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(Target Invest) - Will you buy if can more than 100% capital appreciation ?

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Gong Xi Fatt Cai to everyone here.


It is me again, and want to give everyone here an unforgettable big ANGPAO for you in 2019. February is a season of company financial reporting, where the Huat will continue to Huat, Ong will continue to Ong, and Heng will follow Heng Heng Heng.


Since now everyone here is looking at undervalued company which is trading below PER X10, then I really must share out this counter for you to know. 


No stranger to anyone, this is FLBHD. Focus Lumber Berhad is a small cap timber company in Sabah, and what I am going to show you next is going to open up your eyes.


Very straight forward why FLBHD is worth RM 4 is based on populist valuation of PER X10.



Previous 2 quarters result having EPS 9.32 cents



Previous Quarter is 10.86 cents



Based on the past 2 quarters, revenue and earning have been rising gradually.

9.32 + 10.86 = 20.18 cents


If can continue this performance, that will give FLBHD a full year EPS estimation of 40 cents.


At PER X10, that would be RM 4.00


Comparing at the current state of RM 1.64. FLBHD is really grossly undervalue, which capital appreciation more than 100% in the future.


I foresee that legal logger and timber company like FLBHD will continue to flourish and benefit from the latest enforcement from Sabah on illegal logging of forest.






So let's huat with FLBHD, and wait for RM 4.00 incoming.


Solid steady result with past record.


Wishing you Huat Ah, Ong Ah, Heng Ah...


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targetinvest Wawawa explode laaa
07/02/2019 10:02
targetinvest All dun sleep and come in la
07/02/2019 11:20
targetinvest Later rm2 only u all come in ah? Or want rm3 ?
07/02/2019 11:21
Henry HO 3 quarters, 0.18 + 9.32 + 10.86 = 20.36 cents

If 4Q2018 is the same as 3Q2018, this will give FLBHD a full year EPS estimation of 31.22cents.

FLBhd 1Q2018 was bad...EPS at 0.18cts
07/02/2019 11:49
Investor 999 A group having 6mil shares wanted to unload stocks to retailers. Pleas buy more!
07/02/2019 12:43
targetinvest 6m share want to unload at rm 4 rm 5... so slowly wait
07/02/2019 13:28
targetinvest Sabah crackdown on illegal logging already.. later next q is 15 cent
07/02/2019 13:29
targetinvest Inkambing rm 1.80
07/02/2019 13:48
michaelwong Kucing tangkap tikus..... hahahaha !!!
07/02/2019 14:08
targetinvest Ini udang galah besar
07/02/2019 14:54
targetinvest Golden goose
07/02/2019 14:54
targetinvest Company also want to share buy back..
07/02/2019 14:54
targetinvest Director also want to open market makan balik
07/02/2019 14:54
targetinvest Janji u makan makan.. confirm boleh makan besae
07/02/2019 14:55
targetinvest 1.79 horseh liao....
07/02/2019 15:46
ahbah FL ... coming now.
07/02/2019 15:47
paperplane Flbhd oklah, as long as no drama again what ship delay at port. What s joke...
08/02/2019 17:25
paperplane This time i support his call oj flbhd. Cashflow healthy still, div yield also good. Another similar is liihen. I think if you buy for div yield is ok lah
08/02/2019 17:27
targetinvest good good la
11/02/2019 16:46
targetinvest this flbhd.. no buy jao rugi big time like now lo.. those hamtam people promote good thing one mana pigi?
11/02/2019 16:46


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