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Problem malaysia oil gas company.

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Investing oilgas company be careful,most of them problem facing huge debt,financial losses , no new contract and low cashflow !


market cap company price 2015 2016 NOV17 cash debt
4.341b armada 0.74 -9993m -656.74m -976.3 m 1.681b 11.998b
112.80m alam 0.135 4944m -7793m -186.57m 6645m 171.37m
276.84m barakah 0.335 4590m 1211m -139.14m 2325m 250.33m
7250m carimin 0.31 -305m -2651m -611m 4308m 7524m
578.85m dayang 0.60 220.98m 5555m -1509m 214.91m 1.365b
132.79m daya 0.065 -2866m -8736m -136.82m 6946m 262.91m
376.18m deleum 0.94 7367m 5099m 4602m 136.67m 8909m
13.539b dialog 2.40 387.57m 383.82m 537.40m 1.421b 1.764b
241.2m eatech 40.5 4426m -4820m -147.05m 217m 433.91m
3840 m handal 0.24 1136m -2009m -612m 1561m 2713m
1.24b hibiscus 0.78 -5114m -5359m 6424m 3199m -
270.75m icon 0.23 2251m -373.67m -134.23m 3663m 690.24m
214.23 m kub 0.385 1778m 3395m 6357m 119.65m 5703m
533.12 m knm 0.225 143.59m 5444m -392m 233.91m 1.266b
1.376b mhb 0.86 111.60m -5822m 173.48m 614.90m -
130.29m m&g 0.18 -1298m -5733m -215.3m 261.38m 999.3m
3782m perisai 0.03 7549m -985.36m -350.06m 2897m 1.29b
267.05m penergy 0.83 5090m -2504m -8793m 178.84m 225.2m
427.60 m reach 0.39 -2.35637b -2.580b 7006m 4649m -
239.68m scomi 0.125 9236m -5741m -151.63m 9034m 764.05m
269.30m scomies 0.115 8413m -6509m -110.79m 5180m 252.76m
4.973b sapnrg 0.83 634.78m -797.61m -230.60m 1.8928b 17.275b
191.37m sumatec 0.045 6192m 2138m 160m 0.03m 2253m
165.1 m thheavy 0.095 -183.1m -170.70m -377.90m 1977m 350.86m
167.78m t7global 0.40 -4976m -2941m 1287m 3494m -
444.83m uzma 1.39 2170m 4435m 7183m 8473m 445.02m
2.099b velesto 0.30 145.68m -676.76m -1.071b 694.37m 3.423b
889.87m waseong 1.16 192.7m -4086m -133.79m 123.85m 1.078b
4.174b yinson 3.82 3.750m 281.02m 211.51m 615.76m 3.318b

PN17 : perisai , thheavy

m= millions





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nakata Thanks for writing, May i know what is 2015, 2016 means, are they revenue ?
11/12/2017 23:39
ozzie75 Unlikely to be revenue, unless you believe in negative revenue? More inclined towards profit/loss. haha!

nakata Thanks for writing, May i know what is 2015, 2016 means, are they revenue ?
11/12/2017 23:39
17/01/2018 11:22
stopbombing i donno what is that please fix it,2016, 2015?? nov17?? and 1000m=1b??
30/01/2018 11:11
Mark T Bird ty 4 sharing
30/01/2018 11:13
Why_ problems now not when approved for IPO? BN styles to let rakyat suffer?
30/01/2018 11:16
Why_ Hengyuan also high debts why not in the list? Hired by bankers to talk down counters?
30/01/2018 11:20


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