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Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022, 2:22 PM




HeiTech Padu Berhad (Heitech) is engaged in the provision of information technolgy (IT) systems, specialising in the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems and infrastructure solutions for the public and private sectors. Apart from ICT, the Group also ventured into other areas such as engineering works, mailing and document processing activities and renewable energy. 











- Background of Regal Orion (RO)


RO is a company incorporated on 19 October 2017 and is owned by Japanese IT specialists investors. The principal activities of RO are the engineering, construction and project management specificaly in the data centre development sector.


RO’s maiden project is located at Techpark @Enstek, Labu, Negeri Sembilan which it bought back in March 2018. 



- The JV between Heitech and RO


Heitech and RO entered into an unincorporated joint venture agreement on 5 March 2021 for the construction of a Tier IV data centre on a piece of land owned by Heitech in Shah Alam, Selangor. The JV project includes the construction, commissioning and testing of the Tier IV data centre, which comprises a five storey building with racks to be tenanted upon completion by international or multinational tenants.


Heitech currently operates another data centre on the Shah Alam land and the new JV project will be built on the undeveloped portion of the land. Under the agreement, Heitech will grant RO the right to develop the land in exchange for a 20% cut of the profit after tax of the project. The project is expected to be completed by Sept 2024.



- RM350 million contract from RO for the design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (DEPCIC) of a data centre in Negeri Sembilan


Further to the JV in March 2021, on 16 Aug 2021 Heitech also secured a RM350 million contract from RO for the DEPCIC of the data centre in Negeri Sembilan, which it acquired back in 2018. RO aims to turn the facility into a premium Tier IV next generation green mega data centre, which will have a total of 120,000 sq feet of Net Hosting Space Area.


The execution and successful completion of the DEPCIC will contribute positively to the revenue and earnings of Heitech in the years to come.



- Private Placement of 10 million new shares to RO


A Private Placement of 10 million new ordinary shares to RO was proposed on 24 June 2021 and was subsequently approved by Bursa Malaysia on 17 July 2021. As at the time of writing (15 Jan 2022) the placement has not been completed nor has the price been fixed. 


Typically, Private Placements are completed within 6 months of the regulatory approval date. So could the recent strength in price be linked to the price fixing for the Private Placement?









Heitech broke the downtrend line (in place since 16 Feb 2021) on 13 Dec 2021 by closing at the day high of RM1.30. It has successfully retested the new uptrendline on 7Jan 2022 at RM1.25 and has managed to close above RM1.30 for the next 5 conseutive days despite the current challenging market environment for tech stocks.


1st resistance zone can be pegged at RM1.55 to RM1.70 while the next resistance stands at RM1.80, which if broken would represent a new 52 week high. The support zone is at RM1.03 to RM1.13 levels.


Interesting to note that when the JV with Regal Orion was announced on 5 March 2021, the price of Heitech was at RM1.60.








Looking at the list of the top 30 shareholders from the latest Annual Report, we find 2 new prominent investors who bought into Heitech somewhere between 30 April 2020 and 3 April 2021. 


Dato Eddie Ong Choo Meng( Dato Eddie) is the third biggest shareholder with 5 million shares (4.9% of the company) while Datuk Chiau Beng Teik (Datuk Chiau) and his son collectively own 5.1 million shares.


Dato Eddie Ong is the owner of the Hextar Group of companies and also has substantial holdings in a string of other public listed companies. Based on historical evidence, there is always a lot of price action in the companies that Dato Eddie has investments in, the most recent being in Complete Logistics Bhd which has just made a new all-time high of RM2.92 on 14 Jan 2022. Hextar Global Bhd was up a whopping 193% in 2021 making it one of the best performing stocks of the year.


Datuk Chiau is no stranger to stock market punters, being the boss at Chin Hin Group of companies. Chin Hin Group Bhd was also one of the darlings of the stock market in 2021 rising from RM0.90 in Jan 2021 to close at RM2.55 on 31 Dec 2021, for an astounding gain of 280%!


Some may remember back in 2020 when Regal Orion was considering a reverse takeover (RTO) into GPA Holdings Bhd (now renamed Joe Bhd). Coincidentally, Dato Eddie was also in the running to acquire the stake in GPA from Tan Sri Tan Hua Choon. Could it be a sheer coincidence that both Regal Orion and Dato Eddie also made presence in Heitech?







Heitech was recently awarded a contract on 17 Dec 2021 for the supply, installation and management of the network infrastructure for Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)’s new office at Merdeka 118. The contract is valued at RM21.7 million and is for a period of 42 months.


Heitech also has an ongoing contract worth RM36.2 million with JPJ Malaysia for Infrastructure ICT work and the mySIKAP project. This project duration is for 1 year starting in September 2021 and will contribute positively to the the bottomline for Heitech’s FYE 2022.







Valued at only RM133 million market cap coupled with the right catalyst and good technical chart setup, Heitech could be a stock to look out for in 2022 and beyond! Although tech stocks may not be in vouge at the moment, Heitech has its own fundamental reasons for getting a rerating.




Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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Focus Lumber Bhd (FLB) is involved in the maufacturing and sale of plywood, veneer and laminated lumber. The company also reuses bulk waste to generate biomass energy to supply electricity for its operations. FLB’s products are mainly targetted for the export market (95%) mainly to the USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan. The USA market accounts for about 76% of the exports and growing.


FLB was incorporated in 1989 and listed on the Main Board of the KLSE in 2011 with an IPO price of RM0.60 per share. The major shareholder of FLB is owned by Mr. Lin Fong Ming and his family members, accounting for 27%. Mr Lin, a Taiwanese, is also one of the founders of the company.










From the daily chart, we can see a very nice uptrend in motion. The current move started to take shape after the long-term pivot point of RM1.00 was broken to the upside on 18 Nov 2021 to reach a high of RM1.17 on 22 Nov 2021. A successful retest of the RM1.00 level on 7 Dec 2021 paved the way for the current motive move which is still making new 52-week highs. 


What is impressive about FLB’s price movement was, despite the overall weak market sentiment in Nov and Dec 2021, FLB continued to show strength. Further confirmation of this new motive move was when prices broke through the previous 52-week high of RM1.22 on 22 Dec 2021 and continued to make new highs with hardly any price retracements.




Looking at the weekly chart of FLB from the time of its listing, we can see a wide range in price from an all-time  low of RM0.50 to an all-time high of RM3.10.  A clear downtrend line breakout has occurred on 5 Dec 2021 and continues to trend nicely with little price retracement so far.


If the same momentum of the move persists, it seems like a test of RM1.90 (1st resistance) and RM2.50 (2nd resistance) could be on the cards in the coming weeks.






FLB is a good proxy to the recovery themed play through the USA recreational vehicles (RV) sector.  About 60% of FLB’s revenue in the USA is derived from the RV sector. With stock indices in the USA trading near the all-time highs,  this bodes well for the strong consumer spending to continue in the near future.






FLB has a very healthy net cash position of RM88.7 million or RM0.83 per share with no bank borrowings. That is impressive gven that the market capitalisation of the company is only at RM149 million! 








After showing a dismal consecutive 8 quarters of losses, FLB has managed to turn around good profits in the last 2 consecutive quarters of RM4.1 million and RM1.7 million, respectively. The next quarterly profit is expected to release in Feb 2022 and judging by the recent price action, the market seems to be betting that it will be a good one.


FLB is also trading below its NTA of RM1.63 and offers a decent dividend yield of 3.62%.






FLB is showing a very promising price structure that seems to be only at the beginning stage of a big move. At the present time, there does not seem to be any market moving news for this stock but price always precedes news flow. The first resistance is at RM1.90 followed by RM2.50with only a break below RM1.22 would invalidate the current chart structure.







Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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morivae 1) Do you know where's the company office located?
2) Do you know that the company's directors actually "LIVE" in the company office?
3) Do you know the company management style?
06/01/2022 2:10 PM
Yong Chian Haw morivae what point are you actually trying to bring? As far as I know it is operating it business mainly at Sabah. They live in company office to work 24/7???
07/01/2022 9:41 AM
vision912 @morivae...I could ask you 2 more questions but I would get banned...you are practically begging for it
07/01/2022 10:07 AM
sherlockman Credit should be given where it is due. So thank you alphatrader for your writeups which I find insightful. I bought Wong Engineering and Reservoir Link and they have both done well so far. I bought Focus Lumber as I believe the prospects look good for 2022.
07/01/2022 7:20 PM
sato Issue more ESOS tickets…
08/01/2022 9:52 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Mon, 27 Dec 2021, 10:26 AM


Karyon Industries Bhd (KIB) is an investment holding company founded in 1989. It was listed on the MESDAQ Market in September 2004 and was successfully transferred to the Main Board in May 2014. 


KIB has two major wholly owned subsidiaries, Hsin Lung Sdn Bhd (HLSB) and Albright Industries (M) Sdn Bhd (AISB), which are involved in the manufacturing polymeric products.


HLSB is one of the largest manufacturers of Polyvinyl Chloride Compound (PVC) in Malaysia with a production capacity of 30,000 metric tonnes per annum. PVC is used in various applications including wire and cable coverings, footwear linings, gaskets and many more. HLSB also produces various types of PVC hoses for household and industrial purposes.


AISB is mainly involved in the manufacturing and trading of metallic stearates, PVC stabilisers and additives.
















KIB has reported annual profits consistently for the last 17 years since its listing! KIB currently trades at a trailing PE ratio of 16 times and has an NTA of RM0.23 per share. It has a net cash position of RM25.3 milliion vs a market capitalisation of only RM114 million. It has also adopted a consistent dividend payout policy with the current divident yield at 4.16%.


Although the most recent financial quarter showed a decrease in profit due to the MCO period, which limited the workforce operations to 60 percent capacity. Despite the challenging period, KIB was still able to turn in a profit of RM829,000. I expect the next quarterly results to improve with the production capacity returning to normal operating levels.






KIB was founded by Dr Chua Kee Lam, a very well respected chemist back in 1989. He is also currently the second largest shareholder in KIB. His son, Mr. Chua Ling Hong, is the current CEO of the company (helming the positon since 2016), and also the fourth biggest shareholder with a 4% stake. The younger Chua has already demonstrated his calibre by delivering the best profit results (RM10.8 million) in the company’s history in FYE 2018!


Another major shareholder is Mr. Yeoh Chin Kiang, who has recently assumed the position of Executive Deputy Chairman. He was previously the Executive Director at Ta Win Holdings Bhd. His son Mr.Yeoh Eng How is also the Executive Director of KIB. 






Both executive families of KIB have been consistently purchasing shares of the company. Since May 2021, both the Chua and Yeoh families have collectively purchased over 7 milion shares at prices ranging from RM0.225 to RM0.30. The most recent purchase was just made on 21 Dec 2021 for 350,000 shares at RM0.225.


As an illustration of how markets can be irrational, in April 2014, the NTA of KIB was at RM0.20 per share when the stock hit an all-time high of RM0.385. The surge in price then was premise on the excitement of KIB’s transfer to the Main Board.  Fast forward 7 years later, the company’s balance sheet is now stronger, with NTA at RM0.22 per share. This is after taking into account dividends paid out almost yearly, yet the share price is only RM0.24! Maybe that is why the insiders are buying so many shares at current prices!


So, if the insiders who know their company so well, see value at the current prices, it is definitely a good buying indicator for the fundamental investor!






Small cap and penny stocks tend to have seasonal rallies near Chinese New Year. At the current price, KIB offers a good entry point to capture any seasonal rallies, if it materializes.










From the daily chart, a nice trading range is clearly defined with the support zone at RM0.20 to RM0.22 zone, while the resistance zone is at RM0.31 to RM0.33. A break above resistance zone would see a test of the 2020 year high of RM0.355, and then the all-time high price of RM0.385 set back in 2014.







At the current level, KIB offers an excellent value proposition. Downside seems limited, both from a fundamental and technical perspective. As one of the largest PVC manufacturers in Malaysia and backed by a strong management team, I am confident of the long-term growth and prospect of this company.





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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Reservoir Link Energy Bhd (RL) is one of my favourite stocks in the Oil and Gas (O&G) sector on the KLSE. RL is the provider of well services for O&G Operators that support upstream segments of the industry. Apart from its core perforation service, RL also provides well leak repair, well testing, wireline services and consultancy services.


RL was incorporated in 2009 and has 12 years of experience in the niche segment of providing well perforation services. The company was listed recently in July 2020 on the ACE Market. The IPO received an oversubscription of 11.5 times and was offered at RM0.41 per share.


While there has been several reports covered on RL’s O&G business, this article will emphasize on RL’s recent foray into the solar and renewable energy business. In April 2021, RL made a  51% acquisition of Founder Energy Sdn Bhd for RM21.16 million. The acquisition will be funded via a cash consideration of RM8.46 million and the issuance of 18.15 million new shares at RM0.70 to Mr Lee Seng Chi, the owner of Solar Bina Sdn Bhd.











FESB is a special purpose vehicle that was incorporated to facilitate the transfer of the identified business and assets from Solar Bina Sdn Bhd (Mr Lee Seng Chi’s company) into the new entity.


Solar Bina Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 8 May 2015. It is involved primarily in the supply of solar mounting system and provision of services for the installation of solar mounting system. Since its incorporation, Solar Bina has successfully completed 50MW of solar rooftop projects and 250MW of LSSPV projects.


The acquisition also has the comfort of a RM13.8 million profit guarantee from Mr. Lee over the next 2 years. With regard to the price paid for FESB of RM21 million, it is deemed very attractive as it values the acquistion at only 6 times PE (based on RM3.528 million being 51% of the annualised Profit Guarantee). This is a very compelling valuation when compared to the likes of Solarvest Holdings Bhd (PE of 51.9 times), Samaiden Group Bhd (PE ratio of 44.2 times) and Pekat Group Bhd (PE ratio of 15.2 times)


The structure of the acquisition also has a good safety element for RL since only 30% of new shares will be issued to Mr. Lee Seng Chi once the acquisition is completed, and the remaining shares  will only be issued once FESB meets its profit guarantee as per the agreement.









The recent quarter showed an astounding 9 fold quarter-on-quarter profit jump from RM630k to RM5.8 million. Turnover was at a new record of RM38.2 million. The very strong showing already reflects the maiden contribution of the new solar renewable energy business.


RL currently trades at a undemanding trailing PE of only 9 times and also has a net cash balance sheet of RM25 million.





RL has submitted the application to transfer its listing to the Main Board of the KLSE on 28 Sept 2021. If all goes well, the transfer could take place around March 2022. RL was able to apply for the transfer as it has managed to achieve an accumulated profit of RM25.4 million for 3 consecutive financial years. A transfer to the Main Board could further endorses RL’s reputation and investibility in the eyes of the investment community. 





The Executive Director of the company Mr. Thien Chiet Chai recently bought 100k shares at RM0.474 on 30 Nov 2021 after being a net seller of shares earlier in the year at much higher prices. Mr Lee Seng Chi (the owner of Solar Bina) also followed suit by buying 300k shares recently at RM0.475 on 2 Dec 2021.


This is a good signal that a floor price could be set at RM0.475 since the insiders see good value at this level.










RL has shown a wide price range from a low of RM0.29 on 5 October 2020 to a high of RM0.83 on 13 April 2021. The highs hit in April 2021 was attributed to the positive response to the FESB news. The lows recorded in Oct 2020 was probably due the bearish sentiment in oil prices. (WTI crude was trading at USD35.00 per barrel  then vs USD71.00 per barrel today)


It is in a classic symmetrical triangle pattern with the lower boundary sitting at RM0.47 and upper boundary at RM0.58. For the price structure to turn really bullish we would need a clean break above RM0.58 (which is also the resistance-turned-pivot point). After which, I would be looking at RM0.66 and then a test of RM0.83.






