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15 comment(s). Last comment by monreyes at Feb 16, 2013 8:03 PM
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Posted by omgimnoob > Feb 15, 2013 1:04 PM | Report Abuse

Your image will be secured if the car itself is good. Let the European to judge, eg. Top Gear.

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Posted by chocoanut > Feb 15, 2013 2:44 PM | Report Abuse


Quality or image more important? How to improve the a piece of shit? Marketing ppl shud be damn good

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Posted by tptan45 > Feb 15, 2013 2:45 PM | Report Abuse

You mean, previously the image was not good? in what way ?

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Posted by cocolee > Feb 15, 2013 3:02 PM | Report Abuse

proton already deep in mind = piece of besi buruk + haosiao. they should do buy one free one promotion to clear the old stock then establish a brand new Malaysia Car if they really settle this shit.

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Posted by Hustle > Feb 15, 2013 3:10 PM | Report Abuse

Still have 1 advantage lah spare part easy to find in any botol shop :)

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Posted by tptan45 > Feb 15, 2013 3:39 PM | Report Abuse

Send car for independent crash tests. I am sure will get many stars...I mean the tester will get many many stars.

OhTheBee (otb)
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Posted by OhTheBee (otb) > Feb 15, 2013 4:28 PM | Report Abuse

Proton image is bad for a long long time ago. It will take good quality + competitive price + creative marketing to help proton. Proton need to be on par with Japanese & Korean car in order to compete. Dr.M as an advisor for 3 decades cant even change proton bad fate. Proton cant even compete with China car or Indian car. Lose hope of Proton revival. proton just focus on global spare parts market in order to survive. Orthere than this, Proton is a doom car maker. Even Singaporean or Bruneian will not choose Proton when they buy car. This is a fact hard to swallow by Proton.

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Posted by Zuliana > Feb 15, 2013 5:17 PM | Report Abuse

proton need divine intervention to revive itself as a competitor in worldwide car industry landscape. Even Dr. Mahathir cannot help Proton. Who else can help Proton?

Terrence Ng
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Posted by Terrence Ng > Feb 15, 2013 5:21 PM | Report Abuse


*Proton Saga one-star only, BOLEH!

Cheh Chee Wai
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Posted by Cheh Chee Wai > Feb 15, 2013 7:06 PM | Report Abuse

i think proton car has improved a lot.

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Posted by kong73 > Feb 15, 2013 9:36 PM | Report Abuse

Proton...preve and exora..both are very good car for the global market..

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Posted by angel123 > Feb 16, 2013 3:44 PM | Report Abuse

over the years they have spoiled there own name by giving us inferior product

Ammar Roshidy
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Posted by Ammar Roshidy > Feb 16, 2013 4:24 PM | Report Abuse

The car industry is a multi national industry..... Proton has to get a German or Ja[anese CEO to run it. If a Ammar or Roshidy is the CEO then you can expect the windows to go faulty 4 times a year. BTW, I own 2 protons.

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Posted by mm310 > Feb 16, 2013 6:31 PM | Report Abuse

watch out DRB shares!

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Posted by monreyes > Feb 16, 2013 8:03 PM | Report Abuse

DRB price keep on dropping

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