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Sapura Energy (SAPNRG): A relook into Sapura Energy from Profitability, Volume Spread Analysis and what’s Insiders Report are telling they are doing ?

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Sapura Energy (SAPNRG) Berhad (5218.KL) listed in the Bursa Malaysia


Background of Sapura Energy (SAPNRG)  (5218.KL)

Sapura Energy was listed on the Bursa Malaysia on May 2012 with a reference price of RM2.00. Sapura Energy is a leading global integrated oil and gas services and solutions provider operating across the entire upstream value chain. It operates in various geographical areas in the world, including Malaysia, Asia, Australia and Russia, Americas and the United Kingdom, and Africa.


At the end of FY2019, Sapura Energy’s order book was recorded at RM17.2 b (FY18: RM14.9 b) at the end of FY2019 with 70 percent of the work in global market.


Sapura Energy’s revenue fell 22.5% yoy to RM4568.4 m in FY19. Core net loss widened by 7.6% yoy to -RM2605.1 m in FY19 from -RM2421.0 m in FY18, excluding RM2.6 b of disposal gain from OMV. The weak performance was mainly due to lower contribution from the E&C and Drilling segments. Finance cost increased by 18.2% yoy. The resultant adjusted FY19 EPS stood at -16.3 sen.


Recent Insider Report for Sapura Energy (SAPNRG) (Bursa Malaysia)

With the divest of investment of Norges Bank Investment in the Insider Report, we saw more US based fund management like Vanguard Group (founded by John Bogle, value investor based in US) and BlackRock Investment Investment UK (US, one of largest financial asset management company) taking 1% respectively in Sapura Energy Berhad (SAPNRG) within the Insider Report of the Bursa Malaysia.



It’s interesting to note in the Insider Report, I didn’t see major selling except Sapura Holdings, parent company of SAPNRG listed in Bursa Malaysia for more of a rebalancing of their current position. With the majority of filling date of shareholders taking fresh position as shown in Insider Report by EPF Board, BlackRock, Vanguard and Urusharta Jamaah S.B on 30 April 2019 @ 0.33-0.34, this solidified the longer view taken by these longer term financial institution.

Interesting to note that Urusharta Jamaah is the special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up by the Ministry of Finance to receive the pilgrims fund’s underperforming assets transferred from Lembaga Tabung Haji’s (TH) equities portfolio. You can learn a lot of its motive if you know who is the owner behind these companies in the Insider Report

From the Insider Report alone, if you add the long term allied of Sapura Energy Berhad (EPF, PNB, Sapura Holding, KWAP, Urusharta and Sapura Energy big boss, Shahril bin Shamsuddin) within Bursa Malaysia, you get 58.3% total share of the floating share 72% supply, you will end up with a figure of 81% is controlled with people with the same interest. So I will say at the base RM0.27-RM0.28 is a good support price level. Risk to downside is low with higher crude oil and rationalization plan to bring Sapura Energy Berhad back to black amongst the companies listed in Bursa Malaysia

Known Major Shareholder(s), As of 30th Apr 2019

26.93% Amanah Saham Bumiputera

12.82% Sapura Holdings S.B

* Group CEO and his brother are deemed interested.

Market Cap: RM 4.554 B, Number of Shares: 15,979 M, Floating shares : 72%.


Profitability Analysis of Sapura Energy


The continual loss over 2018-2019 of Sapura Energy Berhad (SAPNRG) give the loss making Sapura Energy large oil and gas player that it  can never return to black. With higher crude oil projection after Saudi oil field attack, we see possibility return of equity turning positive soon. Right now, Sapura Energy is a recovering share play.


Weekly & Daily Chart VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Review

Weekly chart of Volume Spread Analysis in Sapura Energy alerted us a signal of change in the trend since early of December 2017. The spike in volume towards the end of the mark-down stage show activities by Smart Money subsequently change the direction of the price to accumulation stage.


