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Tradeview Commentaries - Learn To Separate Wheat from Chaff

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Do not waste your time, effort and money on goreng penny stocks which promises the future potential earnings which likely does not exist. Those who talks about venturing into various new businesses such as gloves etc are often relying on sunshine and rainbows to attract naive new investors especially retailers. 

There is no way new entrants like them can compete with existing players with clientele, scale, technology know how and certification. While it is true that some select few new venture may be legitimate due to ex-management with experience being involved, majority are fluffy and dubious. If you want to put your investments into penny stocks that promises earnings, it would be wise to put your funds into the big established players which have shown you the actual earnings and continuous record high earnings yet to come. Many of the big boys like Hartalega, Top Glove, Kossan, Supermax, Riverstone are all at attractive prices again.

Do not let your hard earned money be taken away from you. Remember the saying - the market never fails to punish the greedy, the egomaniacs and the ignorant. Just because prominent investors or blogs promote it, does not mean it is true. Times are very tough, business is very hard to build and establish, making money isn't an overnight effort. Do not be caught up by wishful get rich quick promises. All the best and stay safe.


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tylee81 The windfall tax news come back again,syed saddid re-proposed it at budget21 today,what do u think?will it implement?
18/11/2020 10:14 PM
tradeview Hi there, politics will always be politics. Playing to the gallery, issuing populist statement without considering repercussions are normal SOP for them. But I dont blame the politician, I think this is the fault of the research houses who plant such ludicrous policy thoughts in the minds of politicians. My view remains the same, I have said it before many times even though research houses like Maybank and Public Bank repeatedly brought the topic up, windfall tax cannot happen because the implementation is the issue. Ask any tax experts or legal experts, they will be able to share the the implementation of windfall tax are on commodities sector like palm oil or Oil & gas where it is a singular product. For gloves there are many classes & types of gloves which is hard to slap a blanket windfall tax across. Hence it is important to be technically sound before making public comments. Furthermore, unlike commodities sector like palm oil and oil and gas, glove makers do not receive direct subsidy from government. Hence it would be unconscionable to impose windfall tax. The budget 2021 tabled which highlighted donation to Covid-19 fund is the best approach to address the implementation issue of windfall tax.
18/11/2020 11:35 PM

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