RL is a breath of fresh air given the recent controversy surrounding some O&G stocks. With no legacy issues plaguing them, I am optimistic that the strong and focussed management team at RL can continue to deliver the goods.


With the attractive valuations of the the new acquistion in FESB and consistent growth in its core upstream O&G well services, I believe RL will be a stock to watch in 2022! 





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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Dkk08 hoot 9e
16/12/2021 11:10 AM
Peterng123 Sell of shares seems to be direct business transaction
16/12/2021 3:04 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Tue, 7 Dec 2021, 12:22 PM

Whether you consider yourself an investor or trader, a fundamentalist or technician, long-term or short-term biased, I believe we should strive to follow a set of rules when it comes to the financial markets. In the past couple of weeks, the volatility we witnessed in the markets have demonstrated how a single headline can move asset classes in ranges way outside the normal standard deviations.






I consider myself more of a trader than an investor, favouring technical over fundamental analysis. There is no right or wrong approach here. It is more of a function on your personality traits and how you view the financial markets. 


Being involved in the derivatives market for over 20 years, where markets react in mere seconds and minutes (rather than days) using technical trading is the only way to thrive in that world. As for stocks, I prefer to be take on a more medium-term approach as stocks typically do not move as rapidly as in the futures markets (of course recent events have shown otherwise!)





From most good investment books that you read out there, this is always the number one rule that is frequently mentioned. Stop loss should be determined once a trade or investment is initiated. Most people like to ask what the target price or profit objective is, but the more important question should be where to place the stop loss. It is human nature to be optimistic when a trade is entered, the excitement of the profit potential that we do not account for worst case scenarios.





How often do we hear of how good a stock is and the fundamental reasons why it should be worth this much? All the fundamentals could be true, but let us not forget we are living in volatile and uncertain times, and there are many macro conditions to consider when assessing a particular investment or trade. 

So, to fall in love with a particular investment or trade without employing a stop loss policy, could be potentially devastating to your bankroll and financial health.





This could sound contradictory to the previous rule, but it is actually quite the opposite. Let us assume that you do really believe in a certain hypothesis on why you want to enter a particular trade. However, due to bad market conditions or some other reason, your stop loss was triggered. Now, if you think your  original hypothesis is still sound, you could still explore the trade  again but from a better price point and better risk-to-reward profile.





To quote one the greatest stock trader of all time, Jesse Livermore, “Don’t lose your stake. A speculator without cash is like a store-owner with no inventory”.

This highlights the importance of using a stop loss policy to conserve our firepower. As long as there is a market, we can always come back and fight another day!





As an active trader, having drawdowns is a very normal occurrence. However, having CONSECUTIVE drawdowns for an extended period of time can be very debilitating to our bankroll as well as to our self confidence! 

Believing in our trading or investing methodology is important. I like looking at good risk-to-return setups so that when I catch on to a good trade, it can make up for the many small losses that i had to take from the losing trades.






Losing money in financial markets is part and parcel of investing or trading. However, when I lose MORE than what I was supposed to, it was probably because I violated one of my own trading rules! 


Stay safe in these uncertain times and happy trading!





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.




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ksng0307 Totally agreed. Trading in fact is a waiting game, one needs to be patience and going for the kill when situations are favorable. Always keep an eye on market structure and the use of multiple time frame really will help to improve your trade performance significantly.
07/12/2021 8:47 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021, 8:49 AM

Last Friday was a brutal day across stock markets worldwide. The KLSE saw nearly 1000 counters down while the Dow Jones Industrial retreated 905 points at the close. Commodities were not spared either, with crude oil dropping over 13%, while gold had small gains from some safe haven buying.


Back at the KLSE, a sense of déjà vu played out with the Covid-19 themed stocks from last year. Glove makers and stocks related to the manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) made a stunning comeback.


So does the rally this time have legs or is it another failed rally like so many we have seen this year? It is probably too early to tell but from a technical perspective, we will take a look at some potential targets to aim for, if a substantial rally does actually materialize.


Let us examine 4 of my favourite covid themed stocks. We will use the fibonacci (FIB) retracement levels as possible target areas.The FIB retracement levels are measured from the pandemic lows in March 2020 to the highs in August 2020. (Note: prices on chart have been adjusted for bonus issues)



1. TOPGLOVE (7113)



  • At 61.8% FIB retracement level: RM 4.83

  • At 50% FIB retracement level: RM 5.77



2.  SUPERMAX (7106)




  • At 61.8% FIB retracement level: RM 5.10

  • At 50% FIB retracement level: RM 6.40




3. CAREPLUS (0163)


  • At 61.8% FIB retracement level: RM 2.34

  • At 50% FIB retracement level: RM 3.01




4. TEK SENG (7200)


  • At 61.8% FIB retracement level: RM 0.63

  • At 50% FIB retracement level: RM 0.78






  1. All 4 stocks were trading at or near the 52-week lows prior to the big rally on Friday of 26 Nov 2021.
  2. The downtrendline that has been in place since the highs’ in 2020 has just been broken.
  3. Newsflow for the entire glove sectors and PPE related stocks has been very negative, may indicate possible  downside exhaustion?
  4. Macquarie Equities Research has also started coverage on glove stocks on 19 Nov 2021 with the view that the negatives in the sector may already be priced in.





The FIB retracement levels may sound quite impossible to achieve given how far down the prices have come. However, at the start of the pandemic, few would have predicted that the Covid 19 themed stocks could have reached those stratospheric price levels that they did. The magnitutude of the subsequent crash in prices also took investors by surprise.


The bottomline is, markets are so unpredictable that we have to keep an open mind to all posible scenarios. At the end “Mr Market” will decide where it wants to go. We can only trade the probabilities with the information and technical tools that we are equipped with!  



Have a good week ahead and happy trading!




Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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Fundamental Trader its a downtrend because u are unable to draw an uptrendline, simple as that.
30/11/2021 9:06 AM
Timercheng Downtrend over bro! beginning of new trend
30/11/2021 9:46 AM
CharlesT China mari n change the whole game....susah
30/11/2021 12:05 PM
calvintaneng Those who bought last two days have been caught in bull trap

30/11/2021 12:10 PM
TheGardener Post removed. Why?
30/11/2021 12:24 PM
ahbah A bigger bull trap now ?
30/11/2021 2:59 PM
Lucifer999 can't say trap lah cos in long term it's still good glove companies are making money
30/11/2021 2:59 PM
Share prices can be your money...Co profits may not be your money....
01/12/2021 10:07 AM
Anaconder Supermx give dividends better than put in the bank
01/12/2021 3:59 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Fri, 26 Nov 2021, 10:37 AM

Today we will examine a mean reversion trade setup, which I have identified in Tek Seng Holdings Bhd (Tek Seng). This trade is quite different from the other posts that i have shared recently. The premise of previous trades presented so far have come with a good fundamental story, accompanied by a good price chart structure. 


In a mean reversion trade setup, we argue that the price chart may not be pretty now but is probably overdone on the downside/upside in relation to the underlying fundamentals.





Tek Seng is an investment holding company with its subsidiaries principally involved in the manufacturing and trading of PVC related and non-woven related products, trading of solar cell products, generation and supply of renewable energy as well as property rentals.


Tekseng was incorporated in 2002 and listed on the KLSE Second Board in Nov 2004. In Sept 2006, Tekseng successfully transferred its listing to the Main Board of the KLSE.


Tekseng trades at a very undemanding trailing PE ratio of only 7 times and below its NTA of RM0.61. It is also a NET CASH company of RM25 million. What is even more attractive about this stock is that, in the current low interest rate environment, Tekseng offers a dividend yield of 8% (the latest dividend of RM0.01 ex date is on 3 Dec 2021)


Tekseng was a huge beneficiary from the “Covid-related stocks” theme as it is involved in the manufacture of non-woven related products that are used in the manufacture of face mask and protective gowns. It was a blockbuster FYE 2020 for Tekseng where its profits soared to an astounding RM27.41 million. Thanks to the Covid-related stocks frenzy, the price of Tekseng rallied to an ALL-TIME HIGH of RM1.44 on 6 Aug 2020. At the highs for the year, Tekseng was trading at a PE of almost 19 times for FYE 2020.


