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NOW SHOWING: THE TRILOGY OF FAST & FURIOUS SHOWS PART 8 – (updated number : 9) ( A ) KGB / 0151 Kelington Group Berhad ( B ) OCB /5533 / OCB Berha

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 PART 8 – (updated number : 9) 


( A ) KGB / 0151 Kelington Group Berhad 

( B ) OCB /5533 / OCB Berhad

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OCB/ 5533

at early of this morning - 6.28 am
 ., 22 July 2021 to alert the
 interested investors 
RM 0.94 TO RM 0.96 




China Big discounting 3000kg Car Elevator - Aluminum Step Outdoor and  Indoor China Escalator Moving Walk Manufacturers – Fuji Manufacturer and  Supplier | Fuji
The above picture shows the aluminium alloy used in manufacturing heavy duty escalators
 and its accessories , in providing safe ,reliable services in the harsh , heavy usage, transportation systems, built by
EITA / 5208
It is good to collect when it is on ground floor, 
RM 1.15/ KGB /0151
RM 0.94 /OCB/ 5533
ANYONE FROM THE READERS UPON READING THE BLOG ISSUED OUT at early of this morning - 6.28 am ., 22 July 2021 to alert the interested investors 
RM 0.94 TO RM 0.96 
closed 5.00 pm , 21 July 2021 ,
RM 0.94 /OCB/ 5533
as practically most of you do not believe; 
just like the escalator at the bottom , sooner or later ,it will move to the top.
( before the release of the coming  financial quarter report ) 
Just remember to record down this report before the big move on the prices ,
 that will be surging even before we notice.
The remarks by the real KLSE investors will be in this manner : 
"Many are shown in the positive direction but nobody notices, 
it may seem so. "

 (A) Kelington Group Berhad /0151 

Saturday, 17 July 2021, 10:38am

Kelington bags RM50mil storage tank contract from Stolhaven

By Farah Adilla - July 15, 2021 @ 6:46pm
In a statement today, the integrated engineering solutions provider said it would be undertaking the engineering, procurement, and construction works for the oil products storage tanks for Tank Pit 8 expansion project in Port Klang, Selangor.
 The  below -
Picture of Stolt huge storage tanks in
Westport , Pulau Indah, Port Klang   
In a statement today, the integrated engineering solutions provider said it would be undertaking the engineering, procurement, and construction works for the oil products storage tanks for Tank Pit 8 expansion project in Port Klang, Selangor.

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelington Group Bhd, via its wholly-owned Kelington Technologies Sdn Bhd, has secured a new contract from Stolthaven (Westport) Sdn Bhd worth RM50 million.

In a statement today, the integrated engineering solutions provider said it would be undertaking the engineering, procurement, and construction works for the oil products storage tanks for Tank Pit 8 expansion project in Port Klang, Selangor.

The project began on July 14 this year and is expected to be completed by October 2022.


 Kelington said it had so far this year secured about RM195 million of new orders, lifting its outstanding orderbook to RM454 million as at July 2021.

Focus Malaysia LogoMenu

Leveraging repeat customers: The awesome Kelington Group’s experience


IT pays handsomely to put one’s customers first by prioritising their interest for this is key to creating repeat customers who can eventually be one’s loyal customers.

Such is the experience with integrated engineering solutions provider Kelington Group Bhd given many of its project orders are coming from repeat customers.

Most recently, its wholly-owned subsidiary Kelington Technologies Sdn Bhd has secured a RM50 mil contract under its process engineering division from Stolthaven (Westport) Sdn Bhd, a reputable global provider of high quality storage and distribution services for chemicals, clean petroleum products, gas vegetable oils, biofuels and oleochemicals.

Kelington will be undertaking the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) works related to the oil products storage tanks for the Tank Pit 8 Expansion Project located in Port Klang (Selangor).

Having commenced on July 14, the project is slated for completion by October 2022.

