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25.50 27.14     +1.64 (6.43%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
07/02/2023 25.00 26.11 +1.11 (4.44%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
10/11/2022 20.10 26.11 +6.01 (29.90%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
09/11/2022 20.32 26.93 +6.61 (32.53%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
04/08/2022 21.92 23.15 +1.23 (5.61%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
28/04/2022 22.76 26.30 +3.54 (15.55%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
05/04/2022 21.38 34.25 +12.87 (60.20%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
07/02/2023  KENANGA Fraser & Neave Holdings - Rich Valuations
10/11/2022  KENANGA Fraser & Neave Holdings - Firmer Top and Bottom Lines
09/11/2022  KENANGA Fraser & Neave Holdings - Resilient Demand, Value Has Emerged
04/08/2022  KENANGA Fraser & Neave Holdings - Inflation to Weigh
28/04/2022  KENANGA Fraser & Neave Holdings - Another Solid Top-line
05/04/2022  KENANGA Consumer - Elevated Costs Fuelling Risks

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pang72 https://www.sinchew.com.my/20230117/%e5%8e%9f%e6%96%99-%e4%be%9b%e5%ba%94%e9%93%be-%e7%bb%8f%e6%b5%8e%e8%a1%b0%e9%80%80-%e6%98%9f%e7%8b%ae%e5%bc%ba%e5%8c%96%e6%88%90%e6%9c%ac%e9%99%8d%e4%bd%8e%e9%a3%8e%e9%99%a9/
17/01/2023 9:14 PM
pang72 Above is the summary of AGM.
Almost same as what Brutus sharing
17/01/2023 9:14 PM
pang72 Good news but drop
Mean sell 9n news kah?
18/01/2023 6:50 PM
pang72 100plus no stock lagi so up... Hihi
19/01/2023 2:24 PM
pang72 I don't understand people sold the best food stock yesterday..
Time for you to buy back..
19/01/2023 2:25 PM
pang72 When will kenanga rerate 100 plus to rm34?
20/01/2023 4:58 PM
Nepo https://www.nst.com.my/business/2023/01/871190/2022-exciting-fn-equally-bullish-about-2023
20/01/2023 6:07 PM
James_Bond Taking profits of my remaining 10% holding in F&N. Cheers! TQVM F&N.
26/01/2023 10:48 AM
pang72 Cheer James with your good profit in 100plus..

We continue to ride on FRASER with excitement on 4 pillars earning engines.. 100plus, candy, halal food and susu cap FRASER...
27/01/2023 12:06 PM
pang72 Year 2023 is exciting with byk tourists beli 100plus after border open
27/01/2023 12:07 PM
pang72 The power of China 大妈。。
Come to visit Malaysia, buy more 100 plus
27/01/2023 3:35 PM
pang72 OK, OK, OK.

I know you all still like 100plus eventhough after New year..
Drink more, more energy
31/01/2023 12:07 PM
pang72 But, drink Carlsberg add 100 plus more power, you know
31/01/2023 12:07 PM
AlfI3 Ha ha, came out new variety.....100plus beer. Wud b a great non halal idea indeed@Pang72
02/02/2023 4:42 AM
pang72 Ya, yummy 100plus mixed with Carlsberg
02/02/2023 4:37 PM
pang72 Am I see wrongly, eps 55c??
03/02/2023 8:49 PM
pang72 The mother of record earning... Congrate 100 plus!!!
03/02/2023 8:50 PM
pang72 https://www.chinapress.com.my/20230203/%e9%a5%ae%e6%96%99%e9%94%80%e5%94%ae%e5%8a%bf%e5%a4%b4%e7%a7%af%e6%9e%81-%e6%98%9f%e7%8b%ae%e6%8e%a7%e8%82%a1%e5%87%80%e5%88%a9%e7%bf%bb%e5%80%8d%e5%a2%9e%e9%95%bf/
04/02/2023 10:56 PM
pang72 Good QR
04/02/2023 10:56 PM
pang72 Kenanga shld revise Tp from 26 to 34 again
04/02/2023 10:57 PM
pang72 100 plus is strong..
Shld propose to add some tongkat Ali be 100 tongkat Ali drink so to beat power roots business
07/02/2023 10:39 AM
pang72 So, rm30 mari
07/02/2023 10:39 AM
pang72 Unbeatable 100 plus:)

Yam SENG!!
07/02/2023 3:10 PM
pang72 100 plus great offer before new year.
100 plus no more offer after New year.

