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Posted by freddiehero > Aug 15, 2019 3:28 PM | Report Abuse

another door 0.60

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Posted by Blaze > Aug 15, 2019 4:35 PM | Report Abuse

Perdana, Naim

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Posted by Everybodyhuat > Aug 15, 2019 4:40 PM | Report Abuse

Dayang may square only after this quarter. Given that most jobs already on hand, they won't go down for this year. Hence, the comin qtr result will still be good. It won't drop big time. No need to sound alarm now.

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Posted by riko > Aug 15, 2019 4:58 PM | Report Abuse


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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 15, 2019 6:04 PM | Report Abuse

Que 0.50

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Posted by Blaze > Aug 15, 2019 7:07 PM | Report Abuse

Hahhahahhahaha big joke 50sen

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Posted by MACHX > Aug 15, 2019 8:21 PM | Report Abuse

Muhyiddin: Cops to question Dong Zong, Yew Yin, and Zakir


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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 15, 2019 9:22 PM | Report Abuse

Sold 1.70, que 0.60

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Posted by calvintaneng > Aug 15, 2019 9:31 PM | Report Abuse

What is Uzma?

Uzma is like a car with 6 airbags

1. At 60% discount got margin of safety

2. Directors took up Rights issue at 75 sen. Still holding

3. Monsoon over. Uzma decommissioning for 16 oil rigs should report better earnings

4. Epf bought from 90 sen to over Rm1.00 and still holding

5. Director of sales just bought 169,000 shares from 57.8 to 59.5 sen

6. From 52 weeks lowest at 55 sen to Rm1.54 highest Uzma now at 61.5 sen is undemanding

So downside now we'll supported

Uzma now very defensive with huge potential for upside

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Posted by pang72 > Aug 15, 2019 9:38 PM | Report Abuse

Uncle being investigated.
Hope he is fine!

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Posted by tah16600 > Aug 16, 2019 10:31 AM | Report Abuse

Uncle simply blah !, now in hot soup loh. Can simply eat but cannot simply comments mah !

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Posted by Blaze > Aug 16, 2019 12:38 PM | Report Abuse

Naim Perdana Dayang will sure rocket more.....a lot of good news coming.....better to collect

Buy when people selling....

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Posted by jenny778 > Aug 16, 2019 1:00 PM | Report Abuse

buy dayang, sure no regret !

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Posted by rr88 > Aug 16, 2019 1:12 PM |

Post removed. Why?

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Posted by Blaze > Aug 16, 2019 2:31 PM | Report Abuse

Ok if you feel the fear better don’t buy....just watch the show then...

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Posted by Titan > Aug 16, 2019 3:14 PM | Report Abuse

rr88...how about economy bad......more ppl retrenched and these ppl go drive grab car. So use more oil. Or ppl more free time. Drive around locally for holiday. Also use more fuel ma.....make sense??

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Posted by TanDavid88 > Aug 16, 2019 3:51 PM | Report Abuse

Posted by rr88 > May 23, 2019 10:03 AM | Report Abuse

Bought 6000 lots at 0.95. This is the descending triangle retracement objective price. Buy!!

Posted by rr88 > May 25, 2019 10:03 PM | Report Abuse

I went in to buy 6000 lots at 0.95 thursday. Then after holding whole morning at 0.95 it gave way in afternoon session to hit the low of 0.86/0.865. I was wrong. Something else at play here beyond that descending triangle. Must be the negative QR. I cut loss on technical rebound the next day at 0.92.

I saw his posting that he cursed himself did not do well in stock market, wanted to cry and stay out of stock market.

Now coming back as a hero to advise readers in I3 how to sell Dayang.

He should keep quiet and hold his 6000 lots instead of cut loss at 0.92.
Is above a good record ?
Still want to be a sifu to advise readers in I3.

Posted by rr88 > June 16, 2019 1:12 PM | Report Abuse
How to go up when world economies going down. The first to get hit is transportation sector. Next is oil n gas. Less business less using oil. Oil industries will slow down. Less expenditure, less profit. Less profit, share price coming down. When clinging to mere hope, its time to sell.

You need wisdom to invest, as well as in life. If you hv nothing nice to say, dont say anything. Hiding faults or bad side of others is more honourable than day n night going at it.

Please note that you invest miserable in Dayang, your comment in Dayang is not justified based on your poor performance in Dayang.
You do not have any holding on Dayang, don't say anything is better and more honourable. Talking bad about Dayang day in and night out made us very sick of you.

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Posted by Blaze > Aug 16, 2019 4:07 PM | Report Abuse

Yes Naim

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Posted by Blaze > Aug 16, 2019 4:08 PM | Report Abuse

Next show coming for Perdana

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 16, 2019 6:02 PM | Report Abuse

Perdana, Dayang limited up

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Posted by riko > Aug 16, 2019 9:55 PM | Report Abuse

Crash again... +2c

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Posted by nash2233 > Aug 17, 2019 1:44 AM | Report Abuse

Kadir also felt it would be appropriate for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to revoke the Tan Sri title bestowed on Gamuda Bhd founder Koon Yew Yin for insulting the armed forces.


Tan Sri KYY

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Posted by chamlo > Aug 18, 2019 8:02 AM | Report Abuse

Nobody talk Teoseng QR just released? Is KYY prediction always 100% right?