Raymond Gan Hung Keng

Inclusive of this new contract win, Kelington has so far clinched approximately RM195 mil of new orders in 2021 which lifted its outstanding orderbook to RM454 millions as of July 2021.

“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to be a part of our repeat customer’s expansion plans for its terminal facilities,” commented Kelington’s CEO Raymond Gan Hung Keng.

“The group has been working with this customer since 2018 and having to support its growth journey has been fruitful for us.”

Gan said the trust that Kelington received from its repeat customers is a testament to the company’s diverse engineering capabilities and discipline in adhering to the highest compliance standards.

“We have also been receiving a surge in tender invites from our existing and new customers from across our key operating markets which includes Malaysia as businesses are resuming its expansion activities that were put on hold last year,” he pointed out.

“This is a good indicator for us – and should the momentum sustain – we hope to achieve another all-time high order book. With an acceleration in the global vaccination programme, we hope to see an improved operating landscape across our key operating markets.”

At 4.02pm, Kelington was up 1 sen or 0.86% to RM1.17 with 5.28 million shares traded, thus valuing the company at RM755 mil. – July 15, 2021


Kelington unit secures storage tank construction contract

July 15, 2021 14:27 pm +08
Kelington unit secures storage tank construction contract

KUALA LUMPUR (July 15): Kelington Group Bhd said today its wholly-owned subsidiary Kelington Technologies Sdn Bhd yesterday secured from Stolthaven (Westport) Sdn Bhd an approximately RM50 million contract to construct oil products storage tanks at Port Klang in Selangor.

According to Kelington Group's Bursa Malaysia filing today, the 15-month project, which started yesterday (July 14, 2021) is expected to be completed by October 2022.

"The contract value is worth approximately RM50 million subject to the final variation and engineering options.

"The contract is expected to contribute positively to the earnings and net assets of Kelington (Group) for the financial years ending Dec 31, 2021 and Dec 31, 2022," Kelington Group said.

At Bursa's  5.00 pm  today- 15 July 2021, Kelington Group's share price rose 4 sen to settle at RM1.20, valuing the group at about RM774.3 millions 

Chong Jin Hun
The Edge
SEE_ Research 

KGB /0151 

In view of the increasing orders lifting its outstanding orderbook to RM454 million as at July 2021. not to mentioned , the market participants view this particular stock with great interest with increasing buys calls.  

"This is a good indicator for us, and should the momentum sustain, we hope to achieve another all-time high orderbook. With the acceleration of the vaccination programme worldwide, we hope to see an improved operating landscape across our key operating markets, stated by Kelington chief executive officer Ir Raymond Gan


SEE_ Research 

KGB /0151 

Latest update on the Short Term 

Target Price RM 1.50 to RM 1.60


Stolt - Nielsen Limited 

Westport , Pulau Indah, Port Klang  



Stolthaven Westport 

Address Jetty name: Petrochemical Jetty

Area: Westport 42009 Port Klang ,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Country : Malaysia


Operations Manager: Radzee Bin Mamat
Assistant Operations Manager: Arumugam P. Govindasamy
Commercial Manager: Nicholas Lim
General Manager : Goh Kian Choon

Commercial Enquiries

Telephone: + 60 3 31011551


Latitude: 2.9774088 N
Longitude: 101.4147719 E
google static map

Stolthaven Westport is located in Port Klang. The terminal functions as a break-bulk facility for domestic distribution, a bulk facility for export and as a regional distribution hub. The terminal is 2 kilometres from the Westport Container Terminal, which is being developed as Malaysia's main port and facilitates packaged exports throughout the region.

