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Posted by ks55 > May 23, 2018 7:27 PM | Report Abuse

What a bastard Najib brought in to run 1MDB!
He is the CEO.
And he claimed he is 'in the dark' as to the financial situation of the company.
Go back to see how he bullshit in road show prior to GE 14.

We now have to pay for the shit he leaves behind.


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Posted by relaks > May 23, 2018 7:34 PM | Report Abuse

Guess who’s IMDb guarantor?

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Posted by TSFH > May 23, 2018 7:53 PM | Report Abuse

hahaha when things became shit, all they come up with ultimate BS...

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Posted by kingcobra > May 23, 2018 8:14 PM | Report Abuse

normal lah this fella kaki BELIT!!!!!!!!!!!HIS NAME IS ARUL normal lah!

Airline Bobby
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Posted by Airline Bobby > May 23, 2018 8:24 PM | Report Abuse

Arul Kanda ... This man will only be able to find a job at in space after this fiasco

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Posted by elbrutus > May 23, 2018 8:26 PM | Report Abuse

this time really ...very v v BIG WOK ....big f...whole of Malaysia !!!

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Posted by curious2 > May 23, 2018 8:27 PM | Report Abuse

What rationalisation Arul talk all this while? Don't use govn money to pay 1MDB debts can?

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Posted by curious2 > May 23, 2018 8:28 PM | Report Abuse

Arul pls run 1MDB like any listed or your own company. Why must involve govn when ask to pay debts?

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Posted by relaks > May 23, 2018 8:29 PM | Report Abuse

Arul Kanda is not called anaconda for nothing! Haha!

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Posted by relaks > May 23, 2018 8:29 PM | Report Abuse

Finally a pembangkang speaks out
“She pointed out that Bank Negara stated the debt was RM705.104bil in its report on Tuesday (May 22) but Dr Mahathir recently claimed that the national debt exceeded RM1tril.
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/05/23/mca-urges-clarification-on-rm1tril-govt-debt-calculation/#UG6UcB80Mb3FhJ2i.99

Betul kah?

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Posted by aiinvestor > May 23, 2018 8:35 PM | Report Abuse

KLCI falls 0.92% as index-linked blue chips skid

“Nevertheless, traders may look out for trading opportunities within the consumer and technology sectors on the back of zerorisation of the GST and weaker ringgit outlook, respectively,” it said.

USDMYR 3.9825

Change your investmentstrategy now. Index-linked stocks are not good buy now.
Buy undervalued technology stocks now.

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Posted by ks55 > May 23, 2018 9:56 PM | Report Abuse

MCA is no more relevant not only in Malaysian politics, but also among Chinese community.

So a mosquito party better shut up.

Make more effort to liquidate your asset and distribute the money to Chinese school.

Hopefully every Chinese school can have a classroom named after MCA before it forever vanished in this world.


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Posted by TP_yes_SL_no > May 23, 2018 10:59 PM | Report Abuse

a whole bunch of crooks & pirates were running the show in 1mdb. What do you expect?

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Posted by relaks > May 23, 2018 11:53 PM | Report Abuse

Where got whole bunch of ppl at 1mdb?! It now has only 1 employee , Mr Anaconda tu. And he’s been on garden leave, n dunno wth happened ! what a clown! Insolvent since 2016. Gomen dulu just paid the debt. No question asked! Wow!

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Posted by qqq3 > May 23, 2018 11:58 PM | Report Abuse

where did this ananconda come from?

utterly lacking in morals.....

he is a chartered accountant and merchant bank....

cannot carry makan in a honest way?

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Posted by flyingdoc > May 24, 2018 7:34 AM | Report Abuse

By making malaysia guarantor of 1mdb loans these irresponsible crooks have Made malaysia n all malaysian complicit in all their crooked affairs. They should not only b treated as criminals but TRAITORS.

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Posted by ks55 > May 24, 2018 9:31 PM | Report Abuse

Now the dumb-dumb want to sue Finance Minister for defamation.

What the biggest joke the whole world now watching!

Arul is just a small fry employed by the Finance Minister Incorporated. Big boss teguh small fry for irresponsible and not trustworthy. You cannot stand scolding, just resign lah.

Do you still consider the one who scold you now still the same person you used to bully?
He is not opposition requesting for clarification.
He is now your big-big boss, or your boss's boss.
He demand you to explain the short fall.
Don't try to argue like before.
Just answer accurately, timely with any supporting documents.
Or you will be screwed up, and charge for insubordination.......

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