Make sense!!
07/02/2023 4:03 PM
Nepo Analysts upbeat on F&N's earnings prospects as Thai ops set to improve
KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 7): Analysts are optimistic about Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd’s (F&N) performance in the quarters ahead as they see its operation in Thailand improving with the return of international tourists and the strengthening of the baht against the ringgit and US dollar.
08/02/2023 9:58 AM
pang72 Fuyooo....
Kita declare that 100 plus minimum terbaik dan terbaloi..

Rm30 mari
08/02/2023 11:14 AM
pang72 I am seeing fund mgr bought in..
... But very shy to declare!
08/02/2023 11:19 AM
pang72 I just drink my 100 plus to celebrate before new year then after New year..

THEN, wait for 2024 new year to come... Hihi
08/02/2023 11:20 AM
pang72 CGS-CIMB Research analyst Walter Aw expects the recovery of its Thai operations, along with lower freight costs to uplift F&N’s export sales and gradual easing of input costs to drive F&N’s margin, will help the group to post stronger performance for the rest of its financial year ending Sept 30, 2023 (FY2023).
08/02/2023 11:21 AM
pang72 Walter AW!! TQ yeap
08/02/2023 11:22 AM
Tang Khangseng Pang72 is so lonely...hehe, to me the QR is ok, you have to deduce ~RM90mil from net profit and its EPS is then around 27-28cent which is not too bad vs previous quarter considering current challenging environment doing business. Prospect looks good moving forward in case contribution from Thai can be further improved, looking forward to see if there is more contribution from Cocoaland (full quarter vs current 2/3 months) and "Milk" line (probably will not see anything significant for the next few quarters). The price is not cheap at current PE >20 vs the other smaller food producing companies...
09/02/2023 10:44 PM
pang72 Yes, hopefully business continue to improve after the acquisition
10/02/2023 4:16 PM
pang72 100plus lai liao
13/02/2023 9:39 AM
pang72 Hv a Energy drink 100plus..makes you energy for the whole day..
13/02/2023 9:40 AM
pang72 Conclusion is 100plus better than Carlsberg beer?
14/02/2023 11:17 AM
pang72 Let's do a cocktail of Carlsberg 100plus... Shld be good, selling for both, correct?
14/02/2023 11:18 AM
pang72 100plus is resting now....
Tidur and charge up with energy drink...
16/02/2023 4:54 PM
Income 100 plus satu.
16/02/2023 6:35 PM
James_Bond Prosperity tax 2.0 or capital gain tax 1.0 will shock the markets!
17/02/2023 2:32 PM
James_Bond Every day 100 Plus, keep your sugar high, end up diabetes… be careful…
17/02/2023 2:34 PM
pang72 100plus will touch rm29 followed by Carlsberg next.
Stay tune with my cocktail 100plus Carlsberg
20/02/2023 11:14 AM
pang72 Lower 26.38 shot up to 27.08 closing..
What a beautiful energy drink day
21/02/2023 10:56 PM
wallstreetrookieNEW EPF disposed. Keep going up lets go
22/02/2023 10:22 AM
pang72 Let's try my 100plus Carlsberg cocktail
22/02/2023 7:38 PM
pang72 The more epf buy, it drop more
The more epf sell, it up more..

IS epf strategy OK?
09/03/2023 10:05 PM
pang72 This few day dropping because epf buying..
10/03/2023 9:42 AM
pang72 FRASER continues dropping, epf continues buying.
Wait for epf selling then FRASER can up
14/03/2023 4:27 PM
anthonytkh Pang, you need to see which appointed funds EPF were using to buy and sell (read the announcements more carefully, esp “Name of Registered Holder”). For EPF, obviously, they are the ultimate beneficial holder (“EPF ACT 1991”) but that is how they trade their investments using many appointed fund managers

But you are right in a way : Prior to the small buying lately by one of their funds, their other fund sold much more early this month. The price went up the days they sold “big”… check the prices on 20 Feb and 28 Feb when EPF sold hundreds of thousands of shares but the price went up. What does that tell you?
14/03/2023 5:01 PM
pang72 Thanks Anthony,
I happen to ride on the big wave from 22 to 28..while epf keeps selling.
OK la! In fact, they are right because selling all the way up.
Now, buy back at cheaper price all the way down

18/03/2023 1:42 PM
pang72 Market broadly crashing.
Many chance to buy cheap now or coming weeks.
18/03/2023 1:43 PM

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