Tank types

  • Carbon (and coated) steel
  • Stainless steel

Tank features

  • Automatic tank gauge systems with temperature measurement
  • 3 External pipe lines between refinery and terminal
  • Dedicated pipe lines for tank, dock and truck loading
  • Dedicated pumps and internal lines
  • Fixed-roof tanks built to API 650 standards
  • Heating and mixing capabilities
  • Circulation
  • Housed in secondary containment structure
  • Independent high level alarms
  • Individual tank gauging system
  • Nitrogen blanketing in tanks for special products
  • Pressure/vacuum and emergency vents
  • Remote tank gauging and high level alarms
  • Stripping capabilities

Products stored

  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum products
  • Vegetable oils
  • Oleochemicals
  • Bitumen

Access to terminal

  • Ship
  • Road
  • Pipeline


  • Truck facilities: Truck loading rack - 67 bays with loading systems
  • 6 Weighbridges
  • Blending and homogenising services
  • Board-to-board transshipments
  • Container stuffing and unstuffing
  • Cooling, heating and filtering
  • Covered truck loading with independent weighbridges for each truck position
  • Customs, excise bonded storage and administrative support
  • Dedicated jetty pipelines
  • Drum filling and storage of hazardous and flammable liquids
  • Fire protection foam system and water sprinklers system
  • Fire protection foam system in warehouses
  • High-purity nitrogen available
  • Independent surveyors on site
  • ISO tank and flexibag loading and unloading
  • Nitrogen blanketing
Profile of  Stolt - Nielsen Limited in the world 
Stolt-Nielsen Limited (SNL) is a leading provider of integrated transportation, storage and distribution services through its three largest operating units: Stolt Tankers, Stolthaven Terminals and Stolt Tank Containers. Stolt Sea Farm is a leading producer of turbot and sole. Stolt-Nielsen Gas focuses on the transportation of LPG. Stolt Bitumen Services distributes bitumen mainly in Asia Pacific. SNL delivers value to its shareholders through its conservative approach to both its financial management and investments, and through its sustained focus on continuous improvement, innovation, quality, customer service and safety for both people and the environment.


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Stolt-Nielsen Limited
Stolt Nielsen logo.png
Type Public
Industry Conglomerate
Predecessor Parcel Tankers Inc.
Founded 1959
Founder Jacob Stolt-Nielsen
Headquarters Bermuda
Area served
Key people
Samuel Cooperman (Chairman)
Products Logistics
Bulk cargo
Chemical tanker
Tank container
Shipping terminal
LNG carrier
Fish farming
Revenue Decrease US$1,983.7 million (2015)[1]
Increase US$246.2 million (2015)[1]
Increase US$133.1 million (2015)[1]
Total assets Decrease US$3,894.5 million (2015)[1]
Number of employees
5000+ (2015)[1]
Website www.stolt-nielsen.com

Stolt-Nielsen Limited (SNL) provides transportation and storage for liquids, notably specialty and bulk liquid chemicals. It also has an aquaculture division that grows turbot and other fish and fish products.

Founded in 1959, corporate services are provided from London. Most of the company's operations are in the United States, the Netherlands, and Singapore.



Company founder Jacob Stolt-Nielsen began his career training at a ship brokerage in London, when he noticed an increase in certain kinds of liquids being shipped over the sea, especially those that served as the base materials for plastics. He moved to New York City in order to work for R.J. Chianelli, a broker in the chemicals industry that focused on these products. He witnessed the explosion in growth of the plastics industry, building on technology developed during World War II. However, the basic materials needed for the creation of plastics were new substances that the traditional shipping industry did not yet know how to ship safely or effectively.

There was a need in the industry for tankers that could transport different liquid chemicals in separation from each other, in order to keep the substances strictly pure upon delivery. There was also a need for the creation of packaging or housing the materials such that they would not eat through the containment. He developed a system using deep-well submersible pumps: one pump and one tank per parcel of liquid, in order to maintain the purity of the substances and the integrity of the containment. For his idea he received 20% of a new venture looking to monetize the idea, with Chianelli receiving 20% and 60% going to a customer of theirs, C.P. Steuber. The new firm was called Chemical Carriers Inc., formed one year after Stolt-Nielsen had first arrived in the US.

