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PA Resources may be the Direct beneficiary from Biden $2 trillion infrastructure package ! Potential MYR Bils Contract Renewal !

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9 Apr 2021
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One of the largest solar manufacturers and the largest solar contractor in the world.


First Solar Project Map as below :

But do you know ? RM600 millions contract (since 2018) awarded to Local Listed Company to supply materials to Nasdaq-listed First Solar Inc, First Solar Vietnam Mfg Co Ltd and First Solar Malaysia Sdn Bhd for the latter's use in the production of solar photovoltaic modules.

PA RESOURCES (Breakout from Symmetrical Triangle Recently)

Meanwhile let's walkthrough the FIRST SOLAR latest QR.


From the above, we understand that Second Series 6 Factory in Malaysia already exit ramp in Q1.
This helps FIRST SOLAR to expand the manufacturing capacity to next level
 +38% from year 2020.


The contract ending Q1 2021 (3 Years from Q1 2018).

Will PA Resources get the renewal ? If yes, we expect the contract should be more than RM1bil.

enlightenedAs First Solar forecasted 8.7GW capacity in 2021 

2018 - 5.6 GW
2019 - 6.1 GW
2020 - 6.3 GW

Total 3 Years : 18 GW

2021E : 8.7GW
2022E : 9.4GW

Total 2 Years E : 18.1 GW (+50% At least)


enlightened Biden's massive $2 trillion infrastructure package is a provision that would require every state to generate all of its electricity by 2035 from fuels that do not produce any of the carbon emissions linked to global climate change.

Such a transition would trigger a massive spending boom in wind and solar power -- at least doubling the pace of investment now.

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SUCCESS (7207) Related to Electric Vehicle, LED, PowerPlant, Semicon & Metal Industry, - By TriumphInBursa

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SUCCESS (7207)

NTA 1.40 (40% Below now)
PE 34
Financial Health : almost 0 Debt, cash rich.
QR FY : Recovering strongly. Great EPS growth prediction by analyst.


Shareholder (Fundhouse)


2 From USA
1 From Singapore 
2 From Malaysia


QPS & SES (Transformer)

  • Capable of producing power transformers with capacity of up to 2500KVA.
  • Power transformers are typically used in marine industry, oil & gas and Semiconductor factory, Power Plant
  • Core competency is the manufacture of electrical apparatus such as automatic voltage stabilizers, detuned harmonic circuit filter reactor and line reactor.



NIKKON (LED Lighting Division)
  • Free of maintenance with an enormous service life of more than 50,000 hours.
  • Characterized by optimal energy efficiency; less electricity, leading to less CO2 emissions.
  • Produce less waste and don’t contain hazardous substances such as mercury. 
  • LED luminaires are smaller than conventional products, packaging and transport effort is also reduced.
  •  iLCS® helps municipalities to enhance communal public safety, security and surveillance demand. This will build a profound smart and safer city with an ideal infrastructure of Internet of Things (IoT).




SUPERLITE (Battery Charger)
Various type of Battery Chargers
Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) & Lead Acid Battery both are popular battery type of Electric Vehicle (EV) 
OMEGA (Metal)
Customizing of metal-based products such as casings, enclosures, sheet metal fabrication and laser-cutting services.