When the bubble burst on Covid-related stocks, Tekseng was not also spared and dropped precipitously to close at RM0.66 on 21 Dec 2020. Tekseng continued its slide in 2021 and  recently touched its year low of RM0.395 on 19 Nov 2021.




It is clear that the profit for 2021 has been downtrending as the ASP for face mask and protective gowns have been on the decline since the beginning of 2021. However, even with the nationwide lockdowns affecting all companies Tekseng was still able to turn in a commendable cumulative profit of RM 13.7 million for the first 3 quarters of 2021!


The reopening of the economy, both locally and globally, will benefit the PVC sheeting segment, which has traditionally been Tekseng’s major revenue contributor for the last 30 years. 








From the daily chart we can observe that the price is attempting to break the downtrendline, which held since Oct 2020. As a guide for possible targets for the mean reversion trade, we can utilise fibonacci (FIB) retracement levels. 


As measured from the pandemic lows of RM0.12 in Mar 2020 to the Covid theme-induced high of RM1.44, we get the 61.8% FIB level of RM0.63, while 50% FIB level would be RM0.78. Further up, the next FIB level would be RM0.94, which is the 38.2% level.







1. The price has overshot on both the upside and downside.





Prices tend to overreact on the upside when the sentiment goes in mania overdrive and likewise, overshoots on the downside when slipping into despair mode. If I am making a calculated guess, we are pretty much at the tail end of the latter!



2. Price reaction was positive after the latest Quarterly Report


Post-pandemic, although there has been a massive de-rating of Covid-related stocks, one should not forget that Tekseng remains a profitable company. As reported in the latest quarterly report (released on 19 Nov 2021), Tekseng clocked in a noteworthy Net Profit of RM2.5 million! 


The latest quarter was impressive since the country was still in lockdown mode and the demand as well as ASP for personal protective equipment (PPE) had already been on the decline.


Interesting to note that Tekseng hit a year low of RM0.395 on the day the latest quarterly results were released. The price action has been positive since then, signalling that the smart money have a view that the worst is probably priced in.







1. Current Profit Levels Remains or Improve


We will assume that the PPE demand and prices have stabilised and the company will go back to relying on its traditional income stream in manufacturing and trading of PVC sheets. Therefore, in our worse case scenario of RM2.5 million per quarter would translate to a prospective PE ratio of 12 times (if we take into account the net cash position of RM25 million) 



2. Dividend Payout Policy Remains


Tekseng has declared a dividend of RM0.01 for the last 3 Quarters of 2021! So, if we add the RM0.005 declared in Q4 2020 we get a total dividend of RM0.035 for the last 4 quarters, which translates to a yield of 8.3%!  


If the company maintains this exceptional dividend payout policy, I see many investors flocking to Tekseng as a dividend stock investment.


A simple check on the Insage software for the top dividend stocks on KLSE you will find only 9 stocks that pay over 7% dividend. Amongs the other popular dividend stocks like Topglove, Kossan and TAANN, you will find that Tekseng is the only small cap stock (below RM200 million market cap) on that list!






Prices always get overdone on the upside frenzy and similarly, overshoots on the downside when it falls into panic mode. More often than not, picking bottoms in stocks can be hazardous to your wealth. However, with this mean reversion trade setup in Tekseng, the risk to reward profile is well defined and could be very financially rewarding. We also have the high dividend yield element as a strong buffer.


A stop loss can be placed at RM0.38, below the RM0.40 pivotal support, while the 1st target could be set at RM0.63 to RM0.78 range. At RM0.63 Tekseng would trade at at reasonable trailing PE ratio of only 10 times! 


Have a good weekend and happy trading!




Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks.Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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Axcapital Excellent article and well argued
26/11/2021 10:51 AM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021, 6:32 PM


Today we will look at UNIMECH GROUP BHD (UNIMECH). It is exciting to discover a hidden gem such as UNIMECH as I like to get into trades/stocks before they become well known or hot stocks. Although market sentiment is currently soft, these are opportunistic times for the sharp-eyed investors.





UNIMECH was founded in 1996 and made its listing debut on the KLSE Main Board in 2000. It is primarily involved in the making of industrial valves, instrumentation and fittings (VIF) as well as providing value add engineering services. Their clientele include those in palm oil, heat and ventilation, oil & gas and water. The majority of the revenue (53%) is derived locally while exports to Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, China and the US account for the balance of 47%


UNIMECH trades at an undemanding PE ratio of only 10 times and trades below its NTA of RM1.92. It also has an attractive dividend yield of 2.35%. But what is even more impressive is that since listing, UNIMECH has NEVER posted a losing year!


From the time the stock was listed, UNIMECH has traded in a conservative range of RM0.36 (Oct 2005) to RM1.87 (Jan 2021).  This might be because the stock is not covered by any Investment Bank and the low liquidity of the stock. 


A notable catalyst or game changer for UNIMECH is the entry of KITZ CORPORATION (KITZ) in Sept 2019. KITZ is a globally recognized valve company, with a history of over 70 years and has global offices in US, Europe and Asia . It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, commanding a market capitalisation of JPY68.16B (USD600M) and trades at a PE of 20 times. 


KITZ bought a 25% stake from the founder, Dato  Seri Lim Cheah Chooi, for RM1.65 a share, which represented a 15% premium above the market price when the deal was announced.









It is quite remarkable to note that during the start of the pandemic, the selldown for UNIMECH was so shallow that it only hit a low of RM0.91 on 24 Mar 2020. This is very commendable if we compare to the stock performance of most other stocks during the same period. Since hitting the low point it has since recovered very nicely and in fact, reached a new ALL-TIME HIGH ( also a 21 year high) of RM1.87 on 21 Jan 2021! It has since retraced and has found strong support at the RM1.43 level. 


As we mentioned before, new highs in a stock is very exciting for us as it usually signals that new fundamental drivers may be taking shape. 





The Monthly chart shows that UNIMECH is in an uptrend since it hit its lows of RM0.36 in 2005. With most stocks hitting their all time lows during the pandemic induced selldown, UNIMECH was  able to stay above the long term uptrend line. 









When done responsibly, share buybacks is viewed as a positive corporate development since the company would know if the price of the buybacks represents a good value proposition in relation to its fundamentals.


From the latest Annual Report in 2020, from Jul 2020 to Apr 2021, UNIMECH purchased a total of 1.415 million  shares from the open market at an value weighted average price (VWAP) of RM1.42 per share. Recent Bursa Malaysia announcements have shown that the share buybacks have continued with the most recent purchase made on 12 Nov 2021.


With this in mind the current price of RM1.52 seems pretty attractive in relation to what the company is willing to pay.



2. TOP 30 SHAREHOLDER LIST (As at 26 April 2021)



From the latest annual report, we can see the top 30 shareholders collectively own 80% of the company. Between Dato Seri Lim and KITZ, they already own 52% of the company. The public shareholding spread stands at about 29%.


As previously discussed in the Seremban Engineering Bhd (SEB) post, tightly held stocks with low levels of free float could lead to sudden explosive price action as observed for both SEB and UNIMECH in Jan 2021. All that is needed is a positive price catalyst.





For a low profile company like UNIMECH, the synergy with KITZ is tremendous including gaining access to new markets, products as well as leveraging on KITZ’s manufacturing and R&D expertise. Since KITZ is globally recognized as one of the top 8 valve manufacturers in the world, it is indeed exciting for UNIMECH to be part of this alliance. As part of the agreement, UNIMECH has been been granted the rights to distribute valves under the “KITZ” brand name in 2019.








The entry of KITZ brings to mind a similar development in SCOPE BHD (Scope). 


Scope has been one of the best hottest and best performing stocks on the KLSE. It recently hit an ALL -TIME HIGH of RM0.47 on 11 Nov 2021.


