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Posted by Mabel > Dec 3, 2019 11:15 PM | Report Abuse

Here’s my collection of Battleships for the Energy Sector. The name of these Battleships follows the battleships in The Pirates of the Caribbean.

1st Tier
1. Serba Dinamik - Interceptor

2nd Tier
2. Armada – Black Pearl
3. KNM – Fying Dutchman
4. Velesto – Empress
5. T7 Global – Adventure Galley

3rd Tier
6. Sapnrg – Queen Anne
7. Alam – Fancy
8. Icon – Royal Fortune

4th Tier
9. Barakah – Silent Mary
10. Scomies - Vangelis

The 1st already reach high but still have the potential to climb further to RM 5-6 with little downward risk before the recent share splits, bonus issues and free warrants exercise.

The 2nd is in uptrend/to rebound mode, higher upside and medium downside risk

The 3rd is going to rebound later (might be 20/21), smaller upside now, but low downside. Just to add on Sapnrg. The team in Sapnrg believe Sapnrg is a Mini Petronas? Here’s the best part, Since this company are backed by Strong Shareholders, if G can pay RM10.7 Billion to Tabung Haji, G might pay RM22 Billion for Sapnrg later for Sapura to take over Petronas for RM1.00 if simmilar situation happens to TH. Anything can happen in Malaysia. I put Icon in this tier since Icon is backed by strong shareholders..

The 4th is high risk.
For Barakah, I have taken out my Long-Term Investor hat and replace it with Trader’s Hat since the market capitalisation is around RM25 million and it has more liabilities than assets.

Based on information from the grape vine, what's in store for Barakah after the coming AGM end of this year is going to be interesting. They are finally taking measures to lift themselves out of financial distress state. The corporate restructuring exercise will see Barakah in general, adopting measures such as shares consolidation, issuing loan stock, rights issue & warrants. The exercise will see Barakah reborn into a debt-free company. Meaning, we have one less challenge ahead. To me, it’s a good start for 2020...

Once this is announced this stock will rocket to 0. 08....that’s 400% return from current price. This is even better than my Mercedes Benz's Cycle & Carriage last month exercise which is only 70% when they decided to take it private.

For Barakah and Scomies, I have applied Warren Warren Buffett Sifu (Ben Graham) Strategy in this engagements which is a "cigar butt" technique. You can google yourself what this strategy means.


Captain Mabel Sparrow

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Posted by Sales > Dec 4, 2019 4:31 PM | Report Abuse

Mabel, you have to try Amfirst Reit. Their return is 8%

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Posted by Sales > Dec 4, 2019 4:31 PM | Report Abuse

Amfirst dividend 8%

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Posted by Mabel > Dec 4, 2019 5:20 PM | Report Abuse

No Sales. I have decided to limit it to 7 for Real Estates.

I'm actually quite happy with my current selections. The combines returns is about 13% which is great and you don't need to worry about these counters. I only visit them every quarters just to check my Dividend, Bonus and Distribution. My current Top Performer is YTL with 23% return. Previously it was IGB...

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Posted by Mabel > Dec 4, 2019 5:23 PM | Report Abuse

Anyway, with CPO on the rise, I have 2 more Plantation companies in my Portfolio making all together 6 Plantation companies..

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Posted by Mabel > Dec 4, 2019 8:00 PM | Report Abuse

Budak2 bermain gasing
Bermain dgn anak Kak Mabel
Alang2 window dressing
Biar sampai tukar pagar stainless steel


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Posted by Mabel > Dec 4, 2019 9:48 PM | Report Abuse

Pak Mael duduk di Jalan Gasing
Anak nya yang bongsu bernama Mabel
Dengan untung window dressing
Bukan saja pagar, satu rumah perabut kita tukar ke stainless steel

Ho Ho Ho..

Huat chaiii...

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Posted by Sales > Dec 5, 2019 9:14 AM | Report Abuse

Mabel, thanks for sharing. Hope to have more info from you.

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Posted by Mabel > Dec 5, 2019 4:50 PM | Report Abuse

Sure Sales


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Posted by Mabel > Dec 7, 2019 1:36 PM | Report Abuse


Reuters: Oil producers led by Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed on Thursday to cut output by an extra 500,000 barrels a day in the first quarter of 2020.

Next week should be a good week..

Gem Seeker
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Posted by Gem Seeker > Dec 8, 2019 9:22 PM | Report Abuse

See strong accumulation at 4.5c

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