March 9: Ringgit continues slide against US dollar; up vs other currencies

 Publish date: Fri, 9 Mar 2018, 03:13 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit extended yesterday's bearish tone as external factors continued to weigh on Asian currencies today.

At 6pm, the local note was quoted at 3.9100/9140 from Thursday's 3.9070/9100.

However, the local note traded mostly higher against a basket of other major currencies.

It rose against the Singapore dollar to 2.9653/9694 from yesterday's 2.9670/9704; strengthened against the euro at 4.8093/8158 from 4.8373/8421 on Thursday; and improved against the yen to 3.6610/6662 against yesterday's 3.6827/6859. - BERNAMA

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