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 18, 2019 8:38 AM | Report Abuse

Dayang QR, EPS - 8.15, release next wk

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Posted by freddiehero > Aug 18, 2019 10:48 AM | Report Abuse

tis is the most powerful counter

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Posted by freddiehero > Aug 18, 2019 10:49 AM | Report Abuse

good holding the best of the year

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 18, 2019 4:13 PM | Report Abuse

Dsyang qtr 8.75
Naim + 42
Perdana + 10

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Posted by abang_misai > Aug 18, 2019 10:08 PM | Report Abuse

Tan Sri Koon, saya sudah maafkan pasal terbit cerita tentera Melayu makan tidur. Moga tak ulang kesilapan ini.

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Posted by Dcmh > Aug 18, 2019 10:30 PM | Report Abuse


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Posted by abang_misai > Aug 18, 2019 10:58 PM | Report Abuse

Koon sudah mintak ampun. Lu apa cerita bawa pendapat peguam?

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Posted by Will76 > Aug 19, 2019 12:11 AM | Report Abuse


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Posted by ming > Aug 19, 2019 12:19 AM | Report Abuse

Dayang result should be good... but share price might affect by right issue..

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 19, 2019 4:41 PM |

Post removed. Why?

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Posted by yoyo > Aug 19, 2019 4:58 PM | Report Abuse

looking at the momentum keep floating above 1.4-1.5, coming QR result should be good.

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Posted by Rikopensai > Aug 19, 2019 6:12 PM | Report Abuse

Swil76 mmg bodo

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 19, 2019 6:26 PM |

Post removed. Why?

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 19, 2019 6:27 PM |

Post removed. Why?

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Posted by riko > Aug 19, 2019 9:04 PM | Report Abuse

today dayang crash too big +8c...

let c how tomorrow.

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 19, 2019 10:54 PM |

Post removed. Why?

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 19, 2019 10:58 PM |

Post removed. Why?

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Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 19, 2019 11:00 PM |

Post removed. Why?

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Posted by PHconman > Aug 19, 2019 11:55 PM | Report Abuse

KYY reward all the ex n current ATMe personnels.by push up Dayang..hehehe..more to up

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Posted by cheoky > Aug 20, 2019 12:21 AM | Report Abuse

parents will always support child. hopefully, child, harimau berdaya will support naim. positive karmama.

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Posted by Ron90 > Aug 20, 2019 12:26 AM | Report Abuse

this apek KYY in reality always anti-maley la. He just pretend to be good, but if u read all his statements, always typical anti-maley. I still remember when he wrote and proud to mention that..no Chinee involved in 1mdb scandals...WTF !!.. The mega-master mind in 1MDB that bring disaster to the whole nation, Jho Low is not Chinese??, communist agent some more !! some of the bank officers also Chinese. But this apek failed to recognized that coz for him la..only maley creates trouble.

I never read anywhere this apek condemn Jho Lo..why ???

This apek KYY..should instead write long article to show how Jh Lo has made this nation highly in indebtedness..how China bias agreement also greatly cost our economy.

I dare to challenge this Koon Yew Yin to write something about this fuker Communist agent Jho Lo and China tipu Road and belt agenda !!. Don't just simply put the blame wholly on the government machinery when our economy not doing well..last tome u get filthy rich not becoz of government support ker?.. still not enought eh ?? :-p

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Posted by Ron90 > Aug 20, 2019 1:02 AM | Report Abuse

stupid apek Koon Yew Yin also donno that in other countries..civil servant not includes security forces (secret figure).

Malaysia has extra 7 million foreign workers + foreign students, and on top of that we continuously receive millions of tourist every year.. apek KYY think only private sector handle this immigrants and tourist activity in this country??

You still have to provide government service at location very far and unproductive, like in rural area, kapit, semporna, jeli, pengkalan hulu, baling, etc...this also one of the reason why government have to employ many personnel..

some of the pekan, if not becoz of government agencies have to be there, die la..no business at all. Becoz of government project and machinery, economy flourish and people can start doing business.

Built clinic and school to cater just few hundreds people. have to build road and bridges to kampung that only have less than 100 people, etc.

Dont ask people to travel 100 km just to get health treatment, make IC, license, education, etc.. You filthy rich ok la..can afford to fly to UK every week.

Koon Yew Yin..please think about the nation as a whole, not just profit and money ..which many people in private sector fail to recognized. Mostly of them live in cities and rich...

I strongly suggest Koon Yew Yin, live in Kapit or Pengkalan Hulu for few months,...than you would recognized how government really works.. not just live in KL or Shah Alam.

Becoz many people condemn government as over staff, now many school got classes >40 students..it should be 30 only. Government Clinics always pack. Government cannot employ more staff becoz people like Koon Yew Yin always complain.. coz their never send their children to normal sdhool and attent government clinics !!..and it hurts the ordinary malaysian people..make live miserably. ..all becoz of rich people that always condemn and blame the government agencies.

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Posted by SaveMsiaFromPHGov > Aug 20, 2019 2:33 AM | Report Abuse

Anyone, absolutely anyone, who is forever dissatisfied with the conditions & environment in this country the way it is should not be still remaining here.

They can look around for a much better place somewhere else on this planey & just shift their arse there. They can take all the fukkin wealth with them too.

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Posted by SaveMsiaFromPHGov > Aug 20, 2019 10:08 AM | Report Abuse

Agree with you in that regard, Mr. Ron90. Agree with you 200%.

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Posted by DingDongHai > Aug 20, 2019 11:40 AM | Report Abuse

Ron90 bark to wind ke?

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Posted by DreamCustodian > Aug 20, 2019 1:13 PM | Report Abuse

Not bark to wind, for sure. He is going to devour you when the time comes.

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Posted by Rhgt234 > Aug 20, 2019 2:30 PM | Report Abuse

the company is looking forward for some innvations hence technical rebound is expected. But still risk management is important to learn TA and FA whtp +6582485336 to join my group

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