Scope recently underwent a Rights Issue in June 2021, which saw Inventec, a Taiwanese PLC with a market cap of TWD95.6 billion, increasing their stake in the company by buying 36.4 million shares from the controlling sahreholders Lim Chiow Hoo amd Lee Min Huat for RM0.22 per share. Inventec first bought into Scope in Mar 2019.


The huge stamp of approval from Inventec has already paid huge dividends to the Scope shareholders with the doubling in price of Scope in the span of just 5 months!


Will the same happen to UNIMECH with the entry of a world renowned company like KITZ?





The factory in Java commenced operation in late 2020 and the increased capacity is expected to contribute significantly to earnings growth in the near future. UNIMECH will also greatly benefit from the Indonesian government’s plan to expand its national shipping industry ability from 85,000 deadweight tonnes (DWT) to 300,000 DWT by 2025. (quoted from The Star 12 Jul 2021)





The current strong price of CPO  bodes well for UNIMECH since its valves are widely used in the palm oil industry Strong CPO prices generally means palm oil output, resulting in higher orders for Unimec’s products.






It is indeed hard to ignore how incredibly attractive UNIMECH is at the current price. In my view, a company with such consistent performance, deserves to be re-rated to at least 15 times PE. KITZ is trading at 20 times PE while its peers in the USA (ie. Emeson and Flowserve) are trading at over 20 times PE multiples.


At 15 times PE should see UNIMECH trading at a new all-time high of RM2.30! The good thing about markets is how an undiscovered stock can enjoy a one off re-rating in a relatively short time frame. 


On the matter of stock liquidity, this should not be too concerning as the management can easily increase liquidity by means of a bonus issue, which seems to be a very effective way in boosting prices these days. In fact, the price discovery process is usually very fast if a stock is fairly illiquid as the market would be forced to price in the rerating quickly!


If such a well established MNC like  KITZ can see great value in UNIMECH at RM1.65, I would be very happy to buy at the current price of RM1.52 (since it has also retraced from the all-time high of RM1.87) and hold it until it reaches what I see as fair value!





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks.Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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vision912 never heard of this stock but sounds interesting
18/11/2021 8:22 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021, 3:18 PM

Good afternoon fellow traders! 

So much has happened in the gold price since our original article on 20 Oct 2021 that I should provide an update.


Here is the original article with some updates to follow the conclusion. ( https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/thealphatrader/2021-10-20-story-h1592797603-TOMEI_CONSOLIDATED_BHD_7230_Powerful_Trade_Setup_Identified.jsp )













Gold is currently trading at the USD 1850 at the time of writing and is looking very bullish as inflation fears intensifies. Also I believe the seasonal factors as mentioned above are in motion and all the pieces are falling into place.









TOMEI price is moving along nicely with the GOLD price and I believe will continue to do so until February 2022. Since our original entry price of RM0.95, the stop loss of RM0.88 has not been triggered as the price has stayed comfortably above RM0.93





I will just stay with this trade as planned and will revist the trade again in February 2022 or if a minimum of RM1.30 is hit!! 


Thanks for reading and happy trading!





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks.Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

Labels: TOMEI
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UnicornTrader Fantastic!! Gold price is almost close to 1850 and indeed it is reflected in Tomei's stock chart today top at RM1.07 at point of writing. Nice correlation.
11/11/2021 3:55 PM
vision912 Tomei has done better than poh kong
12/11/2021 12:22 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021, 6:25 PM


Today we will look at Hextar Industries Bhd (HEXIND), a company under Dato Eddie Ong Choo Meng’s group of companies. 


Dato Eddie Ong (Eddie Ong) entered the limelight last year when he emerged as a major shareholder of Rubberex Bhd. At the time, Eddie Ong was already a household name in the agrochemical sector where he operates Hextar Holdings Sdn Bhd, the country’s largest pesticide producer, founded by his father, Datuk Ong Soon Ho.


Since then, Eddie Ong has ventured into many other investments in several PLCs including Opcom Bhd, Complete Logistics Bhd and Classic Scenic Bhd.





HEXIND (formerly SCH Group Bhd) was originally engaged in the distribution and supply of quarry industrial products for the quarry industry. In June 2018, SCH saw the arrival of Eddie Ong after the company acquired TK Tent & Air-Conditioning Rental Sdn Bhd from Hextar Holdings Sdn Bhd for RM50 million. 


In the same year, SCH also bought PK Fertilizer Sdn Bhd.  With these acquisitions, SCH Group was able to diversify into the fertilizer and equipment rental business.


In July 2018, Hextar Sdn Bhd increased their stake in SCH to 25%, by buying a 13% stake from Tan Sri Richard Koh and 3 others, making them the majority shareholders. By October 2018, Hextar Sdn Bhd had further raised their stake to 31%.


Since then, it has been relatively quiet on the corporate front for SCH right until March 2021. On 12 March 2021, SCH Group Bhd was renamed as Hextar Industries. If we were to read between the lines, this could mean that Eddie Ong plans to allign the direction of Hextar Industries Bhd together with Hextar Global. A share consolidation of 3 to 1 shares as well as a rights issue exercise was subsequently proposed.


HEXIND registered a net profit of RM 232,000 in the most recent quarter from a net loss of RM 4.31 million a year ago. For the full financial year ending 31 August 2021, the company registered a net profit of RM 1.64 million reversing the net loss of RM 8.32 million in FY2020. However, it is the recent spate of corporate developments that really catches the eye and stirs the imagination!






There was a huge spike in the price on the 12 March 2021 possibly from the proposed name change from SCH to HEXIND and the share consolidation exercise. HEXIND hit a 52-week high of RM 0.54 on 15 March 2021 and since then steadily downtrending and hitting a low of RM 0.12 on 21 September after the rights issue (of 5 for 1) date was announced.


Since the new shares from Right Issues were issued on 29 October 2021, the price has finally made a TRIPLE bottom of RM 0.12 and has started to climb upwards. The price structure will improve tremendously if can break above downtrend line (currently at RM0.28) that has held since 15 March 2021.





1) The “Magic” of Eddie Ong - Stocks owned by Eddie Ong moves big when it is time!







Hextar Global needs little introduction. The chart above sums up the whole story! Currently trading at RM1.57, near the all-time high with a market capitalisation of RM 2.06 billion. Eddie Ong has been actively growing Hextar Global through various M&A deals like the purchase of Chempro Group of Companies, the Nobel Group of Companies and most recently, chemical specialty maker, Tufbond Technologies Sdn Bhd. The market has rewarded Hextar Global Bhd with a new highs for each new deal made by Eddie Ong! Adjusted for the bonus issue, Hextar Global is up an astonishing 193% YTD!




Case Study 2: OPCOM BHD



Eddie Ong first acquired OPCOM at RM 0.84 a share for a total of RM 20.69 million from Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir in 10 February 2021. What is interesting to note from the daily chart is that the price actually came off after the announcement of his purchase as it had actually already moved up from RM 0.40 at the beginning of the year. 


After consolidating for 7 months, the stock took off in a big way in September 2021 hitting an ALL-TIME HIGH of RM1.79 on 10 October 2021. So, it only took 8 months for the stock to double after Eddie Ong bought into it.









Eddie Ong emerged as the largest shareholder of Complete Logistics Bhd on 9 Mar 2021 after acquiring 29.18% stake from Dolphin Assets Sdn Bhd. Although the price was not announced, it should be in the region of RM1.40 based on the tabulated VWAP.


A similar price pattern happened as with Opcom. The price came down after the anouncement of the acquisition and touched a low of RM1.09 by the end of March 2021.


After touching the low of RM1.09 on 26 March 2021 the price has steadily climbed to hit an ALL-TIME HIGH of RM2.57 on 3 November 2021! So again, in another short span of 8 months, the stock has almost doubled after Eddie Ong’s entry!






