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Posted by DickyMe > Nov 15, 2020 3:22 PM | Report Abuse

When one interacts with computer or mobile screen, how is it possible for them to witness body language or tonality when it is absent. They merely make assumptions of "written texts" according to their whimsical interpretation.

They have grown up being loud mouthed keyboard warriors who are tucked in a secluded spot like bedbugs.

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Posted by icecool > Nov 15, 2020 6:36 PM | Report Abuse

the education system and media apparatus did a good job damaging the minds of the population during their vulnerable youth days. the population simply doesn't have the capacity to tell what is real and fake. their only source of
real, genuine and true information comes from the media apparatus. therefore anything not from the media apparatus is automatically considered fake, phony and false. the education system in resonance with the media apparatus did a good job programming and brainwashing the population at a early age to defend whatever they learn from the education system and media apparatus like defending religion.
you really can't blame the population, the system is the problem.

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Posted by nigga1 > Nov 15, 2020 6:43 PM | Report Abuse

Well, the mainstream media figure that they are the 'divine' source of real news! But like every 'divine' insttitutions, the morally corrupt arleady taken over! Hence, how can you say mainstream media are telling the truth! So who is actually spreading fake news!
Likewise, during the period of total ignorants, those who were keen in developing science where deem as witches! Yeah, that's right, the world was flat according to the 'divine' catholic church! Early scientists where burn alive, many torture for months or even years!
So yeah, today, majoritty can't differentiate what is real what is fake! Even if i say mainstream media are the real source of fake news, i would be pointed out as racist! Yeah, that's right, using racist card is todays weapon to silence anyone! Have you seen how Democrats tried to paint Donald Trump as racist and they succeed! Why, because fake news is the best way to condition majority into submission! The 1% decide what is real what is fake!

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