don't they give a call when price shoot down at RM 1.60 + ? Because this kind of technically analysis always based on moving average, so its obvious going to be wait until all mars line align up only call. 


There are so much more keyboard warrior which we din't want to highlight because it's too many. 

Let us see what is INARI price now.



INARI price has recovered and go even higher from where it fall ! It's prove that the panic sales, Ugly face is wrong ! We shared our view after it fall in our blog. You can read again here:





As a conclusion of this articles, 


We like to tell every investor, do not simply believe all the news in the market, all the make up story by the market or blogger, all the sohai assumption, all the stupid rumours, all the funny chart expectation and some half cook sifu. 

The intention of this blog is not humiliating other sifu or blogger, but it's a lesson we all should learn, never make up anything that you don't know, never believe anything is not fact ! 



What we can see is that APPLE sign more deal with Broadcom and it worth $15 Billion ! Which can last till 2023, 3 years from now ! 



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