The new system improved the cost efficiency of shipping the chemicals by over 300%, resulting in an immediate profit for the company and the nickname "Jackpot Nielsen" for the new method's inventor. The maiden voyage of the new tanker system was made on board the Freddy. This was the prototype for the "parcel tanker", a further development on the idea by Stolt-Nielsen.[2] Stolt-Nielsen leveraged his invention into his work as a ship broker,[3] and in 1959 Stolt-Nielsen officially became a ship owner with his purchase of the Stolt Avance.[4]


The company purchased the Fossvik in 1961, which was renamed the Stolt Avenir, followed by the Ringerd, renamed the Stolt Victor.[5] In 1962 the company opened its first Asian office in Tokyo, in order for the Victor to service that area of the world.[6] By 1963 the company had offices in Oslo, Norway; New York, United States and Tokyo, Japan and was operating 18 ships.[7] In 1965 the company purchased the Stolt Condor and Stolt Atlantic, all time-chartered to Parcel Tankers, and run from the port at Haugesund, Norway.[5] They also began to expand into South America.[8] In 1971 the first storage terminal was acquired and in 1972 Sea Farms (then not part of the Stolt-Nielsen Group) was founded. In 1988 the company issued an initial public offering on NASDAQ. Jacob passed on his position as CEO to his son Niels G. Stolt-Nielsen in 2000, with Jacob staying as chairman of the company.[9]

US federal investigation[edit]

Stolt-Nielsen entered an amnesty agreement in January 2003 with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), on condition that it fully disclose the operating activities of its competitors and partners. The result of this disclosure led to criminal charges against two companies, Odfjell and JO Tankers. The DOJ rescinded its amnesty and withdrew from the agreement with Stolt-Nielsen in March 2004.[10] Stolt-Nielsen responded by filing civil complaints against the government, arguing that the DOJ had illegally breached its contract with Stolt-Nielsen by withdrawing amnesty. The resulting trial in 2005 ruled unanimously in favor of Stolt-Nielsen and its executives. The court issued injunctions restricting the DOJ from indicting the company and found that the DOJ had not provided sufficient proof that Stolt-Nielsen was in breach of contract.[11][12]


In 2005 the company saw a 61%[clarification needed] in operating income.[13] In 2007 the company voluntarily delisted from NASDAQ,[14] and the DOJ dismissed all antitrust accusations against the company.[15] By the end of 2007 the company had recovered from the dismissed allegations, with a $216.4 million profit and a 12% increase in operating revenue to $1.75 billion.[16] The US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal of antitrust allegations. The decision enabled Stolt-Nielsen to petition the district court in Philadelphia to dismiss the indictment based on the amnesty agreement—a petition that was successful.[17] The court threw out the three-year attempt to indict Stolt-Nielsen, as it had fully complied with the amnesty agreement they had previously signed.[18]

In 2009 Jacob Stolt-Nielsen stepped down as Chairman, remaining a director of the board. He was succeeded by then Vice-Chairman Christer Olsson, a member of the board since 1993.[19][20] In 2011 the company transported 17.4 million tons in 12,179 parcels for 410 customers, with ships able to transport more than 600 different chemicals.[21] That year the company had also taken the lead in anti-piracy efforts, spending over $1 million per month to protect its ships, with the use of various technologies and armed guards.[22]


In the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, it was discovered that Stolthaven LLC's terminal in Braithwaite, Louisiana (near New Orleans) leaked thousands of gallons of hazardous material. In addition there were several railroad tankers that were full of hazardous material and left at the plant for the duration of the hurricane. Many of the rail cars were overturned and potentially leaked hazardous material.[23] On 11 September 2012 Stolthaven reported to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality that it had potentially leaked 97.3 gallons of benzene, 177,568 gallons of diethylethanolamine, 97.3 gallons of naphthalene, and large amounts of various other hazardous chemicals.[24] The LDEQ immediately launched an investigation to determine the amount of chemicals spilled and to assess the hurricane preparedness of the Braithwaite terminal. The LDEQ fined Stolthaven LLC twice, once for a false reporting of a chemical spill, and second for a lack of preparation for the hurricane.[25][26]

