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13 comment(s). Last comment by Choivo Capital at Mar 7, 2020 11:29 PM
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Posted by Icon8888 > Mar 6, 2020 9:31 PM | Report Abuse

oooi don’t lah like that ... write so long how to read ?


Choivo Capital
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Posted by Choivo Capital > Mar 6, 2020 9:48 PM | Report Abuse

Haha I wish I wrote this.

But I'm nowhere near li lu level to be able to think and write this out haha.

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Posted by kalteh > Mar 6, 2020 10:03 PM | Report Abuse

The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics is another of his great book

Black Swan Antifragile
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Posted by Black Swan Antifragile > Mar 6, 2020 11:04 PM | Report Abuse

Li lu is endorsed by Charlie Munger

if he recommended this book, then it's a must-read

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Posted by cheoky > Mar 6, 2020 11:12 PM | Report Abuse

Really long half way I surrender. Btm line? How it will benefit my pocket? Lolx

Choivo Capital
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Posted by Choivo Capital > Mar 7, 2020 3:10 AM | Report Abuse


For me conclusion very simple.

Go long China, focus on China companies.

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Posted by gohkimhock > Mar 7, 2020 3:48 AM | Report Abuse

credit has to be given to the author of the translation Mr Chong Ser Jing.

pls do not steal someone's work.

plagiarism is an act of fraud.

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Posted by soojinhou > Mar 7, 2020 5:47 AM | Report Abuse

Eh Jon choivo this is plagiarism lah. You either cite ser jing for his work or you take this article down. What you are doing is shameless stealing.

Choivo Capital
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Posted by Choivo Capital > Mar 7, 2020 10:43 AM | Report Abuse

I had linked his original link at the top, so that people can go to site to view it.

If that was not clear enough for some reason, I can put his name as well, and make the font bigger.

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Posted by teoct > Mar 7, 2020 11:49 AM | Report Abuse

Welcome to China Jon. I have been doing that since 2018. Never too late.

The (China) demographic is also changing fast, so the window is closing fast. But COVID-19 might cause a baby boom at the end of this year.

Happy investing.

Philip ( buy what you understand)
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Posted by Philip ( buy what you understand) > Mar 7, 2020 10:08 PM | Report Abuse

Omg now this is plagiarism. Did you copy paste everything word for word?

I was hoping you understood the topic better and could formulate an opinion.

Those who really understand their subject matter should be able to summarize into clarity what you believe the message is.

Sadly, I still don't get it.

Then again I find macroeconomics to be too vague to be of economic use.

I still believe there are gems in business the world over, just as buying a piece of Uniqlo and Toyota during the most decades etc would still be profitable, and buying penny stocks in America during the 2009 turnaround would still have been disastrous.

For me the message is clear, stick to business you understand and can see the long term prospects.

Simply buying things in foreign countries ( like xinquan) just by reading the prospectus will always be a bad move.

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Posted by calvintaneng > Mar 7, 2020 11:27 PM |

Post removed. Why?

Choivo Capital
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Posted by Choivo Capital > Mar 7, 2020 11:29 PM | Report Abuse

Phillip, unlike you, i actually quote the original links.

I even linked them at the very top, bolded it and used different colours.

I never said I wrote it, or translated it. Instead, I actively said it was not me. I have no idea why it is still not obvious to some.

Having said that, if you were to still choose to think so highly of me, well, i can't stop you.

Still reading the book and mulling things over.

I've learnt my lesson when it comes to being very sure about certain things, that are so opaque and complex that you need to be very wise and knowledgeable about just to be unsure.

To say me and li lu is like heaven and Earth, would be to underestimate the gap between us.

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