[GENM] Share Buyback (Immediate) on 13-Mar-2018

Announcement Date 13-Mar-2018

Date 13-Mar-2018
Shares Ordinary shares
Number of Shares 1,100,000
Shares Retained in Treasury 1,100,000
Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Price (per shares) 5.190 - 5.250
Total Amount 5,744,275.95
Total Treasury Shares 282,307,400

Remark Genting Malaysia Berhad ("Company") today acquired 1,100,000 shares for a total consideration of RM5,744,275.95 at an average price of RM5.2221 each, inclusive of transaction costs. The share buy-back was made pursuant to the approval obtained from the Company's shareholders at the Company's Annual General Meeting held on 31 May 2017 and amendments to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad Main Market Listing Requirements arising from the implementation of the Companies Act 2016. The resulting cumulative net outstanding treasury shares of 282,307,400 represent approximately 4.75421% of the Company's issued and paid-up share capital of 5,938,044,648 ordinary shares as at 13 March 2018.

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