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Covid-19: Muhyiddin says SOP relaxation for fully vaccinated individuals to be announced in a day or two

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MUAR, Aug 5 ― The relaxation on Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOP) for fully vaccinated individuals will be announced in a day or two, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said the National Security Council (MKN) had looked into and gave their fair consideration to the proposed SOP relaxation and leeway.

“Maybe tomorrow or the day after, I will make the long-awaited announcement for those who have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

“The relaxation and leeway such as travelling interstate or interdistrict, visiting parents or spouses for those in long-distance relationships, are the things that we will announce,” he told reporters after visiting the Felda Lenga mobile vaccination centre in Pagoh here today.

He said the announcement would also include the social sector such as dining in, sports and recreational activities. ― Bernama



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chinaman this virus scared of salt, acidic fruits. so, i eat mostly all acidic fruits like lemon kiwi pineapple orange lemon
06/08/2021 5:52 PM
i3lurker You wun die from Ivermectin.

You might find that you are just weaker in everything you do.
You wun be the same strong man again.

In fact all deworming pills has same effect.
You just feel like sub-normal, weaker than before.

Posted by ahbah > Aug 6, 2021 5:48 PM | Report Abuse

How long our world oredi used Ivermection n how many people died from taking it ?
06/08/2021 5:53 PM
ahbah I like pineapple which U also like !
06/08/2021 5:53 PM
chinaman tak mau....covid new high so co-incident with musim durian+ rambutan now....looks like interrelated. wakaka
06/08/2021 5:56 PM
ahbah "Results of a recent research endeavor from the United States indicate that bromelain or bromelain rich pineapple stem may be utilized as an antiviral agent against coronavirus disease (COVID-19), but also for potential future coronavirus outbreaks. This exciting paper is currently available on the bioRxiv* preprint server."


How about taking pineapple as a preventative again covid 19 infection ?
06/08/2021 5:56 PM
i3lurker I had a shock recently at cashier coz I never look at prices. Kept quiet and paid..........

Its more than RM11.00 for a small packet of Hawaiian pineapples.
Next time better buy those Dole or Phillipines one.

Posted by ahbah > Aug 6, 2021 5:53 PM | Report Abuse

I like pineapple which U also like !
06/08/2021 5:57 PM
ahbah The whole world lockdown at home without going out in the sun is interrelated with the global spread of covid 19 ?

All of us lack vit D in our bodies to defend against covid 19 infection ?
06/08/2021 6:01 PM
ahbah Our kyy takes pineapple daily n got long life now even though he is a heart patient (cabg).

Pineapple is good for heart patients as proven by our kyy here ?
06/08/2021 6:05 PM
ahbah Bye.
06/08/2021 6:10 PM
i3lurker have a nice day and take care
06/08/2021 6:12 PM
trum ahbah and i3lurker are very educated people.
Thanks for your discussion. I learn a lot from both of you.
Both of you are my real Sifu.
06/08/2021 6:55 PM
stockfreak UK is experimenting herd immunity with 70% vaccination. It's just an experiment. A country that sacrifices its people for mankind.
06/08/2021 6:59 PM
trum Live with Covid... we manage the sick because of Covid.
how to wait for Covid to go zero case?
06/08/2021 7:30 PM
blackchicken If the KLCI hits 1600, you can start investing in other sectors than technology. But for now you can focus on investing in only tech stocks.
07/08/2021 7:20 AM
chinaman Why censored off my critical point on jogging ban at park? many died at home cramming inside small flat due to happy hypoxia i/o covid. we need more oxygen to exercise at green park. mco 3.0 kills more people from lesser sweating to detoxin.
07/08/2021 1:55 PM
stockfreak Vaccinated people to spread to non-vaccinated people.

Vaccinated people can still get infected but will be less severe.

Non-vaccinated people need to pray harder or decide your vote wisely in the next election if you can survive this pandemic.
07/08/2021 2:02 PM
chinaman Post removed. Why?
07/08/2021 2:06 PM
ahbah Israel is now having a big spike in new daily c 19 cases even though Israel got very high vaccination percentage rate. Why like that ?
07/08/2021 5:53 PM
ahbah chinaman, u are great !
07/08/2021 5:55 PM
ahbah https://www.bing.com/search?q=Coronavirus+vaccine&FORM=covwpt&tf=U2VydmljZT1HZW5lcmljQW5zd2VycyBTY2VuYXJpbz1Db3JvbmFWaXJ1c01MIFBvc2l0aW9uPVRPUCBSYW5raW5nRGF0YT1UcnVlIEZvcmNlUGxhY2U9VHJ1ZSBQYWlycz1pbnRlbnQ6Q2hlY2tDb3JvbmFWYWNjaW5lO2NvdW50cnljb2RlOklTUjthYm92ZW5ld3M6dHJ1ZTsgfA%3d%3d&hs=%2bx8EA84c1RnvWL%2biLrW%2bHH0o3Js26e%2fH8GmzWbJ%2bbek%3d
07/08/2021 5:59 PM
ahbah Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines

Israel progress

Updated 6 Aug at 8:00 am local

2nd dose administered
5,392,509 (73.3%)

1st dose administered
5,804,100 (78.9%)

Total population

Doses per 100 people
07/08/2021 6:02 PM
chinaman Our lung need fresh clean air. i noticed israel API quite high vs MY...the more polluted the place, more likely lung sick, infected i guess...OK- we grow more trees, reduce reforestation from now on. pls stop all forest degazetting in selangor greedy with over development.
07/08/2021 6:12 PM
ahbah Israel — the poster child for COVID-19 vaccination and the first country to reach herd immunity — has seen a recent rise in cases.

Recently, most of the people testing positive are vaccinated, reported The Washington Post.
07/08/2021 6:18 PM
ahbah Bye.
07/08/2021 6:20 PM
stockfreak Vaccination is to reduce death rate and not infection rate.

You can still get infected after vaccination.

The latest efficacy rate is just 39% for mRNA vaccine.

Adenovirus vaccines are usually 40-60%. So you can generally assume all covid vaccines are just 40% efficient.
07/08/2021 6:37 PM
chinaman Israel using pfizer, after herd immunity also have infection debunk the myth that sinovac is more mediocre than pfizer? many miss out appointment mysejahtera purposely when sinovac prescribed at ppv
07/08/2021 6:43 PM
stockfreak Vaccines are to stimulate our immune system.

We cannot get rid of covid.

For novel virus, such as covid, the purpose is to make it non-novel.

When it has become non-novel (our immune system can recognize it), it will be another flu-like disease.

Herd immunity is also about making novel virus to become non-novel.

The symptom of herd immunity? Low death rate.
07/08/2021 7:01 PM
chinaman so far, 25% MY already fully innoculated. how many % to consider as herd immunity? since cannot rid of covid, further lockdown economy pointless
07/08/2021 7:18 PM
ahbah " Posted by stockfreak > Aug 7, 2021 6:37 PM | Report Abuse

Vaccination is to reduce death rate and not infection rate. "

If vaccination cannot reduce the infection rate, then slowly our whole

world shall be infected with c-19 ?

Globally, the no. of new daily c-19 cases is increasing non stop, going

07/08/2021 9:44 PM
ahbah Why Poland n Czechia got very low daily new c-19 cases even though they

got very high total cases ?
07/08/2021 9:53 PM
ahbah Can the vaccination bring down our daily new c-19 cases ?

Maybe our country tauke vasin can give us the answer.
07/08/2021 10:01 PM
ahbah Is there any country who got proclaim they oredi got beaten c-19 after

getting herd immunity ?
07/08/2021 10:06 PM
Bgt 9963 Post removed. Why?
08/08/2021 10:39 AM
chinaman This is happening due to the increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, like carbon dioxide and methane, that have accumulated due to human activity and trap heat in the atmosphere, capturing outgoing radiation that would otherwise escape into space.

The amount of energy that remains trapped in the planet accelerates global warming, as about the 90 per cent results in the warming of its oceans and the remaining heats up land and air, contributing to ice melting.
08/08/2021 12:31 PM
chinaman lesser oxygen due to green house effect exercebate pandemic worldwide. Thus, instead of deforestation - return back to afforestation, growing more trees., instead of industrialisation- return to deindustrialisation. Green energy is paramount.
08/08/2021 12:34 PM
chinaman Post removed. Why?
08/08/2021 12:45 PM
stockraider Brady useless govt...lock us down so long.....no improvement in covid cases mah!
08/08/2021 1:10 PM
stockfreak Ahbah, you need to study the flu virus. We cannot get rid of flu virus as it can spread easily.
09/08/2021 12:09 PM
wolfbroker Not relevant to KL and Selangor.

