Bank Negara's international reserves rise to US$103.9b

 Publish date: Wed, 7 Aug 2019, 6:56 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara Malaysia’s international reserves increased to US$103.9 billion as at July 31,2019 from US$103.3 billion as at July 15 this year.
In a statement, the central bank said the reserves position would be sufficient to finance 7.6 months of retained imports and was 1.2 times total short-term external debt.
Bank Negara said the main components of the international reserves comprised foreign currency reserves at US$97.7 billion, International Monetary Fund reserves position (US$1.2 billion), Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) (US$1.1 billion), gold (US$1.8 billion), and other reserve assets (US$2.1 billion).
It said assets included gold and foreign exchange and other reserves, including SDRs, which amounted to RM430.33 billion, Malaysian government papers (RM2.26 billion), deposits with financial institutions (RM840.33 million), loans and advances (RM6.91 billion), land and buildings (RM4.16 billion), and other assets (RM12.34 billion).
Capital and liabilities comprised paid-up capital (RM100 million), reserves (RM141.72 billion), currency in circulation (RM109.25 billion), deposits by financial institutions (RM157.17 billion), federal government deposits (RM16.59 billion), other deposits (RM3.04 billion), Bank Negara papers (RM18.62 billion), allocation of SDRs (RM7.72 billion), and other liabilities (RM2.63 billion).
 - Bernama
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