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Posted by calvintaneng > Apr 2, 2018 2:20 AM | Report Abuse

This is a good post, Jon Choivo.
Thumbs up!

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Posted by calvintaneng > Apr 2, 2018 2:38 AM | Report Abuse

I think there is a Big Problem.

If Pas is in Pakatan then BN might lose.
Since Pas it out with 3 cornered fights BN might still win by default of disunity among the oppositions.

As for Calvin looking into Malaysia i take no side.

Whoever win Singapore will still be good friend and neighbour of Malaysia.

May i suggest these:

1. Prepare some extra Cash. If market goes up after election. Good.

2. If market should crash. Just buy more.

3. Also buy some food ration at home just in case. I am not spreading rumour or fear please. But i remembered 1969 when provision shops run out of canned food and all other foodstuff

4. Go vote for whichever party you think is best.

5. i3 Forum got both for and against BN or Opposition.

6. Let all vote for your respective parties but accept the eventual outcome. And accept the final result in peace and harmony. We might differ politically but can can live and coexist peacefully.

7. Pray that it will be an honest election without rigging, vote buying or fraud during voting.

8. May Almighty God's Will be done.
"The powers that be are ordained of God".

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Posted by izoklse > Apr 2, 2018 3:40 AM | Report Abuse

The opposition and their supporters really don't understand Malay mind. That is why they will never rule Malaysia. Give them even 100 years.

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Posted by izoklse > Apr 2, 2018 3:44 AM | Report Abuse

This is for you by Mahathir :

DAP Is A Racist Party Says Mahathir


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Posted by Sslee > Apr 2, 2018 5:37 AM | Report Abuse

Dear izoklse and all Malaysian,
As Chinese Malaysian we do not seek to dominate, but seek to understand our Malay brothers and sisters and in return seek their understanding on us. We cannot understand why our Malay brothers and sisters nowadays are so blind to what is happening in Malaysia and allowed such rampant corruption to take root in Malaysia. How can they closed their eye on 1MDB scandal and pledge their blind royalty to MO1? How can they not feel the pain of their Malay brothers and sisters in rural area are suffering from poverty and high cost of living brought about by mismanagement and blatant corruption with impunity?
Thank you.

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Posted by ZEPAN > Apr 2, 2018 5:59 AM | Report Abuse

Yes Sslee, I see alot of stupid Malays who are still sleeping and ignoring as though nothing bad had happen to our beloved Malaysia. Countries throughout the world reporting and charging those who steal billions of the Malaysia wealth and still the Malays pretend that nothing happen and still vote UMNO, can you imagine this. I think they are real fools or idiots....stupidity has no boundary I presume, hahaha.

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Posted by SureGood > Apr 2, 2018 6:05 AM | Report Abuse

But huruf...

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Posted by YLR33 > Apr 2, 2018 6:11 AM | Report Abuse

Jon, well said. Just hope that rular malays will change their mind this time after gone through all the above, but I am not so optimist on this

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Posted by qqq3 > Apr 2, 2018 6:52 AM | Report Abuse

well said and well argued but I don't trust the electorates....but we will see.......

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Posted by king36 > Apr 2, 2018 7:16 AM | Report Abuse

DAP Is A Racist Party Says Mahathir
Did he look into the mirror when he said this?

If there is no fundamental change to the Government's policy it would be like changing water in the soup but not the ingredients – the result will be the same again.

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Posted by trulyinvest > Apr 2, 2018 7:22 AM | Report Abuse

Malay is like tat. Bila bankrap baru sedar. Biar la. Padan muka

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Posted by trulyinvest > Apr 2, 2018 7:29 AM | Report Abuse

Masa bagi brim, malay mau. Bila org buka bisnes arak judi, malay bantah. Dia,org x fikir berapa bnyk genting bat carlsberg heineken bayar tax. Masa ambik brim dia org x fikir itu duit dari mana?

Starex Trooper
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Posted by Starex Trooper > Apr 2, 2018 7:38 AM | Report Abuse

I don't understand whats all these that has been written by these C or rather all these concerns by these C...if its really that bad all you have to do is pack your bags and leave for the mainland..the M were the ones who fought Portugese, Dutch Communist and all..trust that we will settle these issues for all you bumps

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Posted by katappa > Apr 2, 2018 8:16 AM | Report Abuse

Actually I have different views on the issues brought up

1) GST & Increase cost of living. To purely correlate the GST with the increase cost of living might not be true. Increase cost of living itself is truth at the moment.

