Ride The Bull Short The Bear

A Practical Guide to Win in Stock Market and Investment

by Tan Chee Siong

Stocks are one of the best investments for your hard-earned money as the returns easily beat the returns from other types of investment.

Stocks are one of the best investment for your hard-earned money as the returns easily beat the returns from other types of investment. But the stock market is tricky - you have to know what and how and when to buy and sell at the right time to maximize your returns. When you acquire the knowledge, then the opportunity and potential to increase your wealth is exceptionally high compared to other investment choices.
This is why this book is written. So that you will learn to invest based on facts and not on fantasies or hearsay. This book is the result of my many years of experience and observation throughout my 26 years in the stockbroking industry. It is written for the newbies to stock investment and those who always lose money in the stock market. The book presents a comprehensive and systematic approach to stock invest known as Bull Traders Strategy (BTS), using a combination of fundamental analysis criteria for picking stocks and the application of technical analysis tools to set entry and exit criteria to manage the stocks in the portfolio.
Bull Traders Systematic Trading Approach (BTS)
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Author's Profile

Tan Chee Siong who is fondly known as CS Tan in the Malaysian Stockbroking Industry has more than 26 years of working experience in stock broking business. He has helf many senior management positions such as Chief Operating Office, Chief Executive Director and Executive Director in several stockbroking companies before his retirement in 2019.
His main contribution all these years has been widely acknowledged as the specialist in troubleshooting and revamping the operational processes of troubled stockbroking companies in the early 1990s. He was also responsible for designing and introducing competitive and comprehensive online trading platforms that help smaller non-bank stockbroking companies gain their market share and profitability in a highly competitive market environment.
With his many years of working experience in the stockbroking industry, spurred by strong desire and passion to make share investment and trading easy for everyone, CS has developed a winning edge swing trading strategy, known as BTS Trading Strategy, The BTS processes can help many amateurs to overcome the many pitfalls and challenges of investing. The Bull Trader Systematic Trading Strategy revolves around the motto "Ride the Bull, Short the Bear".
At the age of 60 after his retirement from active stockbroking business, CS is now the founder of Bull Traders Training Academy, providing affordable trading programs to retail investors and Dealer's Representatives. The training workshop is focused on practical systematic approach to investment and trading, the BTS Trading and Investment Approach. In short, BTS Trading Approach is a 'swing trading' approach which is applicable for both short term traders and longer term investors.

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