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A summary of Dr. M Press conference @ Bernama TV

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Live now Mahathir Press conference @ Bernama TV
1) Majlis Professor Negara Abolished
2) Ministers Gaji potong 10%
3) Fuel price remain same
4) SPAD abolished, role absorbed into Ministry of Transport
5) Govt committed to reduce rm1 Trillion debt
6) GST 0% June 1st
7) Govt to look into ridiculously high salary and allowance pay of high rank govt officials
8) All direct nego contracts and projects to be reviewed or abolished
9) All political and govt linked appointees in GLCs to be reviewed
10) Malaysia External intelligence office to be reviewed
11) Anti fake news Act to be abolished soon 
12) MACC shukri was appointed because he has experience in 1MDB case and conduct duty without fear or favour
13) No comment on PR1MA projects now
14) No political interference in Proton, depends on what Syed Mokhtar and Geely what they want to do
15) On promises of bonus and pay rise of Civil servants, none will be implemented as it was promise of the Opposition, not the Government now
16) Tun M - I'm not a dictator, look at all my ministers advising me
End of live updates
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ks55 Good to leave issue on Proton to its new owners.
We Malaysian cannot afford to keep on subsidize Proton to prolong its miserable life....
23/05/2018 15:35
ks55 SPAD dismantled.
Tan Sri Isa is now jobless.
Najib's government bribed civil servants with rank and salary inflation at the expense of retired officers and rakyat at large.

Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan
Tun M government set thing right by 10% reduction in Ministers' pay and allowances.
What about those who earn fat salary in GLC's and Superscale/ Staff Grade KSU/KP ?
Surely they can also take a 10% pay cut to show sympathy to graduates who earn 2k a month salary...........
23/05/2018 18:24


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