June 7: Ringgit closes lower against all major currencies

 Publish date: Thu, 7 Jun 2018, 07:52 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit ended slightly lower against the US dollar today on cautious sentiment amid fiscal uncertainties, a dealer said.

At 6pm, the local unit was quoted at 3.9750/9780 against the greenback from Wednesday's close of 3.9720/9750.

Against a basket of other major currencies, the ringgit was also traded lower.

It eased against the Singapore dollar to 2.9849/9876 from 2.9789/9813 on Wednesday, and weakened vis-a-vis the yen to 3.6159/6190 from yesterday's 3.6047/6087.

The local note declined against the British pound to 5.3472/3524 from 5.3332/3380, and depreciated against the euro to 4.6977/7024 from 4.6746/6794 yesterday. - BERNAMA

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