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Yes, INSURANCE Theme Play is ON now n then AUTO ...




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VSOLAR Sailang Margin All In PureBULL really or not
02/04/2019 8:03 AM
Abba84 purebull
takaful surged to rm 2 gain aftr Affin give pric trgt of rm8++
still can buy takaful?
02/04/2019 8:59 AM
PureBULL . Dear Heavenly PUNTER n Abba84,
I specialize in Great Winning Stocks at Right Timing.
I seek to do a perfect call at 1st best timing for entry. When it's RIGHT, sit TIGHT n let mkt forces do the flying UP.
Sometimes there is a 2nd best chance to enter like DAYANG now at abt 138 n I will shout.
02/04/2019 11:47 AM
calvintaneng SifuPUREBULL is bullish at the right time Chun Chun

Now after OnG Govt got money from Petronas

So Ecrl will be restored

By natural progress money flows into Ecrl related stocks as it will be A Rm55 billions cash infusion into Ecrl

Petronas capex for 2019 was Rm50 billions
With Petronas cash infusion oil and gas entities surged

Now Ecrl related stocks will surge

This is the progression of theme play for year 2019
02/04/2019 4:21 PM
PureBULL . Dear Sifu calvintaneng,

Allow me to comment:
The best politicians r the BEST conmen to 'charm' everybody all the time.
ECRL is never feasible. Only goons will force it thru.

Unlikely penny stocks have the capability n ability to launch such super MEGA project, if it ever exists.

The gov has BIG money problem. Problem becomes BIGGER after class action case with g s, the shaolin temple of world finance. Still a must to go around to borrow heavily at high interest n at the same time so EASY to ask petronas to pump as much as possible.
OnG stocks r here to HELP. n the bull run has just started at Std 3 stage. It shall go all the way to super high level of Form 6/Pre-U to ultimately even entering Uni.

Focus n meditate on OnG Contractors. u know those great stocks edi.
What's going Up, will continue to go UP higher: Newton's law of motion for Theme Play.
03/04/2019 7:08 AM


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