When Pak Lah became PM time, the cost of living also increases significantly. 1 liter of petrol was selling at RM 2.70 / liter that time, the cost of goods & almost everything increases. That time (year 2008) , there was no GST yet. It just happened that we was at the economy down-cycle during 2008. At present, we are experiencing the similar down-cycle. Hence to purely correlate GST with increase cost of living might not be an apple to apple comparison. Every down-cycle our ringgit depreciate, imported products become expensive. Irregardless BN or Pakatan, my opinion, the cost of living will increase during down-cycle.

Increasing our people technical know how to generate more incomes will be a sustainable solution instead of keep giving our people the handouts.

2) 1MDB. Yes, this is the only damn issue I'm pissed off. Really need to remove RM. RM still around, this will be never ending.

3) Tun Mahathir also admitted that abolishing GST is not feasible but it is a populist promise by Pakatan. We should take the example from the Greece & Ireland, see how their politicians made promises the country cannot afford. In the end, the unsustainable spending went burst & the whole nation will suffer.

4) Not only FGV suffering. The small holding of palm oil farmers also suffering. Only thing was the FGV was clouded with some many scandals.

Moving forward, no politicians should be appointed in the GLC company board of directors. There were just too many cases in the past & until now. Politicians were suppose to lead by example. Every-time the politicians end up with public listed scandals, it sent a very damn fucking wrong messages to the nation. UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc. Politicians should change their mindset. You joined politic because you wanted to help people & you are able to help people ( financial capable ), you don't join politic because you wanted to get rich/benefits ( this part is the one that is inviting the unhealthy practices). This will happen to both camps.

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Posted by Alex™ > Apr 2, 2018 9:07 AM | Report Abuse

here in my town, unskilled labor starting salary is RM900. You're considered semi-skilled if your salary exceeds RM1,500.

Our chicken rice here starts at RM5.
Noodle starts at RM3.50.
Mixed rice starts at RM6.

Do the math.

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Posted by Alex™ > Apr 2, 2018 9:08 AM | Report Abuse

diploma/bachelor holder starting salary in my town, the most they give u is RM1,800, after epf, RM1,500. Petrol allowance? hehe.... you're supposed to pay for your own transportation.

Jonathan Keung
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Posted by Jonathan Keung > Apr 2, 2018 9:21 AM | Report Abuse

nice write up but the advantage is still with BN and not Pakatan ) after the EC redelineation exercise. BN seats are smaller in size compared to Pakatan. you cannot explain one man one vote principle. Sg Besar Vs Damansara ( in Selangor ) or Puchong Vs Putra Jaya ( Federal seats ) The disparity is so huge. Sg Besar ( 36K ) Vs Damansara (150 K ) . Putrajaya ( 28 K ) Vs Puchong (115 K) Size does matter

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 2, 2018 10:39 AM | Report Abuse

Well, you really not standing on even ground.
What Malay tsunami are you talking about? I can see Malay tsunami abandoning pakatan that is. PAS alone brought several million votes away. Are you this ignorant with your so called facts?

You mentioned lots of Malay are low incomes, but your experience is just that, your experience. You will need to correlate that with the percentage of Malays in the population. Seeing lots, doesn't mean anything much.

Redelineation has not been done since 16 yrs ago. So if this is the case, no wonder lots of areas have so many people.
In reality, lots of seats need to split. Tell that to SPR lah.

You are most ignorant about the GST. Really, nobody is truly impacted by the GST.
Case 1, low income people is compensated by BR1M and will not feel the burden of GST.
All middle class and upper were compensated by income tax reduction. It seems you are not a taxpayer because you are so ignorant of this fact. Since my tax has gone down, paying GST is just a zero sum game for me.
Who feel the pain of GST? Yes, those, under table crooks etc lah. So you want to abolish it for what?

You don't even know how to calculate GST properly on essentials. Pandai you kira, bukan macam itulah.
Buying essentials incur almost no GST. Next time, try harder to calculate, bukan simple numbers mcm tu je.