The accumulation is well supported with 4 Spring signals at price level near RM0.265. We notice average volume getting lower each week starting May 2019. The low volume in accumulation show potential lack of supply in Sapura Energy’s Volume Spread Analysis chart.


The Volume Spread Analysis (TradeVSA) daily chart shows pretty clear support too in the accumulation. Notice in the daily Sapura Energy chart, there are 2 Spring bars at the support level RM0.265. This is the potential shakeout area by Smart Money to remove weak hand holders.


The 2nd Spring bar show volume getting lower too. However, we prefer to trade in the bullish trendzone with next confirm strength. The price likely to re-test the resistance at RM0.37 soon.


*Pentagon Guider System has Buy or Sell Indicator indicated by Green Pentagon Icon and Red Pentagon Guider Icon in the field of Volume Spread Analysis. However, we advised reader that not all pentagons are buy or sell taken literally 100% of the time in Volume Spread Analysis method.


Check out our track record of our stock trade ideas of TradeVSA, Insider Report discussion here : http://bit.ly/2lUfUjY


Contact us via: email at support@tradevsa.com or Call/WhatsApp at +6010 266 9761 if you have any queries about this Sapura Energy (SAPNRG) (GENM) Group and its Insider Report article or opinion to clarify.


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calvintaneng AIYAH!! I JUST MISSED DEGEM (7119) AS IT WILL BE PRIVATISED SOON AT RM1.10, Calvin Tan Research 25 Sep

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TradeVSA Thanks for the sharing and comment above
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wakarimas quite hard to understand. Overall, good prospect or bad?
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PunTatBerSiul LOL, quit investing if cannot understand.
26/09/2019 9:26 PM
kenie 投资石油天然气公司要小心
27/09/2019 9:44 AM
kenie Sapura Energy 2Q net loss narrows to RM116m
KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 27): Sapura Energy Bhd's net loss for the second quarter ended July 31, 2019 narrowed to RM116.31 million from RM126.06 million in the year-ago quarter, on the back of a 87% jump in revenue to RM1.93 billion versus RM1.03 billion.
Loss per share declined to 0.73 sen from 3.35 sen previously, according to its bourse filing.
For the six months ended July 31, Sapura Energy's net loss narrowed to RM225.41 million from RM261.79 million in the same period last year. Revenue rose to RM3.56 billion against RM1.88 billion a year earlier.
In a separate statement, Sapura Energy president and group chief executive officer Tan Sri Shahril Shamsuddin said the group's top line growth has been encouraging.
"We are ramping up our operations to execute new contracts and serve new markets as well as new customers.
"This growth momentum is expected to improve our bottom line as we gradually progress the projects to the next stages," he said.
Shahril said Sapura Energy's order book remained healthy for the quarter at RM16.3 billion, with the value of cumulative contract wins year-to-date at approximately RM3.1 billion.
He said the group foresees the oil and gas industry's operating environment to remain challenging and competitive.
However, he said the group remains upbeat, backed by a robust bid book funnel as an outcome of its expanded global footprint, strategic assets and in-house capabilities.
"As an integrated oil and gas services and solutions provider for the entire upstream value chain, we are excited to see the fruits of our diversified portfolio as an additional income stream through our SK408 gas fields.
"This marks the beginning of a 20-year cashflow visibility in view of the rich gas reserves in our PSC (production sharing contract) concessions," he said.
At the midday break, Sapura Energy shares were 1.75% or 0.5 sen higher at 29 sen for a market capitalisation of RM4.63 billion.
27/09/2019 3:55 PM
skyu aiseh, Saturday also need to fight which rightnwho wrong ? okok, gua tell lu la, Monday will be 0.27 cents. for those who still wait and see, dont worry, lu wait and 0.25 will be there waiting. Monday all reports out with their tp of under 0.25 cents.
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freddiehero break 0.24 kakaka..
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TradeVSA Thanks for the information & sharing above
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