If looking to current situation, Klang Valley will be forever in phase 1
09/08/2021 12:22 PM
DickyMe Vaccination is a failure. Prior to vaccination, death rate was far below after vaccination. Those who receive experimental vaccines are guinea pigs and lab rats.
09/08/2021 12:23 PM
ahbah What is WHO doing, keep on promoting the experimental vaccination non stop on us ?

Do we got know what is the long term effect of all these new vaccines ?
09/08/2021 12:28 PM
chinaman Source of Delta virus:- Frozen Buffalo from India- before spread to MY as we import frozen buffalo.??? possible source?? Packaging of frozen food contaminated with the virus transmit to person who after handle it failed to observe hygiene and consume it using bare hand? guessing only
09/08/2021 1:28 PM
chinaman Environmental biologists at the University of Stirling have warned that the potential spread of COVID-19 via sewage "must not be neglected" in the battle to protect human health.

The response to the global pandemic has focused upon preventing person-to-person transmission, however, experts now believe the virus could also be spread in wastewater.

Earlier this week, it emerged that analysis of sewage in the UK could provide important data on the spread of COVID-19. However, Professor Richard Quilliam's new paper -- published May 6 -- now warns that the sewerage system itself could pose a transmission risk.

Writing in the journal Environment International, Professor Quilliam and colleagues from Stirling's Faculty of Natural Sciences are calling for "an investment of resources" to investigate their concerns.

Professor Quilliam -- who is currently leading a £1.85 million study into the transport of bacteria and viruses in marine environments -- said: "We know that COVID-19 is spread through droplets from coughs and sneezes, or via objects or materials that carry infection. However, it has recently been confirmed that the virus can also be found in human faeces -- up to 33 days after the patient has tested negative for the respiratory symptoms of COVID-19.

"It is not yet known whether the virus can be transmitted via the faecal-oral route, however, we know that viral shedding from the digestive system can last longer than shedding from the respiratory tract. Therefore, this could be an important -- but as yet unquantified -- pathway for increased exposure."
09/08/2021 2:13 PM
chinaman The current Minister of Environment and Water still zzzzzzzzzzzzz. not aware of sewerage as potential source of covid...
09/08/2021 2:46 PM
sting79 https://nojabforme.info/

So far one of the most thorough website for you anti-vax out there!
09/08/2021 6:08 PM
chinaman Since MY is a damn hot country- hard to accept that virus spread thru airborne at open space area. Thus, the other possiblity is food and water contamination with the virus which then infect the digestion system. Unfortunately, health ministry rule out this possiblity. Habit using unhygiene bare hand to eat. thus, proper treatment by Indahwater before releasing the human waste to river for our drinking is paramount somehow incur leakage sometimes
10/08/2021 12:21 PM
i3lurker thats not surprising

remember the Famous Bangsar Banana Leaf restaurant [huge restaurant at corner] who uses drain water to wash up dishes?
then dry up with cloth.
[trying to save money coz commercial water is very expensive]

How many restaurants uses drain water to wash up dishes?

Posted by chinaman > Aug 10, 2021 12:21 PM | Report Abuse

Since MY is a damn hot country- hard to accept that virus spread thru airborne at open space area. Thus, the other possiblity is food and water contamination with the virus which then infect the digestion system. Unfortunately, health ministry rule out this possiblity. Habit using unhygiene bare hand to eat. thus, proper treatment by Indahwater before releasing the human waste to river for our drinking is paramount somehow incur leakage sometimes
10/08/2021 12:30 PM
chinaman Bhutan successfully contain the pandemic with full vax, envied by neighbouring Nepal with highest dead level in the world. why? Bhutan is Buddhist VG, ban hunting, fishing. Is it due to their compassionate life, less killing, no negative karma? is it due to bhutan carbon negative nation with super fresh air, no pollution? Bhutan focus on Gross Happiness index i/o GDP-unsustainable development?
10/08/2021 12:37 PM
ahbah Countries which got successfully contained the c 19 pandemic from very high total cases to now very low daily new cases are :

1. Poland

2. Czechia

3. Rumania

4. Hungary

They all got GOLD MEDALS for handling the pandemic !

But how they did it ?

May be Malaysia can learn from them ?

Pak Din, how about that. Terima kasih Pak Din.

10/08/2021 4:31 PM
chinaman add 2 facts of Bhutan: ban on tobacco (yes, smoking is main culprit why lung easily infected with virus); Bhutan has over 71 percent of its territory under forest cover. The only nation with negative carbon. 

10/08/2021 4:46 PM

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