A Rights Issue exercise of 5 for 1 (exercise price of RM0.12 per new share) was completed with the new shares listing on  29 October 2021.  The exercise was oversubscribed by 26%. An interesting point to note is that from the 929 million new shares issued, Hextar Holdings Sdn Bhd actually subscribed for half of the shares at 466 million shares! This has bumped their shareholding from 31% to 47%. At RM0.12 a share costing RM56 million, this represents a huge commitment and stamp of confidence from Eddie Ong and his family towards HEXIND. 






From the name change to Hextar Industries (formerly SCH Group Bhd) on 11 Mar 2021, we can deduce that Eddie Ong could have big plans to diversifying from the legacy quarry business and placing more focus into the agrochemical and fertilizer space. (HEXIND already derives 67% of their revenue from the fertilizer segment)


The allignment and synergies with Hextar Global can only mean good things to come for HEXIND.





I believe HEXIND is entering a very exciting and expansionary phase in their business. With the Rights Issue exercise out of the way and the financial commitment made by Eddie Ong and his family holding company to HEXIND, this could be the next stock to really EXCITE THE MARKET in the near future! 


At RM0.175 HEXIND seems like a very good entry price given the Rights Issue price of RM0.12 and improving price chart structure!


Will it be the next HEXTAR GLOBAL BHD? Given Eddie Ong’s track record, you would not bet against it and probably would not take that long to find out too!!





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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sherlockman Didn't realise Dato Eddie Ong was also in Hextar industries Bhd. Thanks for the article
09/11/2021 10:50 PM
Tradingbuddy Hextar has been good trade for me since .. and I have no doubt Hextar Industries will follow the trade chart foot print >> up up and above. Buy at 0.175 and hold mid term to even longer term hold for this one.
10/11/2021 8:55 AM
Tradingbuddy Wah Wah! SEB and Wong up! Good idea to buy Hextar Industries .. high chance to follow same pattern. Thank you Alphatrader!
10/11/2021 4:45 PM
TheAlphaTrader @Tradingbuddy.. You are most welcome! I research my trade ideas independently and present it in the most interesting way that i can. It is my hope that the readers of my blog are able to reap benefits from reading it. And YES…I really like HEXIND and think it could be the stock of 2022! Just buy and enjoy the ride!
10/11/2021 7:11 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Fri, 5 Nov 2021, 12:52 PM




Today we will look at SEREMBAN ENGINEERING BERHAD (SEB) and explore a very promising trade setup in the weeks ahead. 





SEB was incorporated in 1979 and listed on the KLSE Main Board in 2010 at an IPO price of RM0.85. The issued number of share stands at only 80M giving a market capitalisation of RM94M.


Over the years, SEB has grown to provide a host of engineering services including fabrication, engineering support, offsale installation, maintenance and shutdown works for palm oil refineries, water and waste treatment, food, glove, chemical plants and oil & gas industries.


The price of SEB has not done much in the past 9 years since listing. The stock price ranged between a low of RM0.20 to a high of RM0.85 over the past 9 years. It was only in October 2019 that things started to get interesting for the company.

More specifically, on 17th October 2019, saw the emergence of a new controlling shareholder MIE Industrial Sdn Bhd (MIE), a leading Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management (EPCM) service company in Malaysia. A Mandatory General Offer( MGO) was triggered with an offer price of RM 0.50, which led to MIE owning 72% of the company. The synergy with MIE has helped SEB penetrate into new markets including civil construction, structural works for projects and plant expansions in the oil & gas industry as well as the gloves industry. 


I believe MIE had big plans when they first took over SEB back in Oct 2019 but were unfortunately, hampered by the pandemic outbreak in March 2020. The synergies of the new shareholders in SEB is probably now starting to SHOW as we move into the recovery phase. 







What is interesting to note is the record profit and turnover achieved in the latest quarter!


The turnover of RM41.46 million and net profit of RM8.16 million was by far, the highest level in the company’s history. Even after subtracting the one-off profit of RM3.69 million from the disposal of a piece of industrial land in Gombak, the operating profit remains at an impressive RM4.47 million! The higher turnover which more than doubled from a year ago was driven mainly by a few high value projects in the oil & gas and rubber glove industries. Hopefully, the company can maintain the same (or even better) performance, which could present a great turnaround story for next year, and the possibility of a re-rating since a single digit PE stock for an EPCC company would be too cheap!  SEB is due to announce its next quarterly result by 30th November 2021.







Technicals often reflect how well a company is doing. As observed from the daily chart, SEB is already up RM 0.49 or 71% year-to-date!  The stock hit an ALL-TIME HIGH of RM1.57 on 7th Oct 2021 in response to the record profits announced on 30th Sept 2021











As we can see from the weekly chart, the long term resistance of RM 0.85 was taken out on the 2nd June 2021, reaching a high of RM 1.02. A subsequent SUCCESSFUL retest of the long term resistance-turned-support price of RM 0.85 was triggered on the 27th Sept 2021. (just 2 days prior to the announcement of the blockbuster results)


The subsequent move to the all-time high of RM1.57 was done with increased volume that reflects a new awareness and interest in this little known stock. So as with all parabolic moves, a retracement is to be expected and this offers a good opprtunity for those who missed out on the initial move to participate.


As readers can see from my blog posts, I like to enter trades that have well-defined moves, combining that with positive catalysts and a good chart structure. I usually like to join a trend on a retracement move to improve my probability of success. As the saying goes, “we cannot control the outcome of a trade but we can control the probabilities of the trade!





1) TOP 30 SHAREHOLDER LIST ( As of 1st October 2021)



From the latest annual report, we can see that the top 30 shareholders collectively own 90% of the company. The biggest shareholder MIE, owns 72% of the company. This could probably mean the following:





With a positive price catalyst like a good quarterly report could see an explosive and extreme price movement to the upside as witnessed after the last quarter report on 30th Sept 2021. This is due to the small number of issued shares (80 million)  and the small free float of shares available.





As we have seen from many profitable companies recently, a BONUS issue is a great exercise to reward existing shareholders and increasing liquidity in the stock. The case for SEB to do a BONUS Issue is very compelling from a low liquidity and small share base case.





I believe new multi-year highs in prices usually indicate that there is a fundamental shift that could be occurring in the company which is usually reflected in the price but is unknown to the public - yet (unless it is a pure pump-and-dump operation!) So the big breakouts in long-term charts should be respected and capitalised for a hugely profitable trade! 


Two stocks that come to mind are KGB Bhd and Hextar Global Bhd. These 2 stocks clearly moved to multi-year highs prior to any positive newsflow. So is SEB a potential candidate to be a multi-bagger in the years to come? The chart does look promising!!





Since nothing has fundamentally changed for SEB from 7th Oct 2021 (when the all-time high of RM1.57 was hit)  we will assume that the retracement to RM1.18 represents a good entry level for this trade, with the potential target of reaching NEW HIGHS in the weeks ahead!  With the synergies of MIE starting to pay off and the upcoming release of the next quarter report, it is an exciting time to own SEB!


Seeing that this is a fairly illiquid stock, I would set my stop loss at a wider level of RM 0.85 (resistance turned support level) which I do not expect to be reached given the current chart structure and fundamentals of the company!

Have a good week and happy trading!





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks.Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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sherlockman so refreshing to read about a new stock!! last couple of days all i saw was AYS and palm oil
05/11/2021 1:11 PM
Anaconder Aya ! making 3 sen /sh what to highlight better buy Supermx earning 147 sen /sh mah!
07/11/2021 5:47 PM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021, 7:34 PM

As promised in our last post, we will look at WONG ENGINEERING BHD (WONG) and explore how we can take advantage of a possible price pattern that could happen by DECEMBER 2021!


WONG is a fundamentally solid company which has been around since 1982 and listed on the KLSE Mainboard in 1998. 


However, what is more exciting is the technical price setup! I tend to rely more on technical indicators and price action, as I always believe that price usually precedes fundamental news.





