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Stock market......illusion or reality?

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Stock market.....short term is all about illusion, its all an illusion , all emotional and sentimental.

Long term, reality wins.

That is very basic , right.?


So, since most of us are short term , and as traders, we need to remind ourselves....... its all about illusion, its all an illusion , all emotional and sentimental.


maybe, just maybe, even the money we make today is also an illlusion.....it is just borrowings from the future......


As traders, we are playing within a world of illusions, a world of mirages and may the lesser fool win....and hope to delay the repayments of the borrowings to infinity.......that is the best we can hope........


With skill and a little bit luck, may we keep the winnings and not have to repay.


Just a friendly reminder......U do have to keep your trading brain separate and apart from from your investing brain. It does not pay to mix the two.


Trading.....good, bad, ugly also can trade. Any thing that moves can also trade.


Investing.....that is different. In investing u really need to choose very carefully. Learn to say NO. 


99% of the companies in Malaysia not suitable for investing.



ps....and by the way, just because you value here , value there doesn't mean you are exempt. Your value here , value there is also an illusion, just excuses to play the game according to self imposed rules. 

















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qqq3 In investing, you want to part to participate in the growth of good quality companies......every thing else is speculating/ trading.........
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