Regarding 1MDB, you talked about MO1. So why don't you talk about this guy who brought in donation from overseas, and then return it back in whole? Didn't your very own media reported that and you missed that one? In reality, nothing was taken.

FGV, isn't the chairman was Tun guy? Need i say more? Najib only allow him there as he was duly elected and appointed, he will not remove him for political reasons, unlike your guys in ph. He will remove him after proper investigation was done. So Kudos to the PM for this!

Finally, you imply in Malaysia there is rampant corruption. Personally, everywhere i go, every gov agencies i went, i have not met any corrupt officials. So this is less of a problem than you imagine. I think you simply overblow this issue out of proportion to gain something else. To portray this country is going down the drain. It is not.

You implied that Najib will lead until he dies. Maybe you should look at yourself and your gang, LKS and Tun seems hell bent on staying until the end of time. In due course, Najib himself will retires, but your gang will never. So don't bamble here about your sorry facts and made up facts. Go and make noise to your very own LKS why he is leading for sooo long. Klep klep..nepo nepo..father sons..all in your gang. PKR, father daughter, mother wife. DAP, Father, son, in laws etc. PPBM, father son. Which one is not? You guessed it, Najib no sons.

So next time write with proper facts and don't forget to mention your tunnel and your house with no swimming pool case as high corruption, the very thing you say is rampant, which seems to be happening a lot in your gang!

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Posted by zzas > Apr 2, 2018 11:19 AM | Report Abuse

ha ha bunch of siuk sendiri.. too much reading rafizi and malaysiakini (n KYY) ha..? wake up from dreaming ha ha

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Posted by calvintaneng > Apr 2, 2018 11:26 AM | Report Abuse


Where you from?




A PLATE WASHER IN SINGAPORE GETS S$1,200 to RM1,500 a month or about Rm3,600 to Rm4,500

A DEGREE HOLDER GETS S$2,500 to $2,800 Starting pay (Rm7,500 to Rm8,400)

An experienced professional?

EXPECT S$5,000 to S$15,000 or Rm15,000 to Rm45,000.

Just take Causeway link bus from nusajaya to Spore and back daily for rm17 round trip or less than Rm500 a week as Sunday is offday.








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Posted by Tiger66 > Apr 2, 2018 11:50 AM | Report Abuse

Election is democracy process to choose leader of country. Unfortunately in Malaysia, the people are narrow down to very limited choices and fortunately we are still able to choose the leader we want.

What are the qualities of a leader we want ?


American are brave enough to choose Trump, today it is proven Trump is a better choice than Clinton.

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 2, 2018 12:08 PM | Report Abuse

I agree with you Trump is a better choice.
What we want as a leader? Honest, truthful, no personal gain etc. Easy to talk to, relax and calm, doesn't call people bad words.
None of these qualities the PH have. For example, everybody know Tun have a favorite son, so have personally to gain, at our expense.

To Jon,
Of course you don't know where to start! How are you going to answer your very own Sarwak Report says all the 2.6bil was returned to sender? Didn't you read it?

And your disparaging assumption that no BN supporter can write in English?
And your another disparaging accusation that i am somehow paid by somebody?

So like i said, lots of babbling, no facts to show.

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Posted by apolloang > Apr 2, 2018 12:33 PM | Report Abuse

work so hard from Johor everyday cross to spore,save for 30 years then all invest and donate to bursa,why msians so stupid? hahaha

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Posted by Sslee > Apr 2, 2018 1:39 PM | Report Abuse

Dear GoodCompanies,
I agree with you Trump is a better choice.
What we want as a leader? Honest, truthful, no personal gain etc. Easy to talk to, relax and calm, doesn't call people bad words.”
Are you living in Planet Earth or Planet Mars.? Are we talking of the same MO1 “Honest, truthful, no personal gain etc. Easy to talk to, relax and calm, doesn't call people bad words.”
Is this the case of, “It looks like me, sound like me but not me?” It is my dark side “Jekyll and Hyde”

I agree Hilary Clinton had her faults but definitely Trump is not any way near Presidential Material. Just tune in any America TV and see how America mainstream media reported on him. Of cause this is all fake news that is why Malaysia needs a FAKE NEWS Bill.