In May 2014, the company made a partnership with the Dutch multinational commodity trading company, Trafigura to develop a new bitumen terminal in the UK. It was announced that the companies have plans to begin operations at the import center from mid-2015 at Stolthaven Terminals’ Dagenham site, east of London. The Dutch trading company are proposing to invest at least £15m over ten years.[27]

In June 2015, Stolt-Nielsen and Golar LNG announced a joint venture to pursue production and distribution opportunities. The firm also made a strategic investment in the Golar, acquiring a 2.3 percent stake.[28]

In November 2016, Stolt-Nielsen announced the completion of the acquisition of the chemical tanker operations of Jo Tankers consisting of 13 chemical tankers and a 50% share in a joint venture with eight chemical tanker newbuildings, representing an enterprise value of $575.0 million.[29]


Stolt Kittiwake on the way outward from Carrington, UK in 2005
Stolt Ilex in the harbour of Sète


Stolt-Nielsen Limited is registered in Rotterdam. Corporate services are provided from Rotterdam. The parcel tanker and terminal businesses are managed from Rotterdam, and the tank container business is managed from Houston. The aquaculture business is in Spain.[30][31]

Stolt tankers[edit]

The company first started with a single charter tanker, and today the Stolt Tankers division is one of the world's largest parcel tanker companies with a fleet of more than 150 deep-sea, coastal and inland tankers.[30]

Stolthaven terminals[edit]

Stolthaven Terminals operates a global network of 20 owned and joint-venture bulk-liquid terminals with a total of 4.1 million cubic meters of storage capacity. The company's six wholly owned terminals are located in New Orleans and Houston in the U.S, Santos in Brazil, Singapore, London in the UK and Moerdijk in the Netherlands. Stolthaven has nine majority-owned terminals in Australia and New Zealand, and also participates in five joint-venture operations: Antwerp in Belgium, Westport in Malaysia, Ulsan in South Korea, and Ningbo and Tianjin in China. The company also operates and maintains more than 450 railroad tank cars in North America.[32]

Stolt tank containers[edit]

Jacob Stolt-Nielsen helped establish United Tank Containers in 1978, starting small with only a few units.[33] The outfit was eventually renamed Stolt Tank Containers (STC). It currently operates the world's largest fleet of stainless steel ISO tank containers, with more than 31,000 units in service. The fleet is supported by a global network of 24 offices and 15 tank maintenance, repair and cleaning depots in locations worldwide.[32]

Stolt-Nielsen gas[edit]

Stolt-Nielsen Limited entered the market for the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in late 2009. The company purchased the Althea Gas, built in 2003, and the VLGC Yuhsho, built in 1999.[34] The company began further integrating the gas business into its business model by the purchase of second-hand liquefied petroleum gas carriers, operating in both the spot and short-term period markets.[35] On 19 November 2010 SNG entered into a partnership with Sungas Holdings Ltd to become equal shareholders in Avance Gas Holding Ltd, which was previously wholly owned by SNG. Avance Gas now owns six VLGCs.[32]

Stolt Bitumen Services[edit]

Stolt Bitumen Services (SBS) is a new division of Stolt-Nielsen Limited that focuses on distribution of bitumen using bitumen tankers, bitutainers and storage terminals.[32]

Stolt Sea Farm[edit]

The company got into commercial-scale aquaculture in 1972. The company first started farming salmon and rainbow trout, deciding that it would be easier than other stocks, such as lobster and sea trout. They began their efforts under the name Sea Farm, so there was no name association to Stolt-Nielsen in its early years.[36] The separate company went public in 1985, which it remained until it was purchased by Stolt-Nielsen in 2006.[37] In 2005 the salmontrouthalibuttilapiacodsturgeon and caviar operations of Stolt Sea Farm were merged into Marine Harvest. In 2006 the sturgeon and caviar operation was merged back into the Stolt Sea Farm group. Today Stolt Sea Farm is a fish farm producer of turbotsolesturgeon and caviar.[32]






Being committed to enhance the lives of people with better living comfort and convenience through products and services of superior value and quality, OCB Group is constantly looking for business opportunities which are synergistic with its present operations to expand its scope of activities and to prepare OCB Group to face the exciting challenges of the future.



