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stock of the year with 300% potential gain

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The HBGLOB was recently being uplifted from P17 status. The decision was arrived at after taking into consideration all facts and circumstances of the matter including amongst others, that the Company no longer triggers any prescribed criteria under Paragraph 2.1 of PN17 of the Main Market LR, the latest financial position of HBGLOB as at 30 June 2019 including net assets of RM201.3 million and HBGLOB had recorded two (2) consecutive quarters of net profit up to the quarter ended 30 June 2019, which have been subjected to a limited review by an external auditor.

From the announcement, we can see that HBGLOB has:

  1. Net assets of RM201.3 million
  2. Recorded 2 consecutive quarters of net profit

HBGLOB has been a PN17 company since 2013, from the recent financial result and being uplifting from PN17, we can see that the company starting to recover, the share price should reflex this fact soon. Can consider investing, the price now just 0.07 which is very near to 52-week low 0.055, the 52-week high is 0.16.

The worse scenario is cut loss at 0.055, but the potential gain is huge. The resistance at 0.135, once break through 0.135 it will fly.

HBGLOB(RM0.07) – Breakup: RM0.135  TP1: RM0.17    TP2:  RM0.25  CL: RM0.055


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ahbah China corn co ?
15/11/2019 1:34 PM
EngineeringProfit con or corn?
15/11/2019 1:36 PM
calvintaneng I thought you referring to NETX the chun chun one going up 500%?
15/11/2019 2:08 PM
aikinlai Lol...buy already then post out....
15/11/2019 4:00 PM
moniekj This time sma 50 already dropped below sma 200. Not this time.
Multi bagger 3 is Parkson.
15/11/2019 6:37 PM
billionn Aiyoyo blowing wind again ah? 咁好死?
15/11/2019 9:49 PM
stncws This guy is Hit n Run Many times. He front run you. BEWARE SCAM
15/11/2019 9:51 PM
CITADEL this i3 full of conman,haha
15/11/2019 9:58 PM
Yolo1111 I agreed with stncws. This author most probably already put in huge amount of $$ in this stock. He then purposely write this article to bait idiots to buy this stock. When this stock increase to certain value, he will lump sum sell out all his stock. It is like hit and run case. Haha, I am wondering who will fall into this kind of trap
17/11/2019 11:52 AM
EngineeringProfit Many such cases
17/11/2019 11:54 AM


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