It really out of my word to describe how a well educated person with maybe oversea degree when present with overwhelming evident still can denial the undeniable, defend the un-defensible and accept the unacceptable? Please tell me who is MO1 cited in the DOJ.

What had gone wrong with our education system until an educated person has loss their critical thinking and become a simpleton to believe “Why don't you talk about this guy who brought in donation from overseas, and then return it back in whole? Didn't your very own media reported that and you missed that one? In reality, nothing was taken” So who is this guy? Who give the donation? Why return it back in whole? And return to whom?
Thank you.

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Posted by rob_z3_man > Apr 2, 2018 1:58 PM | Report Abuse

Nearing election time a lot of PH supporters plucking opinions and "facts" from their ass

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Posted by calvintaneng > Apr 2, 2018 2:27 PM | Report Abuse

Listen to this:









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Posted by Beary > Apr 2, 2018 2:28 PM | Report Abuse

Never underestimate the old horse.

The ground is eerily quiet.

Something could be brewing in the Malay heartland.

It could be the calm before the storm.

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Posted by throx > Apr 2, 2018 2:38 PM | Report Abuse

You guys can quarrel until the cows come home...... I just want the market to go up.

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 2, 2018 4:26 PM | Report Abuse


That video was clear cut. PM said it nicely, calmly. And he even apologized because the word he have to pick is quite crude, so this is the reality of your gang lah.
The statement he made in the video is in relation to sovereignty. Mmg i agree also with his statement. Mmg sapa yang cakap like that, mmg lah stupid.

You say bad things about Trump, a person who you have never met? How many of his books have you read? At least i have read many. Trump is a lot nicer than what you think and the media portray.

Deny the undeniable, what crap are you talking about? The DOJ is only acting on hearsay, to date, no proof whatsoever. So what you are saying is also based on hearsay. So in this case, maybe i should say you are bias for not saying LGE is guilty for corruption, because there is a charge on him already ala DOJ. So are you denying the undeniable?

What have gone wrong with education system? Yalah, people who don't want to think clearlylah.
Return the money in whole...so you end up your sentences with more questions to me, but zero answers. So this is what is wrong with the education system. People who talk and talk but no proofs. Perasan pandai but belum sampai lagi. I can show you proof, but can you defend yourself? Go busy yourself find sarawak report files, read about it before babbling here more.

And again, you, just like the original poster, conveniently ignore the tunnel and the no swimming pool house. So what is wrong with our education? Ask yourself lah what is wrong with your gang.

You give me link to chedet, bukan u dulu hated him so much?
What gives?
So base on your logic, if Najib is so corrupt, one day he will be like chedet also lah...so loved by your gang.
So based on your very logic, indeed, nothing wrong with our current PM, coz whatever shit you say about him, one day you will jilat all of it back, and support him.

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Posted by katappa > Apr 2, 2018 5:44 PM | Report Abuse

To say that the corruption don't exist was not an honest statement. It still exists and the most corrupted agencies could be one dealing with the approval of papers , licenses, permits, clearance letter, authorization to award contracts, etc

Most of the time, it never started as any attempt of corruption until the people who are suppose to do their work according to guideline or regulations did not do so and attempt to get away or violate the regulations. If there was no attempt to break the guideline or regulations, it would have easily cut down the corruption rate.

In layman example, a traffic offender broke the law by crossing the junction when the traffic light was showing red light & got stop by traffic officer. In attempt to get away with traffic summon, the traffic offender offer to bride the traffic officer.

It can happens in many identical scenario, for instance, an electrical contractor was suppose to install the copper cable but installed the aluminum cable instead and was caught by the inspector. Later , in the attempt to get away by offering to bride the inspector.

If we do thing correctly & never attempt to cut corner, it will reduces the rate of corruption. Of course, if thing have been done accordingly to laws & regulations but the PIY still picking on the nuisance comments/issues - this type need to be nailed down & buried into graveyard. Also, I do agree that the ethic of the individual plays an important role in battling corruption. It start from individual level.

Among so many agencies, I really salute & respect JKKP.

