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Posted by drkervokian > Feb 13, 2020 12:46 AM | Report Abuse

Management Expense as a % of Gross Written Premium is higher than other insurers.
Somebody is sitting high in their chairs without doing much work. Why?

No noticeable advertisement presence.
Not even an link into MyEG for donkey years.

All of that doesn't make sense for a supposedly digital company with priority sales leads from AirAsia where sales is made with mouse clicks.


1) Fire the distribution head - Gross Written Premiums keep shrinking. Boost it up
2) Fire the Operations head, CIO and CFO - Please push down Management expense to <30% of GWP it's now 40+% .
3) combined ratio is too close for comfort at 97%. Push it down to 95%

For a digital company with high expense ratios it's basically 2 things
-> SOmebody is making money from the IT vendors
-> Too many expensive dead weights in operations, marketing and legal

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Posted by drkervokian > Feb 13, 2020 12:59 AM | Report Abuse

Distribution org structure is so inefficient.There's a Group Head, POS Head, Broking Head and a Chief Agency Officer... OMG.

How can there be so many wankers for such a small Gross Written Premium pie.

Just merge Broking with Group as 1 bos. cut down the salary.
MAke sure Agency and Broking fellas share their leads and get rid of channel base rivalry.
IF they're silo makers - fire their ass.

Back in 2012 the Management expense ratio was just a quarter of what it is today.

Seriously... too many dead weights!

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Posted by drkervokian > Feb 13, 2020 1:06 AM | Report Abuse

Fire the Head of Strategy role. Seriously useless for a small company like Tune.
The CEO is either a Strategist or not worth paying RM 2 mil a year .

TuneProtect needs to dig deep and realize that it needs to operate like a startup again.

A management ratio of almost 50% is just embarrassing for 9M 2019

And finally just merge the CIO and COO into 1 person. Cut down cost.

As everything needs to run on IT anyways; and besides, both these characters probably sitting around avoiding accountability of making decisions and driving business forward.

Why am I Pretty sure.

Cause else the management expense will NOT be that high!
and under them is probably an army of "assistants" that attends meetings with them.
And for all you know IT and Operations not working with each other and blaming each other on a daily basis.

So if they can't work together, jusst get rid of them and put in 1 person.

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Posted by junnian0814 > Feb 13, 2020 12:35 PM | Report Abuse

wah...support your idea...I think you need to go agm & bring out this idea...

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Posted by shpg22 > Feb 13, 2020 11:24 PM | Report Abuse

Maybe the CIO & COO is all Tony's man. Just put there to suck money. He aint a Saint. I already highlight TUNEPRO high and growing management expenses few years back. One thing that is sure to grow is the management expenses.

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Posted by Jeffreyteck > Feb 14, 2020 9:55 AM | Report Abuse

Sabar, sabar, they all makan gaji only, whether results is good or bad. Afterall minority can't do much. Only authority talking shok that SHs must do this do that.
Est push up then follow by poorer result announcement?

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Posted by drkervokian > Feb 14, 2020 9:26 PM | Report Abuse

If you makan gaji anda still Don't know how to staunch a combined ration above 1, you're seriously not worth to be employed la.

Give me half the CEO gaji and I can sort it out in 9 months.

VSS the useless head of departments and double the salary of working levels that actually do the job !

There's seriously NO strategy to staunch the bleed and grow their pie.

All ratios point to one thing - siloes in management

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Posted by Jeffreyteck > Feb 15, 2020 11:40 AM | Report Abuse

Strongly agreed. Unfortunately in the real world, KPIs most of the time only for subordinates but not for the top. So when comes to VSS, subordinates will go first instead of top. When come to salary increment by %, top will get higher in absolute figure, that is also the root course of rising income discrepancies.

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Posted by yfchong > Feb 16, 2020 2:29 PM | Report Abuse

No new strategy.?

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Posted by drkervokian > Feb 16, 2020 11:26 PM | Report Abuse

Worse than no strategy; you have a product called "Sports+" with a marketing blurb "Get Sports+ extreme sports protection" but all of the below is excluded.

a) Professional Sports Persons
b) All forms of martial arts such as boxing, wrestling, karate.
c) Aerobatics flying, sky surfing, wing suit flying.
d) Base jumping.
e) Cliff jumping, cliff diving and/or coasteering.
f) Expedition to generally inaccessible and remote areas of a country or areas previously unexplored.
g) American football, all forms of rugby, aussie rules and the likes.
h) Heli-skiing
i) Rock or snow or ice or alpine climbing performed solo, freestyle or climb without ropes and all forms of
solo climbs.
j) Sailing and/or yachting offshore.

What else is then extreme sports? Weekend badminton with uncles ka?

I tell you guys, Fire the head of products, must be totally out of touch with common sense.
And for all you know reporting to dead weight head of strategy.

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Posted by drkervokian > Feb 16, 2020 11:36 PM | Report Abuse

Another example of having no strategy is making no effort for marketing scanning.

PErsonal Accident insurance actually excludes "motorcyclists".
Immediately it becomes the most useless PA insurance ever.

At least Takaful Malaysia smart enough to say exclude only "dispatch riders".

Allianz even better, specific insurance for Motorcyclists. Cause they have smart people to know that motorcyclists are higher risk, so therefore premiums and cover needs to commensurate the risk.

So seriously. A CEO who makes 2 mil a year. a HEad of strategy who don't seem to do any market scan before introducing new products.

Why is Tan Sri Fernandez keeping all these dead weights!? Is he blind, deaf or no one is telling him the truth?

general t
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Posted by general t > Feb 17, 2020 5:40 PM | Report Abuse

i wondering why you are so -ve about this tunepro. ?
and do you own any share in this counter ?
if I were you quick quick sale and run. no point complaining and murmuring here.

no one will say you are hero and thanks you.

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Posted by Jeffreyteck > Feb 17, 2020 11:10 PM | Report Abuse

Investors voice is important instead of simply support despite price dropped from above 1.40 about 3 years ago to the current level. If management and bods did a good job, believe they will give credit to them too.

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Posted by bose00 > Feb 17, 2020 11:12 PM | Report Abuse

got nothing to lose to buy at this price

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Posted by shpg22 > Feb 18, 2020 12:47 PM | Report Abuse

Haha... Novice thinking. If it drop to 0.25, already a 50% drop. It doesn't matter what price you buy. If you buy bad company, chances of losing is still there.

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Posted by drkervokian > Feb 18, 2020 2:55 PM | Report Abuse

@general t; you paid attention, that's good :)

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Posted by Sslee > Feb 19, 2020 8:28 AM | Report Abuse

Dear all,
For your action!

Thank you

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Posted by Timinlcw > Feb 20, 2020 7:18 PM | Report Abuse

dividend is coming .......

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