WONG is principally engaged in the manufacturing of high precision stamped and turned metal parts and components, complex welded frame structure, related modules and systems as  well as trading, marketing and retailing of industrial and consumer products. These products are used in oil & gas, aerospace. telecommunication, test instrument, semiconductor, automotive and medical services sectors.They have also ventured into construction and property development since 2017.


From a PE prespective, WONG is not considered expensive, trading at a PE of 24 times and price-to-book of 2.39. It does not command the PE ratios of other tech or EMS  companies (which could trade to PE ratios of up to 100 times) as the company is not considered a tech play although they are part of the electronics manufacturing chain. About 25% of the earnings is currently derived from the technology/manufacturing division. However, from the latest annual report the comapany has stated that the Manufacturing  division invested RM3.04 million to improve its facilities, including the addition of new milling machines. There is great potential for the manufacturing division to further grow and the PE ratios could easily be re-rated to reflect this.


What is more interesting to note is that the company has posted 3 consecutive quarters of profits exceeding RM2 million each quarter. If the level of profits is maintained in the coming 4th quarter (releasing in December 2021),  the company could be looking at its best financial year ever!








From the daily price chart, we can see that the price started trending upward from RM0.70 on 26th March 2021 (A) and broke through the key psychology resistance of RM1.00 (B) on 3rd of June before touching a new 52-week high of RM1.56 (C) on 7th July. Subsequent retracements have all been well supported at the upward trendline on the daily chart with higer-highs and higher-lows structure. 


WONG touched a 17 year high of RM2.17 (D) on 10th Sept and then retraced to test  the upward trendline at RM1.6, which has held. Currently, the price at RM1,76 seems to be making its way up again with the potential test of the highs again on the cards. Incidentally, the “ALL TIME HIGH” was RM3.26 in Feb 2000.





1) The start of the move from (A) was probably due to the Q1 earnings catalyst (profit rose by 439% q-o-q) that was announced on 25th March 2021.

2) (C) was hit 1 week after the Q2 results (profit up by 26% q-o-q) were announced.


3) (D), which was a 17 Year high was hit after Q3 results on Sept 10 (up 11% q-o-q))  and announcement of the Bonus Issue of 6 new shares for every 5 existing shares.






Bonus issues typically sends a positive signal to the market that the company is confident of its long-term growth prospects. Also, the bonus issue increases liquidity in the stock as well as allowing for wider retail paticipation at more attractive prices.


Case in point: Recently, there were 2 announcements of proposed bonus issues by JAYCORP and SKB SHUTTERS, which saw their respective share prices propelling to new 52 week high!


Similarly, when WONG proposed a 6 for 5 bonus issue on 10th Sept 2021, the share price hit a 17 year high that very same day. The share price also went up by RM0.12, from RM1.57 to RM1.69 when the  bonus issue by approved in the EGM held on 20th Oct 2021.





With the the bonus issue of 6 for 5, assuming the current price of RM1.76, this would give an ex price of RM0.80. This would create a nice gap trade setup, as I have discussed previously. (https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/thealphatrader/2021-10-16-story-h1592735067-FAJARBARU_BUILDER_BHD_7047_Potential_Explosive_Trade_Setup.jsp)






At the current price of RM1.76, WONG offers a very good trade setup since it has retraced from the recent 17 year high of RM2.17 and has bounced off the upward trendline support around RM1.60 and rising. From the start of this uptrend since March 2021 every retracement to the uptrend support line has held. The next catalyst could be the Q4 results announcement in December 2021. Gauging from the last 3 quarterly results, there is a strong possibility that they might report their best annual financial results ever! Also the setting for the BONUS entitlement date could spark another round of buying!  


I would like to stay with this trade as long as the daily upward trendline is not violated. If all the right variables are in place, I hope to see a new 17 year high by December 2021 and hopefully, a new ALL TIME HIGH in the not too distant future! Have a good week everyone and happy trading!          





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

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Flamini Wong always One day show....why u so excited? Hmm big portion arh .........
27/10/2021 3:40 PM
vcinvestor only time will tell if you're right or "wong" with your prediction
27/10/2021 3:41 PM
sherlockman Right or wrong, at least the writer has a clear trading strategy including to cut loss if wrong unlike other irresponsible writers
27/10/2021 3:55 PM
Flamini Road to 1.55 ah Wong
28/10/2021 10:04 AM
rookie95 Post removed. Why?
28/10/2021 10:06 AM
amateurJR wong fei hong geng
28/10/2021 1:22 PM
UnicornTrader Interesting tech write-up. Bonus issue is always interesting play, but would certainly be more a mid term investment... waiting to hear the bonus issue ex-date!
29/10/2021 12:00 PM
sherlockman here we go!!!
03/11/2021 3:11 PM
sherlockman this wong chart is a technical trader's dream! hit support then bounce...v nice
03/11/2021 3:22 PM
sherlockman Good price action with volume
09/11/2021 9:53 AM
Kangol99 Wong is certainly looking good these past two days, lovely chart. More to come!
09/11/2021 11:08 AM


Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 12:01 PM

Needless to say, it has been an extremely challenging 18 months for the world as we all faced the pandemic that has practically changed all our lives. On top of losing loved ones, the virus crippled the economy for a good part of the last one year and a half.  Needless to say, the loss in income has been devastating to many. 


The pandemic also wrecked havoc on the financial markets. Many investors and traders lost a great deal of money in stocks, especially during the early phase of the outbreak, as global markets plunged and were in a free fall mode. However, there were many who also took the opportunity during the crash to make a lot of money by scooping out ridiculously priced assets from desperate sellers and distressed sales. 


Today, as we move into the endemic and recovery phase of the pandemic, I will like  to share my personal investment/trading lessons that I have learnt from this experience.





This may be a controversial statement , especially if you ask most finanncial consultants or fund managers who generally advocate that we should stay FULLY invested in the stock markets at all  time. I believe asset allocation is about understanding the stock market cycles. Recognizing or gauging which part of the cycle we are in, could help us make a calculated decision on our asset allocation model at any one time.  Just like everything in life, cycles and patterns will always repeat themselves! 


If we were fully invested at the start of the pandemic, we would not have had the chance to scoop up some of the best “once in a lifetime” buying opprtunities! In fact, back in 1997 during the Asian Financial Crisis, I remember watching in disbelief how Maybank and Tenaga were trading at a near low of RM2.00! I had invested what little money I had in Maybank shares at RM4.00 but did not have any additional capital to average down my investment at the lows. Well thankfully, the subsequent recovery of the stock made up for my lack of knowledge in the asset allocation department!








One of the most historic moves in the markets happened during the pandemic when the US crude oil price fell below zero in April 2020!  The biggest casualty from this dramatic and sudden fall in price was a Singapore oil trading company called Hin Leong Trading. The company used a lot of a leverage by buying up the WTI crude oil futures contracts, betting that the price would rise. However, the prices fell swiftly causing huge short term margin calls which eventually bankrupted the company. Had the company been able to withstand the short term drawdown,Hin Leong would still be in business today and reaping the rewards of the USD80 oil price!






During the initial stage of the pandemic in March 2020, while the stock markets were crashing, only one asset class was outshining the rest, and that was GOLD. It was viewed as a safe haven asset, to hedge against any armageddon scenario that may happen.


Therefore, I believe owning some gold in any portfolio is very important as any unforseen macro event could spark a sudden surge in demand for the yellow metal.  As we have also seen in recent times the spiralling increase in inflation is always a base case for owning some gold! Many have made the case for owning cryptocurrencies as a safe haven/ diversification but that proposition is a bit too volatile for my taste!








As we enter the recovery phase in the economy and stock markets, many stocks have already recovered handsomely. Is there still room for stocks to go up further? In my opinion, the easy money has already been made as the gains in “recovery themed” stocks have already gone up a lot. Nevertheless, money can still be made, but stock selection is key. 

































Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks.Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.






























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Axcapital Can’t wait to read more about Wong!
23/10/2021 12:38 PM
hochinpeng Crisp,insightful writing. Free investment advice right here!
26/10/2021 2:08 PM

TOMEI CONSOLIDATED BHD (7230) - Powerful Trade Setup Identified!!

Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Wed, 20 Oct 2021, 6:06 PM

Today we will look at TOMEI as a proxy to the strong upward seasonal trend in Gold prices that typically runs for 4 months from November to February.  




  1. Gold is entering Upward Seasonal Trend



As observed from the chart above, an entry on 1st of November every year and holding the contracts till end of February (for a duration of only 4 months) would yield a successful trade in 6 out of 8 years!  That is an amazing success rate of 75%, which is very high in the world of seasonal trading strategies.

There could be several reasons for this trend to happen but as macro traders we only know that this has a high probability of success, and we want to capitalize on the trend. 



2) The Big Picture for Gold





From the chart, we can clearly see that gold is in a multi-year bull market. 


After hitting an all time high of USD 2,089 on 7th Aug 2020, gold has basically been in a short-term correction within a bull market. If we assume that the near-term bottom was in March 2021 at USD 1,673, the gold price has been slowly trending upwards and last trading at around USD 1,775 . However, a break above the critical USD1,800 resistance would be very bullish for prices and sentiment. This could very well happen within the next 4 months!!



3) Hedge against Accelerating Inflation in Malaysia


Since the start of the pandemic, food prices have been going up steadily. Same goes for commodity prices such as crude oil, steel and especially palm oil.
In Malaysia, Crude Palm Oil prices have hit an all-time high of RM5,000 and showing no signs of retreat. 


All these point that inflation could stay high in the near future!






The case for TOMEI BHD


To participate in this seasonal gold trade, one can buy an ETF or go long on the Futures contract. However, an easier way is to buy into TOMEI! 





TOMEI is an integrated manufacturer and retailer of Gold and Jewellery. It operates through 2 business segments i.e. Manufacturing & Wholesale  and the Retail segment 


TOMEI offers great value from a fundamental perspective. 

Currently trading at a PE ratio of only 3 times and NTA of RM1.83 per share (0.51 P/B) with a dividend yield of 2.15%! In the latest quarterly report announced on the 18 August 2021, TOMEI still managed to report a profit of RM1.36 million, despite the nationwide lockdown! 


With the full reopening  of the economy,  we could see a surge in demand for jewellery purchases ie. weddings, gifts -  that were put off during the MCO period as well as renewed buying interest for the upcoming festive season.


There could also be some price catalyst when the proposed listing of its subsidiary, YXPM, on the ACE market is approved. 








We can see a very strong correlation from TOMEI price chart vs Gold prices. 


  • TOMEI hit all time high of RM1.88 on 10 August 2020, which also coincided with gold prices hitting all time high of USD 2,089 on 7 August 2020
  • This year, TOMEI hit a year high of RM1.49 on 18 May 2021, which again coincides with gold prices hitting the year high of USD 1,910 on 31 May 2021. 
  • At the current price of RM0.95 there is very little downside from a technical perspective for TOMEI. 
  • Should gold rise above USD 1,800 (which I am not uncertain will happen in the next 4 months!) there is very little resistance in the TOMEI chart until RM1.30!


Looking at the correlation between rising commodity prices and stocks, we have recently seen phenomenal gains in stocks like Hiap teck and AYS (coinciding with the rise in steel prices), PMB Tech (also following the rise in aluminium and metallic silicon prices) , OM Holdings Ltd (rising prices of ores and ferroalloys) and most plantation stocks (rising palm oil prices)






To take full advantage of this seasonal trend, I would buy into Tomei at RM0.95 and hold it till end of Febuary OR if it hits a minimum target of RM1.30. I would place a stop loss of RM0.88 for a good risk-to-reward trade setup. 


In my view it is always good to have some gold exposure in any portfolio. Commodities always tend to move parabolically when it is their time to move. My trading philosophy has always been to spot trends early in the markets before they become obvious to everyone! Happy trading!





Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks.Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.

Labels: TOMEI
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TheAlphaTrader Paul Tudor Jones is one of the smartest guys on wall street! I would’t want to bet against him!
20/10/2021 11:05 PM
TheAlphaTrader https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/20/paul-tudor-jones-says-inflation-could-be-worse-than-feared-biggest-threat-to-markets-and-society.html
20/10/2021 11:11 PM
TheAlphaTrader https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysias-inflation-22-yearonyear-september-2021-—-dosm
22/10/2021 12:18 PM
TheAlphaTrader Gold is at1795 now! See if it can break the pivotal 1800 later tonight!
22/10/2021 4:04 PM
TheAlphaTrader Gold is at 1805!
22/10/2021 9:27 PM

FAJARBARU BUILDER BHD (7047) - Potential Explosive Trade Setup!

Author: TheAlphaTrader   |  Publish date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021, 11:13 AM





Today we will look at Fajarbaru and how a potential trade setup can be structured. To the untrained eye, the chart may look uninteresting and uninspiring. However, if one looks a little deeper and compare similar chart setups, you can see the potential returns that can be achieved from this trade setup. 


The 3 stocks which we will examine to see a similar setup are:

1) Hextar Global Bhd

2) KGB Bhd 

3) Kobay Technology Bhd



The premise for this trade setup:

1) A big gap was created in the chart as a result of a bonus issue or rights issue

2) The stocks were in a medium term uptrend trend before the gap was created

3) The companies are all fundamentally solid(at least from a profitable point of view) prior to the bonus issue/rights issue












Hextar Global went through a bonus issue exercise of 3 new shares for 5 existing shares on the 24th of June 2021. As u can see from the price chart , that created a big gap down price from 1.6 to 0.98 on the chart. Prior to the bonus issue hextar was already in a solid uptrend and even hitting a multi year high of 1.8 on 30th April 2021  After the gap down on the chart Hextar has not only closed a huge part of the gap on the chart but adjusted for the bonus issue has actually exceeded the previous high price point before the bonus issue! 



Case study 2: KGB BERHAD 




KGB went through a bonus issue of 1 new share for every 1 existing share with 1 free warrant on 1st July2021.Hence a big gap on the chart was created.  KGB was also performing very well prior to the bonus issue and hence the gap created a fantastic buying opportunity as the gap was eventually almost closed. Today KGB is already trading at an all time adjusted high price!






Kobay went through a bonus issue of 2 new shares for 1 existing share on28th May2021and created a big gap on the chart. Prior to the bonus Kobay was already in a nice uptrend and after the bonus issue the price not only closed the gap but eclipsed the previous highs to astronomical heights!








Fajar undertook a 1 for 1 rights issue on 10th Oct 2021creating a big gap in the chart. Prior to the price adjustment due to the rights issue, Fajar was already on a medium term uptrend and even hitting a 52week high of 0.87 just 4 days before the exdate.  So if we extrapolate the possible price patterns from the above case studies we can deduce that Fajar has a potential to make pretty good returns if it closes the gap on the chart either partially or fully. Given that this setup would yield a good return over a medium term horizon i would like to enter this trade at the current price of 0.395 and let it play out in a 3 to 6 month horizon. A stop loss level of 0.325 could be set for a potentially rewarding risk to reward trade targeting the 0.6 to 0.8 level!





I would give this trade some time to run its course and would revisit the trade in 3 to 6 months for the best results. Nothing is guaranteed in trading but we can set up trades that have the highest probability of success tilted to our favour! I will share more trade setups that I use in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned and happy trading!






Disclaimer: This blog is created for sharing of trading ideas only. It is not in any way or form meant to be an inducement or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks.Consult your financial consultant before making any financial investments.







Labels: FAJAR
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Axcapital Very well argued piece Alphatrader! Looking forward to more of your trade ideas.
16/10/2021 12:24 PM
UnicornTrader Fantastic technical analysis Alphatrader! Good trading idea and approach!
18/10/2021 11:34 AM
TheAlphaTrader The price is down today probably due to the selling of the successful excess shares applicants from the rights issue. There were about 11m excess shares priced at only rm0.1. This level of 0.395 offers a great opportunity for medium term traders/ investors to buy!
21/10/2021 11:39 AM

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