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Posted by Sslee > Apr 2, 2018 5:46 PM | Report Abuse

Dear rob_z3_man
Even from my ass I can differentiate what is fact? What is Opinion? And what is lie?
1. Singapore Fines DBS and UBS, Shut Down Falcon Bank and Banker jailed for role in Malaysia 1MDB saga. - Fact.
2. Hong Kong, UK, Switzerland, United States, Australia, Thailand, Luxembourg, UAE are investigating the 1MDB scandal. - Fact
3. Malaysia Central Bank Fine 1MDB for inaccurate disclosure in application for investment aboard. – Fact
4. A-G cleared Najib of any wrongdoing over USD 681 million found in his personal account. -Opinion because A-G dare not disclosed any evident and the money trail.
5. Financial report 2013 KPGM refused to validate account worth USD 2.3 billion and disowned 2013 and 2014 financial statements of 1MDB should no longer be relied upon. - Fact.
6. 1 MDB has yet to publish its annual report for financial year end March 2015, 2016 and 2017 - Fact
7. Najib say, “I ordered one of the most comprehensive and detailed investigation in Malaysia’s Corporation history on 1 MDB”- Opinion and lie as all investigation papers and findings was classified under OSA and hastily appointed A-G cleared him of any wrong doing without disclosing any facts and figures.
8. Second Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani said he is very confident that 1 MDB will win the arbitration in dispute with Abu Dhabi’s IPIC given the documents provided by 1 MDB to the minister. – Opinion and lie because at the end 1MDB agreed to pay Abu Dhabi’s IPIC USD 1.2 billion as settlement.
9. Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail has been removed as Malaysia’s Attorney General due to health reasons according toChief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Ali Hamsa . - Opinion and lie because no medical report was produced and Tan Sri Abdul Gani expressed ignorance over his services as A-G has been discontinued due to health reasons.

Sorry with my ass I can only come out with 9. Over to you with your so called brain please add on to the list.

Thank you.

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Posted by katappa > Apr 2, 2018 5:53 PM | Report Abuse


The sweet corn farmers at Titi Gantung Perak can easily earn RM 5-6k per month. It is matter you willing to work hard or not.

My hometown neighbors can buy agriculture lands by working as farmer. They bought land using fix deposits with no bank borrowing. It is a matter you willing or not.

If you earn RM 900 / month a give yourself tons of excuses for not making more. You can do that for the rest of your life, nothing will ever change.

Choivo Capital
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Posted by Choivo Capital > Apr 2, 2018 7:02 PM | Report Abuse

Thank you SSLEE for replying GoodCompanies.

His answer personally left me so dumbfounded i dont even know how to reply. And im also still working. No time to write essay for him to read haha.

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Posted by Sslee > Apr 2, 2018 8:30 PM | Report Abuse

Dear GoodCompanies,
Tell you a secret, I am not fan of LGE, LKS or NKM, they come across as an arrogance fighter everyday challenging people to a fight as if they have no wrong and his supporters will support him no matter come what? (Like Trump) They lack the soft touch, the human skill, the humility, the empathy that can feel people heart and touch people heart. I am actually blaming the ROS why the need for the recalled DAP office bearers election? Now LGE will be Secretary General for another new full term.
I am actually hoping that the court will found LGE guilty of the Bungalow case. In this case DAP will have new Secretary General and Penang will have their own Peranakan Pinang as CM. And younger DAP leaders Tony Pua, Anthony Loke, Zairil Khir, Gobind Singh Deo and etc will took over the leadership and hopefully DAP will no more been seen as Chinese chauvinism party but a party for all.
I want as a leader with quality of true patriotism, ethical, selfless devotion to duty, and complete willingness to dedicate his/her lives to the causes of nation-building and raising the peoples’ standard of living. You can find many such leaders in PKR, Pribumi, DAP and Amanah but almost none with UMNO.
For the upcoming GE14 we need Tun Dr. Mahathir as a unified force for Pakatan Harapan and his steady hand in making sure the power transfer will be as smooth as possible if PH win the GE14. Thus I am pleading with all Malaysians, please come out in force to vote for PH and Kick out the corrupted MO1 and his decadent, Kleptocratic Governmet.
Together we shall win this GE14 for all Malaysian and save our beloved Malaysia from being ruined.