Our Consumer Foods Division under Ibufood Corporation Sdn. Bhd. and its subsidiary companies (“Ibufood Group”)



The Bedding Products Division under Kaiserkorp Sdn. Bhd. and its subsidiary companies (“Kaiserkorp Group”)



Our Building Materials Division under Agrow Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and its subsidiary companies (“Agrow Group”).



© Copyright - OCB Berhad (Company No. 3465-H)




OCB /  5533 

Short Term= Target Price RM 1.50 

Market participants are view with great interest to collect this stock at these prices around 

RM 0.93 to RM 1.00 level, for another potential upwards rally , as there is dividend offered. 

 ( RM 15.00 for 1 lot =1,000 shares )





As OCB  products especially on the consumer foods, Lingham ' s sauce , 

Ibu food products , Ibumie ready to eat , instant types have been continuously being immediately sold in the supermarkets , retail shops , and we have to quickly replenish the stocks on the next working days. 


 As now in May, June , July 2021 , in most places of Malaysia , the staff members for practically all the offices in Malaysia

  are required to work from home .

This new normal , which dictate the working style and pattern  in the offices , have changed to work in the houses ,  

the usages of the bedding products are well used on regular manner , thru days and nights , and thus need to change more frequent on the bedding products,

thereby accelerate the upwards sales bedding products /

namely  King Koil, Kaiserkorp bedding  products have been very well sold in our marketing outlets .




 " What sectors to focus on post Covid -19 "

Battered consumer- related businesses likely to make the fastest comeback 
The Starbizweek, Saturday 10 July 2021,
page 4 / Consumer Section 
by Yvonne Tan { yvonne@thestar.com.my}
There is a recent meeting in presence of 
Yeah Kim Leng , 
Sunway University economics professor ,
Carmelo Ferlito, analyst , 
Institute for Democracy and Economic (IDEAS)
Although it may seem premature to think about a post Covid -19 investment theme , most industry observers agree that once some semblance of normalcy returns ,the one sector that will probably make the fastest comeback is food and beverage(F & B) or more broadly the consumer sector .
SEE_RESEARCH answer is OCB / 5533
As most market watchers know , spotting and buying into investments themes or more specifically , stocks before everyone else is key to generating good gains 
SEE_RESEARCH answer is OCB / 5533


OCB / 5533 
From 22 July 2021 - that has potential for a strong rally up.
Please note : in the below  GIF -
on the raging bull , in which the raging bull can run up to the  speeds of 35 mph - they will continue to attack what they think is the source of their annoyance and always charge with their intent. 








 How to attract bees and other pollinators to your garden / KLSE stocks.

     Answer:       Choose several colours of flower stocks listed in KLSE.

Bees have good colour vision to help them in finding bright colour flowers and the juicy nectar / = profit and colourful pollen /= gain ----  they offer.

Honey Bees GIF by PBS Digital Studios - Find & Share on GIPHY

Honey Bees GIF by University of California - Find & Share on GIPHY

#bee from Maskman626 image.jpeg

Little honey bee GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER





.Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.



DISCLAIMER: Investment involves risks, including possible loss of investment and other losses. 

This article and charts are provided for information only and should not be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any of the instruments mentioned herein. The author may have positions in some of these instruments. The author shall not be responsible for any losses or profits resulting from investment decisions based on the use of the information contained herein. If investments and other professional advice is  required, the services of a licensed professional person should be sought.






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