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ARM cuts ties to China is a war on China.

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Its difficult to see this thing as other than a total war on China.


You scared or not?

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Shinnzaii lets see huawei will be another victim like last time toshiba or not...
23/05/2019 4:54 PM
qqq3 Its a total war by US/UK on China...not just Hua Wei. Its a geo political war to prevent the rise of China....Its a racial war .
23/05/2019 6:38 PM
arv18 need to humble China. Very dangerous communist country. better do something now b4 its too late.
23/05/2019 6:44 PM
qqq3 US/UK cut big toes to avoid rise of China.........u not scared meh??
23/05/2019 6:46 PM
7300 It is not racal war,20th century, they still cant accept n in denial mode from past supremacy by just claiming champion over others!!
23/05/2019 6:47 PM
qqq3 7300 > May 23, 2019 6:47 PM | Report Abuse

It is not racal war

its a racial war, plain and simple.
23/05/2019 6:50 PM
jackfruit No big deal lah...markets still had to go on.
23/05/2019 7:35 PM
fl888 China can now afford to raise their Bamboo Curtain like the good old days..
23/05/2019 7:57 PM
Shinnzaii look like another bloodbath consecutive today...
24/05/2019 8:36 AM


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