I thank you

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Posted by tecpower > Apr 3, 2018 1:06 AM | Report Abuse

Emerging Markets Get Thumbs Up After Staring Down Tough Quarter

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Posted by kinuxian > Apr 3, 2018 7:41 AM | Report Abuse

The only hope for coming GE and brighter future for Malaysia all relying on Malay Tsunami now. If they still choose to be ignorance like GoodCompanies, surely more elite want to emigrate. This downward spiral will be get worst once Malaysian proof to world they're accepting a corrupted MO1. <well.. now all these subjected to anti fakenews bill/law... we might get fined and jailed as we voice out by typing in keyboard. what a pathetic!>

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Posted by hollandking > Apr 3, 2018 8:01 AM | Report Abuse

Well,last GE they say got Malay tsunami but it never came, so this round, I won't put so much into it.

There's something I thought about this week while driving by certain areas with lots of this low cost flat where is a malay dominant area. I went to EconSave, I went there 10 years ago and sometimes I go there too but I noticed something weird, I saw the traffic flow going into that econsave branch was incredible, it used to be lots of space, meaning not that full, but that day I went there, it was so full that walking is so hard because no space and most of the patrons are malay. So i thought why there are such big changes, most likely govt built more of these low cost flats there these few years and there by increasing contributing to the traffice. Remember econsave is about savings, buying things cheap. I don't count on a malay tsunami this round, but after looking at the changes in that econsave, what came to my mind is likely many there are low income earners and doing own business because what they bought(food hawkers). If so, won't they and businesses be very hard hit by the increase in cost of living. The GST itself is a contributor to the cost of living, pullback of subsidies, spike in properties,devaluation of currency etc. The lower an person income, the harder hit it will be by inflation squeezing out monthly income. So will there be a malay tsunami under tun? While I"m pessimistic, but i won't rule out there could be a possibility but is smaller.
The inflation itself has indeed hit hard on many especially the lower your income, the bigger the hit would be.

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Posted by hollandking > Apr 3, 2018 8:04 AM | Report Abuse

Remember what the boss of Mydin said, that itself confirm the inflation factor.

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Posted by Sslee > Apr 3, 2018 8:41 AM | Report Abuse

Dear Jon Choivo,
Thank you SSLEE for replying GoodCompanies.

His answer personally left me so dumbfounded i dont even know how to reply. And im also still working. No time to write essay for him to read haha.
02/04/2018 19:02

Thank you. The pleasure is mine as I cannot stand why an educated people can be so blind to what is happening in Malaysia. And readily come out with such nonsense. As I said before with great power/knowledge comes great responsibility.
Thank you

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Posted by qqq3 > Apr 3, 2018 11:02 AM | Report Abuse

proves my point....that the electorates are idiotic one...In America and so in Malaysia.

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 3, 2018 11:24 AM | Report Abuse

1. Singapore fined DBS and UBS and other private wealth bank for breach of procedures. Now tell me, who is corrupt? It is obvious that singapore banks or staff is. Role in 1MDB, what precise role are you talking about? Conspire in stealing money? Or what?
2. Investigating is just that. It is not a fact. Proven guilty, yes, but that is not the case. If i go and dissect each case, i will find it indah khabar dari rupa. Saja nak kait, kait, but takde kaitan.
3. 1MDB was found not following procedures. This was highlighted. Are you saying this is a wrongdoing, or incompetence? Where is the previous CEO of 1MDB? Do you know who he is and where he is now? Is he a best friend of PM? You know that 1MDB has a BOD and PM is only the adviser right? Day to day working is done by them and if there are corrupt people, is it the pm corrupt, or those people themselves? If you have no food to eat, it is the PM's fault, or yours?
4. Of course AG cleared him, because it was fake news. Even your Sreport cleared him back in 2015. Didn't you read that part that i mentioned? That the money was returned in whole? Are you telling me you don't know about it since 2015, and only knew about it after i told you yesterday? This is the problem with our edu system.
5. Do you know what is the exact reason for refusing to validate? Do you know what has transpired in 1MDB at that time? Do you know that UAE company stole your gov money? Do you know the CEO of that UAE entity is being held? Who is stealing what? PM stealing money of our gov for what? PM is already rich as he is, coming from royal blood. And he got all the power. Steal from puny malaysians for what? To be richer still? Your claim PM steal money does not hold water. In fact, he stole money from 1MDB, transferred it out to latin American, and then transfer to NY, then instead of swiss, he transferred it into his personal account in AmBank. Yea right, so logic this story goes. In Ambank, every busy body will know and the whole world will know. If he want to steal money, he will send it to swiss, and nobody will know. So why transfer to AmBank, under personal account? Do you even realize out of your ass, how stupid is your beliefs? And according to Sreport, after reporting he returned all of the money, somehow new money appear from don't know where (the math doesn't work) and then Sreport said Rosmah spent 300mil buying luxury goods, over a period of less than a year. Hello kawan, how do you go and spend 1.2 million a day buying stuffs? Have you try this? Go and do it lah. See how easy it is. Some more paying using Cheque (padahal dia bukan owner of acc). Which shop will accept 1.2mil in Cheque? Conclusion, this is just fake news from Sreport. So you believe their asses now? If you want to buy a TV for 85,000, how much time you think you will spend? ONe hour? Try go to a shop and try to buy the TV for 85,000 there. See how long you will need. Now try 1.2 mil and see whether you can do that every day.

