[ALAQAR] Income Distribution on 11-Sep-2013

Announcement Date 11-Sep-2013

Financial Year 31-Dec-2013
Subject Income Distribution
Type Dividend for reit\trust
Description Interim Income Distribution of 3.86 sen per unit for the financial year ended 31 December 2013. Withholding tax will be deducted for distribution made to the following types of unitholders :- - Tax Resident Companies (no withholding tax) - Resident and Non- Resident Individuals (withholding tax rate at 10%) - Resident Instituitional Investors (withholding tax rate at 10%) - Non- Resident Companies (withholding taxrate at 25%) - Nominees (withholding tax rates applicable to respective beneficial owners of the units)
Amount RM 0.0386
Ex Date 02-Oct-2013
Entitlement Date 04-Oct-2013
Payment Date 25-Oct-2013

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