6. "Najib said the audited statements of 1MDB between 2009 and 2014 had been filed with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), while the rest are still not audited since police had seized documents from the strategic fund’s office in 2015" This is reported in the media. So this is your answer.

“Any parties who need the financial statements of 1MDB should refer to documents from that source,” Najib said, referring to CCM.

A company under investigation with many frozen accounts, will have difficulty in completing its statements. This is a known fact. And no auditor will sign off on any annual report because they have not sighted those documents or assets or debt.

Bukan your friend Rafizi made the most noise about 1MDB, talking about the accounting etc? Didn't he was found guilty in the courts, for menipu? So you believe these kinds of reports? Rafizi said he reviewed TH and said insolvent or whatever, make some silly accusation, and you all treat that as fact? The best part is, he told people to close account and take out money, while he himself have almost half a million sitting there, which he kept. And you all believe this kind of crap.

7. What lie. This is your BS. Investigation papers showed nothing wrong. So need to disclose what? No money taken is it? If you don't do anything wrong, what is there to disclose? Apparently you confuse security requirements and your fake news peddler issues. I choose my country's security over those fake news outlet. Disclosing our gov contacts, sources and resources does have limits.
8. This is your lie. You better check it again. Again, this is complicated intergov dealings. You might not know that 1MDB is using UAE money to pay it back. In the arbitration, the UAE company admitted and knew that it will lose a case in court, so they settled.

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 3, 2018 11:25 AM | Report Abuse

9. AG, this is sorry story. He leaked information in the first place? He is not doing his job, and in fact, creating ruckus, and almost treasonous. In Germany, during the same year, the AG was charged with, guess what, treason for releasing such an information for investigation, yet to finish. Do you know that an incomplete investigation docs is very harmful? It is like having a court proceeding, where only the prosecutor present his case, but the defence did not. so did you miss that news in Germany then? And you say PM is a what...dictator? This is out of who's ass? PM Najib is a lot nicer than say our longest pm. Didn't you know about that? For the excuse in removing him, didn't his contract finished? What are you babbling about? Medical reports? If his report is fine and dandy, he should be extended is it? Based on medical ke? The truth is, this is irrelevant point to raise, yet from your ass, you make it an issue?

Your entire premise lies with the accurateness of Sreport and WSJ articles. They both found as major fake news producers. So you believe them without seeing the real true facts? I can show you how many times they cheated you, Sreport has made so many errors and lies, an educated person will disregard what stupid they wrote.
Further, you also rely on theedge, which on so many counts, found to be cheating and create so many fake news. As an investor, you should know how many times theedge create some news, stock moves, then turned out to be fake news.
And finally, the edge owner met with Mr. Justo, promising him money by the bags. Didn't you read about that and forget about that? And Justo is to make some fake docs about 1MDB. Anyway, and you think these news outlet is credible?

So like i said, today you said mahathir bad, tomorrow you ckp he is an angel. Same with PM, today you say he is bad, tomorrow he is an angel. So spare me your reasoning, just cut the chase. These people only pursuing power, at our expense. Don't let them. The use all kinds of excuses, they use foreign parties to damage our economy, devalue the ringgit and so on. As a code of conduct, no USA politician will go overseas and smear its own country. But our politicians does.

Based only on Tun as devil, then he is an angel, i already can disregard all of your leaders, because they are the victim of fake news and so easy to cheat on. So pick someone better lah.

And don't tell me you don't like LGE LKS whatever. You want him to be found guilty in the bangalow case, because you want other people to lead? What kind of opinion is that? That is crap. What you are saying is nothing much different than what your leaders are doing, you are pursuing after power. You want new guys you like, the power to replace. Yet you hardly care whether LGE is guilty or not. You want him to be guilty, and finding excuses to say he is, so that you can appoint a new leader? This is a crappy argument. You should focus on the fact he is corrupt or not and not use his problem to your own advantage for power.

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 3, 2018 11:28 AM | Report Abuse

Jon Choivo, now for your tsunami.
I pointed out to you, what tsunami you are pulling out and trying to create fake news here. Show us some proof, what tsunami. I showed you proof that malay tsunami out of the opposition adalah, since PAS has abandoned ph, that's more than a million votes. So until now, you tak ada proof. So are you credible or just another fake news outlet?

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Posted by Tiger66 > Apr 3, 2018 11:55 AM | Report Abuse

@GoodCompanies, For me I don't take side of any parties.
Now the country is run by UMNO and UMNO is run by elite families in Malaysia. Razak Family, Mahathir family, Badawi family and the family and the family.

UMNO has 100% control of GLC, electorate, judiciary, parliament, police, Law (AG) and Army.

Now you can see NR is trying his best to undermine the Malaysian Law and he even trying to be "like a god" status. Later he will run the country like a king with absolute power, abolishing the opposition and later the parliament like most of the countries in Arab.

If the people continue with naive and let the leader or leaders play with their song, sooner people will loose their very own power to choose their leader.

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 3, 2018 12:18 PM | Report Abuse


I also have never take sides. However i will go against those who want to take power at all cost, at the expense of the country. Treasonous action and whatever. Majority rule and of course i can wait for election. But it seems many opposition people could not. They want power now, which was back in 2015.

Regarding family controlled, it is obvious Najib and mahatir from different family.
So mahathir want to continue his family control, but i don't see najib is doing any of that.
Can you name any of his son and what they are doing in malaysia?
Do you see that?

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Posted by GoodCompanies > Apr 3, 2018 12:21 PM | Report Abuse

In reality, i care not what opposition say. They can say what they want. Ruling party as well. But i care about this country and when opposition get some bitch from overseas to do their bidding, and spread fake news, i have to act lah. When someone want to damage our economy, our ringgit, of course i take actions. Talk is just that lah. Talk. Who care what Tun says..he can say anwar bad, good, bad..then good again..whatever. But if someone want to damage our country, i must act.
Hope you understand.

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Posted by kinuxian > Apr 3, 2018 12:48 PM | Report Abuse

Jon Choivo & Sslee.. It's just no points to argue further, why waste your saliva. A highly educated person might be blinded by immediate gain of wealth and power. Hopefully one can true to him/herself and act according to the dictate of conscience.

Malaysia had stepped backward over the past decades due to many reasons. Future of tens of millions Malaysian regardless race are at stake and only small group of cronies will be benefited if the country continue rules by corrupted politician after GE14. Greed on power and wealth always their top priority.

Choivo Capital
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Posted by Choivo Capital > Apr 3, 2018 2:05 PM | Report Abuse


There is a certain value in helping others see your perspective, as well as seeing their perspective.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount of time and energy we have.

Sorry goodcompanies, really no time to help you.


Here is a copy of the report by the US DOJ.

Before you say people ask their foreign dogs to help, you think anyone in msia got so much power until can influence the US DOJ? Even the PM also cannot influence.

Choivo Capital
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Posted by Choivo Capital > Apr 3, 2018 2:06 PM | Report Abuse

Here is a summary if you no time to go through the 257 pages. Quite illuminating really.


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Posted by eKe > Apr 3, 2018 2:19 PM | Report Abuse

cyber troopers has been planted everywhere to protect or to influence potential voters.

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